Friday, April 29, 2011

On This Day in History

Today may be the day when Wills married his Kate, but to us Keierlebers it is even more special. 6 months ago today our lives changed forever. 6 months ago today we welcomed Sweetpea Beauty into our home. 6 months ago today was Sweetpea's Gotcha Day. 6 months ago today we became a family. She has changed so much over the last 6 months. It has been a joy watching her grow and change.

Today also marks the day of being our magic day. What is a magic day you ask? 6 months to the day of placement, (Gotcha Day), we can adopt her. Magic indeed! OK STATE OF TEXAS COURTS, I'M TALKING TO YOU NOW! It has been 6 months- let's get this show on the road!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Great Nipple Wars of 2011

Wow, I just lost/gained a handful of immature readers! lol

Before Sweetpea entered the hospital, she was almost completely off her bottle and onto sippy cups. I only give her her paci at naptime and bedtime, but that changed in the hospital too. In the hospital, she had her paci at all times, and only drank out of a bottle.

When we got home from the hospital she went back to only having her paci and naptime and bedtime with ease. She has never been super attached to it, but I'll get to that in a minute. Her sippy cup is another story. I have at least 5 different brands of sippy cups, and she is only a fan of one so far. I use the term fan loosely- she puts up with it. If she is bored/thirsty enough she'll drink out of it.

Before the hospital I was planing on taking her paci away. Since she is not super attached to it, (and at the time only had 2 teeth), I decided to take it away from her before she DID get attached to it. Fast forward to last night, (and 5 1/2 teeth and two more about to break through). We were walking to her room, and on a whim I ran in and hid her paci. We put her to bed as usual, (we play our kissing game- she kisses Daddy then turns to kiss Mommy then back and forth, back and forth. Then we pray over her, Daddy says goodnight and leaves, and then Mommy cuddles with her for a total of 30 seconds, puts her down and leaves the room. We do not rock her until she falls asleep, we want her to learn to fall asleep on her own, and she has become a champ at doing this!).

She started a fake cry about one minute after I closed the door. After about 10 minutes of fake crying and few real tears, she was asleep! Paci Battle 1 won by Mommy!

I was a little nervous at how this morning would go. You see, I have a confession to make that will make all other mommies really, really jealous.

Sweetpea is an amazingly happy, content baby. I get to sleep in as late as I want most mornings. I woke up this morning at 10:18 to be exact. I was worried I would wake up to her crying around 8, but nope!! I woke up at 10:18 on my own accord and decided it was time to get up! lol After brushing my teeth, etc, I heard her crying on the monitor, (which never happens so I assumed it was because she had no paci). As I was walking to get her I heard someone mowing their grass, which explains her crying- she hates lawn mowers and always cries if she hears then while in bed.

I walked into her room and found her like this:
She mastered coming up to sit months ago, (remember the video I posted), but after that she kinda quit doing it. Until today. :)
How in the world did she come up to sit with her braces on? lol (she had clubbed feet as well, so she has to wear these at night and naptime until she is 4 years old).

Paci Battle 2 won by Mommy again! Paci Battle 3 will take place today at naptime, but seeing as I was victorious twice, I do not see a problem winning again. Praise God for such a happy baby! These Paci Battles haven't been battles at all, really.

Bottle Battle is another story. She always has her milky in a bottle and watered down juice in her sippy cup. This morning she was not having a sippy cup for her milky! No way! So I gave her back her bottle and decided to take it slower- her nightime milky will be in her sippy cup. Bottle Battle 1 won by Sweetpea. Honestly, though, Mommy was just getting to cocky this morning- I should have known that the harder battle would be the bottle! lol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day in the life

of Your's Truly, Cinderella. :)

Ok, so this is not all I do in a day, but this is a pretty clear picture of what you could expect of me on any given day as of late.

I wake up and tend to my baby girl. Sit around in pain with my back, (saw dr today and hopefully by next week will have some answers). Normally you would include housework here but I hurt.

Some friends gave Sweetpea some hand me downs, and I am so grateful! Thanks so much Cathy and Hannah!!! Look at the amount!! There are so many that I am in love with- ah it was like Christmas! I now need to get all this hung up... where are those singing/talking mice...

Moving on. I love reading blogs, writing blog posts, and crafting. Sweetpea and my camera are never far away.
We are not Florida fans per say, but Sweetpea's lawyer is. Our same friends sent this outfit along with all the others! {Do y'all want this one back?} I will be using this and other pics from this shoot for a thank you for him when we finalize her adoption. Date TBD. UGH!
I saw these flip flops at Hobby Lobby of course. This project was so easy it seems silly to even post on here. I just bought the shoes, the embellishments, ($6 total), and grabbed my glue gun- voila!

Yes, my Cricut! I bought vinyl to make a sticker for my car, but I needed to test it first so I decorated my Cricut and...
My computer. This is not my computer that has photoshop on it, so if you are waiting for me to beautify your blog, sorry, but you will have to wait a little longer. :/

Some blogs that have spoken to me today are these:

THIS BLOG is so convicting for a picky eater like me. Well, convicting to any of us really. Any of us that has food.

THIS BLOG is so inspiring to an adoptive mommy like me waiting to begin her next adoption. (scroll to the bottom of her blog to see what her 4 year old had to say...)

THIS BLOG is uplifting to a wretched sinner like me saved by His grace!

Other than that, my day is spent loving my husband, my baby, chasing my dog and loving God. I live a "boring" life, but I love it. Now, once I get my back fixed hopefully I will have a few more things to add to this list. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Yesterday you may have noticed I was not loquacious. I was feeling terrible. Every few months I get that pregnancy feeling. No I am not pregnant nor did I think I was pregnant, I just can't describe it any other way. It is that unexplainable exhausted and weak feeling that comes out of nowhere. I am assuming it is hormonal and I hate when it happens. Yuck. I am thankfully feeling better today.

Speaking of pregnancy, my pregnant BFF was in the hospital last night and it looked like Nathan was coming! Well, she was sent home and now we are just counting down. Please pray he comes before Friday, (her DR is leaving the country Friday). Also pray for a safe and easy delivery! :) That is why I am blogging today. I need to get caught up because when Nay Nay comes, he will flood this blog! :)

As you saw, I posted a music video on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. I couldn't bring myself to post anything else because I felt Jesus deserved all the time on my blog. Now, He should be blogged about every time I post. I do try to do that, though sometimes I blog about meaningless things.

I was overwhelmed this weekend while meditating on what we were celebrating. We remember what He did for us year round; we even changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday because that is the day He rose again. But I was really in awe of His sacrifice. That He, perfect and sinless, was scourged, beaten, spat upon, hated, nailed to a cross, and murdered to pay for OUR sins. Yes, OUR sins. I am a filthy, wretched sinner. You are a filthy wretched sinner. We were all destined for Hell until Jesus stepped in and paid our debt. Because of this, if we trust in His resurrection as our only way to Heaven, we can have eternal life.

On Good Friday we attended our church's annual Good Friday outreach. There we played games and watched THIS MOVIE. It was awesome! Definitely worth watching! We had fun, and the Gospel was preached! Good Friday indeed!
I wanted Sweetpea to have something to celebrate Jesus too, but didn't have anything. BUT, I did have a plain onesie that I had set aside for another project. So, I lightly stitched this cross on there so I could remove it and save the onesie for the other project. I got the idea from here.
Yes, I love leopard print. :)
It was dark and I didn't use a flash, so it is a little out of focus. Still cute. :)

Mr. Incredible and I are "mean parents." We do not do Santa or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, (I think you get the picture). Sweetpea will get 3 gifts at Christmas, (like the wisemen), and a fourth that she picks out and then unwraps under the tree to give to a child in need. She does not get an Easter basket. We want her to truly TRULY understand the meaning of Christmas and Easter. JESUS.
Gotta love self timers. Sorry Dear. Ready to celebrate His Resurrection!
Her hat was a hit! :)
She is really starting to smile! :)
I am 16 months old and I have 5 1/2 teeth!
We may not do Easter baskets, but have no fear- my mom spoils ALL of us with Easter baskets. Here is Sweetpea with some of her loot. ;)
She sure loves those puffs!
My aunt made this jelly bean frame for Sweetpea's Candy Land playroom. :)

Thanks Mom and Taunt for all of our goodies and PRAISE BE TO JESUS for sacrificing Himself for us! To God be the Glory!

Monday, April 25, 2011

April Showers

Showers of pictures that is!

Before I post about last weekend, I will post about the beginning of this month. After the Easter post, I will be officially caught up! Yea!

April 7, 2011- celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary...
Our favors at our wedding had lobsters on them. Mr. Incredible and I are lobsters. {ten points if you get this 90's tv show refrence}

The weekend of our anniversary was spent hanging out at home, (since I opted for the Cricut instead of a local vacay). Here is Sweetpea having a BLAST swinging...

She learned "wheee."
Trying a heel stretch ;)

Last weekend we were in Dallas visiting Mr. Incredible's family...

This picture cracks me up... just imagine her saying, "well you know mother I have found that the square root of..."

Hanging out with grandma

We took Sweetpea to an awesome park that we found a few years ago...

Mr. Incredible having some fun with his little girl :)
He missed the Bermuda grass so much. He asked me to do the same. I'm good, thanks.
Have you ever seen a cuter strawberry... her bathing suit matches her hat :)
Hanging with grandpa

I couldn't zoom out quick enough on these next two which truly is a crying shame...

On the way home we stopped to take a few bluebonnet pics...