Tuesday, October 27, 2009



After training at JCPenny Photography for ONE DAY, I got a new job! lol I was REALLY excited about JCP but I found a better offer! :)

I started today with a wonderful family. They own a real estate company, and have 3 children. I work a little at the company, and then spend the rest of my time with the kids! This is sooo perfect for me! I LOVE the mom- well, I love everyone at the company! I spent today with C, and I met A and M. I LOVE C! She is so cute and soo fun!!! She is a little chef- puts me to shame for sure! I just love her! I can't wait to get to know A and M better!

Hopefully no more job changes here! lol

Ok, so I have no pics for this post either, so I will post another one from the photo shoot- hopefully I will get them all soon and I will do a full post over the up and coming photographer! :)
Can you tell how much I love him? ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rolla- Coasta


Yes, these last few weeks have been a roller coaster for me. One week we are moving to Dallas, the next California, and then finally we decide to stay here.

With being on the roller coaster for so long, I have no energy to go into all the details of the move etc. Just know we are here to stay for at least 3 years.

Besides PK going to seminary, (he will be attending Dallas Theological Seminary here in Houston), what does this entail for our family?


Well, kinda. You see I am going back to work. I will not be working long enough to invest in having a class room and all that that requires etc, so I am just getting a job to pay the bills so to speak. A job that is easily left when need be, ya know? (like one that will not require the use of my college degree, but that's ok lol). So, I start tomorrow at JC Penny as a photographer! I am actually pretty excited about this job. It sounds like something I will REALLY enjoy! I also applied to James Avery, so we'll see if that pans out. There are two reasons why I am so willing to work my butt off at two jobs.

Paul's job will pay for home, bills, food, seminary, etc.

My job will pay for:
1. MY CAR! It will take approximately 7 months to pay it off. I told my boss that I am willing to work open to close etc, cause I REALLY want the money because...

2. After the car is paid off- We will not be adopting locally as before, we are going to go to Africa and we will bring home a baby boy and a toddler girl, (Lord willing)!!! Please be in prayer for our little ones. I'll give names later! ;) (No we have not picked them out, nor will we for awhile- we just know we want a girl and a baby brother for her). :) Obviously, this endeavor is costly, (it actually costs what a new car would cost or what seminary would cost, so yeah, its expensive). We could afford to just save up money with PKs job etc, but we would have to wait. SO, I am going to work work work to get them home asap. We are still looking at another almost 2 years till they are home with us, but it is still better than going to Cali and putting the adoption on hold for 3 or more years! :) In about 7 months we will begin the process of Adopting our African Angels!

Last week I mentioned my photo shoot with a budding photographer... well here is a sneak peek of her work... of the few I have seen, this is one of my FAVES!!!

How cute is this??? :) Once I get them all, I will post more and link to her website! :)

Your prayers have meant so much to me, thank you so much!

Friday, October 23, 2009

January 26, 2010


Monday, October 19, 2009

Sugar Land Dog Park

Here are the pics I mentioned that we taken by Ruth Rose Photography during the grand opening of the Sugar Land dog park.

Obviously, I had not anticipated being photographed. I look disgusting, but oh well. How often do mommies and babies get photographed together? lol

The ad work I did for the other photographer turned out AWESOME!!! I will post those soon! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to let the cat out of the bag...

Today, I did that shoot I told you about yesterday and it was WONDERFUL! I CAN'T WAIT till I get to see them! YEA!

I told you about last week at the dog park there was a photog... she said the pics would be posted within the week... well, its been a week- COME ON NOW! lol I have no patience!

I bought Jersey this car seat... how cute? :)
This is more of his personality, for sure! :) He is just so cute, I can't stand it! :)

Ok, so did you see my jab at you? Did you notice I said, "I have no patience." Did you catch it? I know- y'all have had to be VERY patience in hearing our big changes.

Well, in January Paul and I are taking a week long vacation to California! Yea!

Wait- is that it? Really? A vacation?

Well, no. That's not it. I made a new header for our blog to debut after Christmas...

We are visiting California because we are MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!!! :) Paul is going to attend Master's Seminary! We are so excited where God is leading us! We will be selling our house, down sizing immensily, and I will be going to work, (hence the hold on adoption). We will be moving at least by July- if not sooner. :) More news on this as it comes! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


I am counting down the seconds till my hubby comes home today. I am soo bored.

I have been checking everyday since last Saturday for the dog park pictures to be posted, and they are still not yet. :/ I CAN'T WAIT! lol Now that I write this, they will probably post them, and you will see and "update" to this blog. lol Murphy's Law.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot to do with a budding photographer. She wanted pics of Jersey, and also needed pics of brides. SO, I offered to bring my dress as well. Come on now, you would have done the same thing! So what if I have been married for 2.5 years! lol I am VERY excited for tomorrow! :)

I am also excited for tomorrow to FINALLY let the cat out of the bag! Wahoo! :)

I was looking through wedding pics yesterday, and I came across these candids from family. I never looked too closely since they are not the best quality, but when I looked again, I LOVED THEM!!! :) Enjoy! :) {I usually take the time to get my pics on here in order, but I got these pics out of 3 different folders, and did not have the energy to correct them} lol

Waiting in the backroom, about to go down the aisle. :)
My mother in law sneaking a peek of me in the backroom :)
I love the backdrop for the bouquet ;) my dress! lol
Do you think we had fun? :)
My grandpa caught this one and I think it turned out pretty nice! :)
If you look closely, (click on it to enlarge), you will see my hubs crying.. he did the whole time. :) What can I say, he loves me! :)
During his vows, (crying again) :)
Back to the dance, we are both laughing! :)
Him smiling again... in all pics he is smiling while looking into my eyes! Great job family photogs! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Like Me :)

Yesterday my post was not like me, but this one is more like me. :) Well it is still not like me in that my camera is dead so these next few pictures are from my camera. lol

I am the LAST person who will buy into the whole global warming garbage. BUT it never hurts to help our environment within reason. Like I said, I don't buy GW nor do I buy the whole going green... but I will jump on the reusable shopping bag bandwagon. :) I was at Petsmart and saw really cute bags and wanted to buy them. So I decided to make my own. Today I made three, and I will make more later. :)
Birdie Front...
Birdie back... one of my favorite verses.
Keierleber front...
Keierleber back... heart was hard to cut out of fabric lol
Jesus' Love front...
Jesus' Love back. :)

The Petsmart ones were pretty cute, but I like these better. :)


Did you notice the picture I posted yesterday, and I said I wanted to frame it? Well...

I did a frame transplant... twice...

I had a frame of an adoption poem I wrote...
and I had this picture framed...
I put the picture in the poem frame, and I think I like it better cropped this way...
and in the other frame I framed my picture from yesterday. I also couldn't resist framing it with Cheetah print... LOVE IT!!! :)


Completely random but fun...

LOVE Bolt... made me think of Jersey... PK thinks we need to give Jersey a bolt...
Whatcha think... make it a permanent change? ;) lol


Last but not least, my friend Haley gave me an Over The Top blog award!

With accepting it, I must answer these questions and pass on this award to 7 other bloggers!

1. Where is your cell phone: on my shirt, (as always) :)
2. Your hair: in a ponytail
3. Your mother: at home
4. Your father: in San Antonio
5. Your favorite food: PIZZA!
6. Your dream from last night: I apparently was running around with old high school friends, Lindsay Perry, and Anthony Piazza to name 2- CArazy!
7. Your favorite drink: Sweet Tea from Chick Fil A
8. Your dream/goal: to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord
9. What room are you in: living room
10. What is your hobby: decorating, creating, writing, reading
11. What is your fear: Loved ones I know not knowing Jesus, so they go to hell.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Where ever God leads us, (but being a mommy while we are there would be nice) :)
13. Where were you last night: Running with my hubs, and hanging out with him at our house. :)
14. Something you are not: ashamed of the Gospel
15. Muffins: banana nut
16. Wish List items.: to tell you what the big changes are in our life... and for them to occur soon! :)
17. Where did you grow up: Richmond, Texas
18. Last thing you did: Did my aforementioned crafts
19. What are you wearing: t shirt and shorts
20. Your TV: The Second Chance, (a movie)
21. Your pets: Jersey, 3 year old Maltichon
22. Your friends: a blessing
23. Your life: is about to dramatically change
24. Your mood: Anxious, but a good anxious
25. Missing someone: My sister, Tracie
26. Vehicle: Dodge Journey
27. Something your not wearing: makeup
28. Your favorite store: Hobby Lobby
29. Your favorite color: PINK
30. When's the last time you laughed: Today too many occurrences to just pick one! lol
31. When's the last time you cried: oh geeze- I always cry- whether it is a happy or sad thing- most of the time it is for joy over something God has done in my life! :)
32. Your best friend: my hubs!
33. One place you go over and over: Hobby Lobby and Walmart
34. One person who emails me regularly: My hubs.
35. Favorite place to eat? Spaghetti Warehouse, Double Daves

Now I tag:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Like Me

♥ Posting once a week is not like me at all. With our lives on hold, I feel like I have nothing to blog about. I want to fill everyone in on what is going on, but hopefully you will not have to wait much longer.

♥ This past weekend I babysat for our Pastor's kids while he and his wife were out of town, and we had a great time. On Saturday, we went to the grand opening of the Sugar Land Dog Park. There, we met a photographer who did free pics! She will upload them any day now and then I will upload them on here! :) Highlight of the day for sure!

♥ Every time I charge my camera it decides to shut off for a day or two, then finally decides to charge. I assumed it was the charger, and knew I needed to buy a new one soon. Well, I charged it on Thursday, and I think the charger killed my camera. joy.

♥ Yesterday I got to meet Baby Elizabeth and Baby Jade, and I enjoyed their families' company! :)

♥ Jersey just got a spankin' because he, (once again), ate my Burt's Bees colored chap stick. Wouldn't be so terrible if the stick didn't cost like $8! He better be glad I love him so much or I may have been REALLY mad at him.

♥ I am off to watch a movie with my baby boy. Life is good. Well, it would be even better if my hubby was home with us too! :)
I made this a couple of weeks ago, and I REALLY want to blow it up and frame it in my house... (took this pic on our 2nd anniversary) :) {Click on it to enlarge it and read the quote}

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update- if you can call it that...

Update on the update: why do I love my husband? Well many reasons, this being one of them: "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I am so Blessed to have you as a wife and thankful for your support as we serve the King! Let's follow Him and live our lives for His glory. Let us proclaim His name above all else, let us preach the Truth unwaveringly and passionately, let's be a light and reflect Him, let's pursue the Cross and plead with the lost to see His goodness and grace, let's lean on Him.... He is our sustainer, our provider, our family, our friend, but most of all He is OUR SAVIOR and OUR KING!" {email he just sent me} ♥

What is going on right now? A whole lot of "I'm not sure." One minute I am planning for one scenario, next I am planning for another one entirely different. Hopefully I can give you more concrete answers soon. Sorry for the mysteriousness! Prayers are still greatly appreciated!
Since no post is complete without a picture, here is a pic that came with my computer. How beautiful is this? Don't you want to grab a blanket and book and cuddle up under this tree and look out at that view... of and BTW, the temp in that pic is not the same as it is outside here in HTOWN. It is a cool fall day... beautiful.... OK, everyone, back to reality- drink plenty of water and try not to get heat stroke outside. ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 Years

Today is 3 years since my sister went to Heaven to be with Jesus. She was 18 years old. It is still not real to me.

Little things get to me.... Tracie and I used to go through a bowl of Dove chocolate, and open them all up, (without eating them). You see, Dove chocolates have quotes on the inside, so we would open them all up to look for a new quote then we would re wrap the duplicates. Entirely rude, I know, but that is what we did not too long before she died. Recently, I found that you can now customize the Dove quotes with whatever you want. If I could have, I wanted to send them to her with the inside saying, "I love my sister, yes I do." (it was our inside joke which I have explained before on this blog).

To see that explanation and my other posts about my sister, click on the picutre below.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The ABCs of Me

Out of boredom I am jumping on the ABCs bandwagon. I had fun reading everyone else's so maybe y'all will enjoy mine:

A- Ann Marie is the name of my little girl in my book, "She is not your Real Mommy!"

B- I love babysitting... well babies in general! ;)

C- I love being Crafty

D- I love my Dog, Jersey, way more than I probably should!

E- I am so glad I get to spend Eternity with the Creator of the universe.

F- I am usually not a Fan of Fall, but this year I am- go Figure. ;)

G- "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

H- Tomorrow will be 3 years since my sister, Tracie, went to Heaven.

I- I just did a post titled iNsANe! Check it out!

J- JESUS is my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, Prince of Peace, the Great I Am. Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. We are all sinners who have fallen short of God's standards, and we deserve hell. He died on the cross to pay for our sins. If you accept Him as your savior, repent of your sins, and serve Him, then you will go to Heaven! It is that simple!

K- I love being a KEIERLEBER!

L- I LOVE me some Leopard print! :) (I usually call it cheetah, but out of the two the leopard always looks best- I just default with cheetah as its name lol)

M- Marriage is the greatest blessing... well, second only to Salvation in Christ!

N- I am looking for a Nanny job for a while- know anyone? :)

O- There are 200,000,000 Orphans in the world, and if only 7% of THE CHURCH would adopt then there would be no need for Orphanages.

P- I love Paul!!! He is my best friend, and I am so blessed to spend the rest of my days with him!!!

Q- I need to have Quite a bit more Quiet Time with the Lord.

R- I am requesting prayers for all the big changes coming our way very soon! Thanks!

S- "There are two things I know, I am a great Sinner, but Christ is a Great Savior!" John Newton, author of the song Amazing Grace. Couldn't be more true!

T- We do not have TV. We have a TV set, we just don't have any channels... we just watch movies.

U- One Nation, UNDER GOD!

V- I made a Vow on 4♥7♥07!

W- William Wilberforce and George Washington Carver are two of my newest Worldly heroes. Look them up!

X- The X Commandments, (yes, I stole it from you, Ashley) "Thou shall have no other God's before Me." (1)

Y- I want to Yearn for Christ. (Song by Shane and Shane which is a prayer of my heart)

Z- In August 08 I was left a nasty anonymous comment... part of which anonymous said I had: "religious zealotry." Little did anonymous know that being called Zealous for Christ is actually a huge compliment! :)

Lindsay, the new dog park is located right by UH Sugar Land. Grand Opening this Saturday! :)

These pics were taken with my cell phone, so excuse the quality! :)
We babysat for the Cokenours again last weekend. Here we are at one of the parks in our neighborhood. I had PK take this picutre cause Jersey was cracking me up. I was swinging and he was just laying in my lap... not sitting, laying! lol I LOVE this pic... click on it to see it big... I love E's smile in the background! :)

I looked up in my living room and saw these three on the couch.. it tickled me cause Jersey looked BIGGER than the girls ! Isn't that funny?!
I ALWAYS put my phone on my shirt like this. I looked down at J and she had done this on her own accord! Made me smile for sure! BTW, she was not the first to mimic me... my Ju Ju did it weeks ago and it brightened my whole day to hear it! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Surrender ALL

As you saw from post from last week, we have been praying over some huge decisions. The decisions have been made, while some are left to be made. Please continue to pray with us as we make these decisions.

"All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give. I surrender all. I surrender all. All to Thee my Blessed Savior, I surrender all."

God is leading in a direction that we will share with y'all when the timing is right. HUGE changes are coming. He has us surrendering quite a bit. One of which being the adoption. It is back off. It has been like a bad Hollywood relationship- on again/off again. It is off again- for a long time, (or until God says otherwise). This is painful for me, but since I know where God is leading us I am not sad- just surrendering to His will. Sorry to be so mysterious about the other changes about to occur in the Keierleber Casa, but be patient, I will fill you in soon- pretty exciting stuff actually! :)

Now for some pictures of our only child. :)
Mommy looks like poop, but she had to showcase how successful the trip to the dog park was- Jersey is out! :) Daddy took off work on Wednesday, so we made an impromptu trip! It was AWESOME! Oh and the Sugar Land dog park opens THIS Saturday!!! YEA!!!!!

On September 27th Jersey turned 3!!! Here we are with "his" cakes. Ok, every year so far, we have found these cup cake "Jerseys" at Walmart. It is a tradition. They are for people, and I thought they would be "eh" in taste. No, they are REALLY good- the icing tastes like wedding cake icing. They are so yummy!
Every year, for his birthday treat, I give Jersey a lick of some of the icing. Seems cruel that we get to enjoy his yummy birthday cake and all he gets is a lick. But really, giving him anymore WOULD be cruel! He would get so sick!
I think he liked it!!! :)

Please join us in prayer over our decisions, and I promise to shed more light on the subject soon! ♥