Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just Ask The Mermaids

On Facebook I follow many Spina Bifida pages and am a member of a Spina Bifida group. Someone posted a picture with a wonderful quote:
"You don't have to be able to walk to be beautiful. Just ask the mermaids."
I immediately liked it and started to reconsider my plans for Carousel's new bathroom, (one month to go until we are in the house!).  I had been planning an elephant bathroom for her, but how perfect would a mermaid bathroom be? Luckily, in her bathroom, she has a separate room for her toilet, so I decided to make her bathroom mermaid themed and her "toilet room" elephant themed.  Best of both worlds! Since then I have painted a few mermaids that look like Carousel, bought the shower curtain, some mermaid fabric for curtains, etc.
Then I bought a mermaid costume for a mermaid photo-shoot. So we took off to Galveston yesterday and got some shots for her bathroom. :) All of these are full of artwork. I wouldn't usually do it so heavily for a portrait, but these are more for fun/art. :)

 Second favorite- notice the bird? :)
 The shadow belongs to the bird from the above picture. :)

Love my little mermaid!!!
More info and pics about this trip and our lives coming later this next week. :)