Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humbled and Blessed

I have stolen away to a computer here at the hospital because this post is that necessary to be written.

You know how I reference Romans 8:28 all the time? Well there is a reason I do.

It says that "God causes all things to work together for good to them that love God and those who are called according to His purposes."

A few days ago I was sick over abortion. I had seen many references to it on the web, and it hit an all time high.

I saw an article where a mom found out her baby in her womb would have a disability, possibly Spina Bifida, so she decided to abort (at 20 weeks). Sweetpea has SB, so this made me absolutely sick. I won't say more on this subject cause this is not my purpose in this post, but it amazes me that I chose my daughter in spite of her disability and yet others would choose to abort her. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Well, the very next day, (after having trouble sleeping the night before because of all I had read), I received a wonderful gift from a friend.

It was a book called, "Just the way I am, God's Good design in disability."

It was not only a wonderful gift for my daughter, but it was a truly a hug from God. The timing was perfect and the message was powerful.

Today I was quite angry with the hospital nurses for the missed communication about Sweetpea's fever, and other things they truly messed up.

Then I got the phone call I have been waiting on. Nemo is getting termination in March and then....

MOVING IN WITH US!! We are getting to adopt our son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is subject to change and is not 100% set in stone, (but it pretty much is). Please pray that all goes according to plan.

I feel like it is real this time since it happened today. Like I said, I was so upset and angry, and then God chooses to give me one of the biggest desires of my heart the same day. No coincidence there. :)

Sweetpea's surgery is scheduled for Monday morning around 9.

Please pray over BOTH of our babies!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL YET PRAISE YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD AND BAD!!!!

{sorry this is all over the place. been in the hospital since Sunday with my baby- little sleep and high stress. I feel all of your prayers though. I am not happy through this and yet I feel God is still loving me and blessing me throughout it all}


Annie's surgery has been canceled. The nurses failed to tell the surgeon that she had a fever last night. We found this out in pre op. I am furious. Surgery rescheduled for Friday or Monday. Prayers appreciated.

Here is a pic of her cyst... Left from March, right from Sunday.

Prayers appreciated.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Sweetpea's cyst (that I never knew existed) has about tripled in size since March.

I lied to a few of you-accidently of course. I said this wasn't going to be too invasive. Well they are not doing a full craniotimy- not planing to at least- but we're still talking brain surgery. They will cut open her head and through her skull into her brain. There they will insert an endoscope to find and drain the cyst. Of course a full craniotimy is still on the table if need be-praying it won't be necessary.

When we found out about the cyst and surgery I was pretty calm since I assumed it was correlative with her sb stuff. I was wrong. It is completely separate and this knowledge does not comfort me. Just imagine finding there is a cyst on your baby's brain that will require surgery.

Today she spiked a 102.5 fever. She was put on tylenol and it went down. Praise God we were in the hospital cause that is a sign of infection.

Needless to say I am having trouble sleeping tonight. I'm not really worried, but the second I close my eyes my heart races.

Thanks for all your prayers and I'll update tomorrow. Surgery is hopefully at 9 am.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Prayers Appreciated

Sweetpea and I are in the hospital. She has a cyst on her brain that they will drain on Wednesday. It should not be too invasive...prayers much appreciated for her continued comfort, peace and for her surgery. Praise God it was not her shunt malfunctioning or something even worse. Praise God she is such an easy going, happy baby. It makes my suffering through this much more bearable (cause honestly, most this stuff hurts me worse than it does her- can I get an amen mamas). :)
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


My computer is a lil under the weather- we're not sure yet if it is a virus but we'd rather be safe. I have been busy crafting lately. I'm actually quite proud of my most recent project-hopefully will post it soon. Here is a pic today of Sweetpea at Ooh la la bakery. Rest assured, I gave her a taste of the icing. :)
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Once upon a time there was a boy who was a liar, liar, pants on fire. By the age of 10, was stealing tax payers' money. By the age 14, while his mother was dying, he was with friends, playing cards and drinking.

He doesn't seem to have a very bright future, huh?

Do you ever feel like you have wronged God so much that there is no forgiveness for you?

Well, in college he attended a Bible study and found salvation in Jesus.

Immediately his life changed. He stopped drinking, stealing and lying at once, and he began considering becoming a missionary. He also began preaching the Word.

He went on to save 10,024 orphans in his lifetime.

George Mueller had not sinned too badly against God, and neither have you.

He is a hero of mine. See why:

"His most moving reunion with an orphan was on October 19, 1878 when a 71 year old widow met him...she had been his first orphan over 57 years previously. 10,023 other orphans were to follow her there and have Daddy Mueller rear them. Mueller read the Bible through over 200 times, half of these times on his knees. He said he knew of some 50,000 specific answers to prayer...requests to God alone!

Over 3,000 of his orphans were won to Christ through his ministry by the Holy Spirit."

Quote from here.

We are never too far from God's redemptive love.

He sent His son Jesus to die on a cross to pay for our sins. All we have to do is trust in His sacrafice and that He is the only way to Heaven. We cannot earn our way to Heaven. He is the only way!

Because of his love for God, his story of redemption, and the love he had for the orphan, we wanted to name a child after George Mueller.

Lord willing, our next adoption will be a little girl from Korea, whom we will name Bristol Mueller Keierleber, (Mueller's orphanages were in Bristol, England).

Now we will not pursue little Bristol for a few years. First of all, we need to finalize Sweetpea's adoption, and see about Nemo, (obviously we are still waiting- ugh). Secondly, international adoption is not cheap, so we have to start saving money now.

Also, we may get a boy from Korea, (we are not promised a girl, although if we had the choice, that is how we would choose). If we do get a boy instead, his middle name will be Mueller as well. :)

All this is subject to God's changing- these are just our plans for now. I have already started praying over Bristol, even though she won't be born for a few years. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"tutu" much love

Valentine's Day on a Monday. Blah.

As I mentioned a few days ago, our Valentine's plans got squashed. Mr. Incredible was supposed to have off Friday- three day weekend- wahoo! BUT instead he had to work Friday AND Saturday! Grr. We had planned to go to Spaghetti Warehouse on Thursday night, but since he had to work we scratched that.

So, we drug out our Valentine's Day celebration over a few days instead of doing one big celebration.
Ok, not the best pic of us, but it was our Valentine's Day pic. Sweetpea hates the timer- notice she is crying. Sunday we went to Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch date. :)
Sweetpea on Valentine's DaySweetpea's Valentine for her facebook friends. :)

This spring we will get to finalize her adoption. I. can. not. wait. We will be having a party and inviting everyone. No, seriously, if you want to come, you are invited! It will be a huge celebration!

I was planning on her wearing her red dress, (seen above), but then I began surfing I really loved the idea of a tutu dress. I thought to save money I'd make my own. Well, I didn't save money at all, so next time I will be ordering from etsy. I used glitter tulle and it made a huge mess. I was going to have her wear this in the courtroom and her party, but I think it will be too messy for the courtroom- we may just save it for her party. Here is a sneak peek at the unfinished tutu dress. Super easy to make, not too cheap though. :/

It turned out even prettier than I was thinking... and messier too lol

Monday, February 14, 2011

Take a guess

Happy valentines day! V day post tomorrow. I'm busy crafting. In bed. Lol Any idea what it could be? Tune in tomorrow. :)
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chocolate Strawberries

Valentine's weekend... Cute card? Check. 6 chocolate strawberries? Check. Lunch at my fav restaurant with my fam tomorrow? Check. Great valentine's day? Check check!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

a tale of two polishes

Giveaway winner is Lydia! Message me your address so I can get it to you! {Will be going to mail it tomorrow morning- you may get it by V-day?}

As you know, Meredith hosted a polish swap and today is the reveal. :)

Before I get to that let me share with you some sad news about a one of my polish friends which had to be laid to rest last week.
I had just painted my nails with my brand new nail polish and it decided to show off to its friends in the cabinet and try to fly. *sigh*
It sure was pretty though, huh? Now it was only $1.99, so it won't be that painful to replace, but still it is the principle. Why have to buy something that you just bought, right? Oh, and I have a nice stain on my wall too.
For my partner, Jo, I got her this polish. I liked it because it looked like my Milani polish that got many compliments- so I hoped she'd like it too!
While buying that polish, I also picked up a red glitter and the white. While checking out the lady told me that if I bought two, I got two free! SCORE! So I ran back and grabbed the lavender and blue. Totally made my day!

Yesterday my day was, eh. My back is still in pain, and Mr. Incredible is back to his whacked out schedule, so it squashed out Valentine's plans. So he was going to take me to the mall to at least do something I would want to do. Well, with the off hours he was too tired. So, he said we could eat a Chick-fil-a and then get a cup cake at Ooh La La Bakery. *sigh* ok, that will work. Well, Ooh La La was out of my red velvet cupcake. The night just kept getting more and more bumming.

On our way home, I picked up the mail, and found my polish inside...
Are you as excited as I was? Let me tell you this, you may have been aware of my "friend" that "passed" last week, but Jo was not. We are not friends on facebook, so she had no idea. This polish is almost identical to the polish that broke, except I think it is even prettier.

Talk about turning a frown upside down! I felt like God was giving me a huge hug.

Oh, come on now Cinderella, you honestly think something this small was a gift from God?

Why, yes, I do!

I think we are quick to put God in a box. As I said yesterday, He literally holds the whole world in His hands, and yet we think He is only in control of the big stuff. He is in control of EVERYTHING! He cares for all of us, in every way. There are no coincidences!

I share this verse often, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Matthew 5-7, (aka the Sermon on the Mount), is my favorite part of the Bible, but Romans 8:28 is my favorite verse.

Y'all, the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE cares enough to make sure that my partner will send me the {almost} exact polish that broke the week earlier. Not only was it the same, but it was even better.

Ok, losing polish was not that bad, but it was an illustration.

When something bad happens in our lives, (death, accident, whatever), we are crushed- usually. If you understand Romans 8:28, then you won't be crushed- you will be sad for sure, but you know that God is in control and there is good to come of this.

Had my polish not broken, I would not have been quite as excited by this polish swap.

Also, as I mentioned the polish was even better than the polish that broke.

We hold on to things too tightly sometimes, and God uses the loss of them to bring in something even better.

When we lost Woody and Buzz we were heart broken. We were planning on them being our only children. When they left it opened us up to the possibility of getting a daughter as well.

Had they not left, we never would have met Sweetpea.

January 2009, we were pursuing an adoption of twin boys that fell through. Why would God have us pursue these twins, knowing they would not be ours anyway?

Well, in August 2010, I received an email about a little foster girl that would, "bless someone someday." It was about Sweetpea. It was from the twins mom.

We may not see it quickly, (like the polish or when my boys left), it may even take years, (like the twins and Sweetpea), or we may never fully understand it until we get to Heaven and ask God- but we can know that He works ALL THINGS for GOOD! For our good and His glory. Praise God for our everyday miracles and blessings! Praise God for Romans 8:28!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

catorce meses

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Shutterfly is having 50% off 12X12 photobooks right now! They are not paying me to tell you this- I am telling you this because when they go on sale, you have to get them- too good to pass up!

Mr. Incredible's parents sent us some dresses for Sweetpea and wanted to see pics of her in them. Since Shutterfly is doing this deal, (oh and free shipping!), I wanted to get some updated pics of her. {not all outfits below are from them}

I woke up this morning with the idea of setting up the "studio" to get some nicer shots. Fun morning, hard on my back. You win, you lose.

Something I didn't realize till we were done with the photoshoot- today Sweetpea is exactly 14 months old! Perfect timing! I love how God LITERALLY holds the whole world in His hands, and yet He cares enough to make sure I get her pics on this day. {Since the weather has been blah and so have I, I have not taken as many pics of Sweetpea as I usually do}.

I drug out all of the farbic and her outfits, and got to work, (and work is not an exaggeration, I assure you).

This first outfit is her rodeo outfit. I wasn't gonna show it till she wore it, but I can't help myself.

What is this on my head?
Howdy Partner!
I couldn't have posed this if I tried- how perfect is this?!
You would think she would hate this outfit- the boots, the hat- but this is her fav!
How cute are these?!

Next up, Daisy dress on burlap. I LOVE burlap!
Smiles. :)
Oh, we're back to raspberries.
I need a daisy headband, stat!

Usually I wouldn't combine a pink outfit with a red background because it would be valentiney, BUT since it is 4 days till V-day...
My mom got this outfit for her for Christmas. :)
There's that tongue again!
I love her eyes here... such an adult look, ya know? lol

Who knew she could be hilarious and terrifying all at the same time!? lol {Doesn't she remind you of that lady from Ripley's that bulged out her eyes?} :)

I need a white background, a cream background and a black background, (I have a black burlap, but it wouldn't work with these). So, I had to settle with the dark brown background for all of these next shots.
What is she 8 here? That Mona Lisa smile, and the way she posed her hands. Sheesh.
Now she looks more like her age. :) This may be her adoption dress BTW. :)
She discovered I was behind the camera :)
Yes, she had been crying...
What did I tell ya? She was hungry, so we took a break
This dress came with her from the foster home- isn't is so pretty!?

Yes, every photoshoot she has shots with "her eyes." She knows it is a crowd pleaser. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Opposites Attract

Don't forget to enter the giveaway- last time to enter Friday!

There are so many things I love about my husband. Above all, I love how he loves God, I love how he loves me, I love how he loves Sweetpea, I love how he loves the orphan.

I also love that he is very different from me. He is very masculine and I am very feminine. We balance each other out perfectly!

We eventually want to get a king sized bed. I happen to love the bedding we have now, (thanks Mom), but it will have to go since it is a queen.

Since I have been bedridden for most of the last 3/4 weeks, (back), I am starting to get bored. Today I started searching online...

I love pink and Mr. Incredible loves purple.
How perfect is this? It totally takes our opposites and brings them together. :)

I LOVE this bedding. I love our bedding right now and color scheme, but whenever I decorate I choose looks that will last a long time. My favorite color is pink and yet I do not decorate with it- I avoid it to stay conservative. I learned one thing when I was a teenager, as much as a love pink- if it is on the way you will get sick of it. I love this bedding because I can decorate with pink and purple and not on the walls.

What I really loved about this bedding was how much it matched my dream chair. Oh, I didn't mention my dream chair? I was at HomeGoods a few months ago, and found a gorgeous chair. It was an accent chair- fuchsia, velvet type material. If we buy this bedding, I am holding my breath that HomeGoods will still have this chair. I so would have driven over there today to check, but my car has ice on it- yep not going anywhere. :) So I found these while surfing:

Not these chairs exactly, and the pink on the left is off, but I think you get the idea. Also as far another color of the room, I can't decide between silver or gold, (like above). I think gold would be more warm and welcoming. Hmm... not sure yet...
A nice purple rug like this would be nice too.

I really would like to run with this room. We shall see. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Minds Revisited

Last week I did a post about thinking like another blogger, and it seems we did it again. :)

I went to JoAnn's Fabrics today and found that they are liquidating their inventory to prepare for a move. I bought loads of fabrics for 50% off and I bought an item for a giveaway. My friend Meredith is doing a giveaway for a book about crafts using a yard of fabric. Last week it was polish, this week fabric, what next? ;)

A few weeks ago I got a brilliant idea. I always try to use a painted wall for Sweetpea as a background for her pics, and it looks nice. Well, I went by a photography store the other day and they were using the cutest background. I was tempted, but 2 problems. 1. Sweetpea would scream the whole time so it would be a waste of time and money, 2. I can take great pics, so it isn't worth blowing the money. Then, light bulb. I will buy a yard of fabric to pin up on the wall to make my own backgrounds. Now, these backgrounds will only last for as long as she is little, but I figure once that time comes I can find a craft to use these fabrics.
Here is my beginning of photo backgrounds. :) Eek! Can't wait to set up my "studio" to shoot Sweetpea, and soon, her "cousin" Nathan. :)
I have a few other projects in mind, so I bought 1/3 yard of these fabrics. How stinkin' cute is that bug fabric!? (Yes, the pinks/browns are meant to go together, but the fabrics on the right are not- obviously. lol)
Sorry for the glare! :) Here is my giveaway! It is a reusable shopping bag that says "craft, create, conserve." Now, I am not big on the "go green" trend, but this was too cute! I LOVE birds, these colors, and the saying. After all, most of my crafts are from using something I have in the house- say cardboard, so this fits nicely.

I bought an extra bag for a lucky blog reader. All you have to do is leave me a comment here, (I'll also accept a comment on my facebook where this post is linked). On Friday I'll choose a winner and send it straight out in hopes you will get it on Valentine's Day. A little love for ya from the Keierleber Characters. ♥

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Better get to it...

Ok , so I have had a post in the wings since last week, and I better get to it before I post all the pictures from the snow, (please oh please Lord, let there be snow!!!!!!). AHHH! I am down right giddy about the prospect of snow!!! I LOVE SNOW, and last year I discovered I love the cold as well! I hadn't left the house till last night and I was so excited to breath in that (literally) ice cold air! When you are from Texas, this type of weather is so rare that it is a gift, while I am sure many of you friends in the north are sick of it. :)

Sweetpea teases Bolt with her puffs:
What is with her face? LOVE IT! And notice Bolt's concentration? :)
Look at Bolt's tongue!!
I love you Sissy. Now give me your puffs!!
Oh brother, you will never learn. I love you anyway!
Sweetpea discovered her socks...
Dancin', blowing raspberries, you know, what else do you do when you find your socks? :)

AHH!! I LOVE these bows!!!
Sunday Best

Don't you love the details?

Here is a video of my 2 sweet babies... Sweetpea rarely gives actual kisses even to me...