Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ballerina Dreams

Do you see the pic of Sweetpea? It tickled me because she looks like a ballerina! Arms up and feet turned out...

Sweetpea loves dancing, and always has. She has started this ballerina thing with her arms to some music and it is hysterical- I need to post it! She'll also shake her booty, and sing the song, (shake shake shake, shake your booty)! Lol She does it best when I change her diaper- so funny to see her wiggle her little butt!

It's also quite a miracle to see her wiggle that butt. Remember, Sweetpea has Spina Bifida. It causes a wide range of permanent paralysis. Some kids from the neck down, others, (less often), can walk. Most kids are wheel chair bound. I've never had an issue with the thought of her in a wheel chair. Actually, she has such a great personality, I think other kids will want a wheel chair cause she has one! :) When we request Briar Rose to be a girl, we will also request SB. Obviously we won't turn down a healthy baby girl, but we are certainly open to another SB angel. :)

With all that being said... people always say things like, " I pray she'll walk, she WILL walk one day, etc." Y'all, I have no problem with a wheelchair, and in my prayers at night I never pray for her physically, (unless we're in the hospital or something), but I always, every night, pray for her salvation etc.

I know it is up to God whether she walks or not, and I am completely at peace with her being in a wheel chair. However, numerous orthopedics, and her pts believe she will in fact walk! She may still need a wheel chair and we won't know how well she'll walk, but she definitely has promising strength and mobility!

So see, wiggling her butt is quite a miracle! Also when she asks to stand, and does it on her own, (not upright but she has her hands on the ground and her feet and she pushes up into somewhat of a yoga position). Hey, she's doing it, I'm proud no matter what!

One thing I can't wait to see is her dancing evolve. When she can stand, when she can walk. Will she ever be strong enough to dance, dance? Maybe not, but it would be cool.

For my music loving angel, I've always been ok with her not walking, but I'd love for her to be able to dance. She dances alright, and dances well, but I would love for her to go crazy and let her while body go with the music! Gives a while new meaning to the song, "I hope you dance."

Next summer she will be a flower girl in my brother's wedding. I'm anxious to see where she'll be then. Will she be able to walk down the aisle? Will she boogie all night? Well, there's no question about her getting her boogie on- the question is will she being getting it on on her feet or in my arms? Either way, I'll boogie with her till we pass out!

No matter what happens, I pray she'll come to know Jesus as her Savior. One perk to that? When she's in heaven, (trusting in Him is the only way to get there!), she'll be able to dance in worship of Him! Her body will be perfect and she can dance her little heart out! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Buddies

Sweetpea and Bolt weigh almost the exact weight- like to the ounce! She always asks to hold him! If this doesn't show she's ready for a baby sister, I don't know what would!

In baby sister news: we have a lot to do on the house, so I figured it would push back bringing her home. There is a training in April and one in June. I was bummed to have to take the one in June, but knew we we're busy for the other dates. Well, I got word that the dates have been changed and now the last week of April/first week of May we will do our training! ...

In house news: there is a lot to get done before we can bring home Briar Rose. We will be revamping their playroom, (fixing drywall and putting down floors), completely redoing the kids' bathroom, putting floors in every other room in the house, then bringing her home. Then we'll completely redo our master bedroom and bath! Yeah, that's a lot. Since we've been through home studies before we assume they will not like our home at the in between stage, and that's why we need to get it all done before then. If they say otherwise though, we'd be happy to bring get home sooner. :)

In what is Cinderella up to news: I've begun mtcm again-already walked 23 miles this week, and have dropped a few pounds! But I'll save just how many for Monday. ;) We have not really unpacked anything. Remember the pic from a few weeks ago of our boxes up to the ceiling? Well, I can't exactly get them down myself. Mr. Incredible works all day-.not to mention being stuck in a hospital for a week- that took away a lot of work time! In the interim, I've been walking and playing with Sweetpea-not one moment did I waste on laziness. :) Tomorrow is Unboxing day! We need to get everything in its place to begin work on the playroom!

We're coming for you Briar Rose! We're coming!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take Picture, Take Two

We're laying down for nap time after a long, hot walk, (hence the lack of top). Lol Sweetpea asked to take pics so I of course obliged. We got some pretty cute ones! Now, I just need to get get to sleep! Lol

I'm going to miss her when she returns to her crib, we'll always have nap time, but I love waking up with her every morning. See the kiss pic? See how she's holding my face? Every morning she'll grab my face, say " I love you," and kiss me over and over-still holding my face. Can you think of a better way to wake up each morning? Me neither!

Take Picture

Sweetpea has started asking to have her picture taken. Sometimes it is because I have my camera or phone out, but mostly its because she wanted her picture taken.

"Take picture!"

Minnie and Mickey are never far, so now instead of smiling, (or making a funny face), she grabs them and hugs, kisses, or poses with them! Lol As long as she's looking at the camera, I'll take what I can get! ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silver in Her Hair

Yesterday, (well everyday we can), Sweetpea and I played in the dandelions. I love when a few "wishes" get caught in her hair. :)

I was born blonde, and stayed blonde until my teen years, and then I started to highlight it. My hair is now brown, and if you look closely, you will see natural blonde highlights. Now, I said closely! :)

I miss my blonde hair at times, (Mr. Incredible REALLY misses it), but with babies starving to death in Africa, it is one thing I can most definitely do without!

In my family, the ladies start to go gray early, (like 18). That's on my mother's side, (my mom started to get grays at 18 and I believe my sis, who greatly favored my mom genetically, did too-what about you taylor?). I tend to favor my dad's side, and so I assumed that was why I hadn't found grays yet. My other assumption was that since I was the only one born blonde, maybe that had something to do with it.

If your haven't guessed already, last night I found one gray hair! It wasn't that it turned gray, it was a new growth- kinda had a mind of its own and stuck almost straight up! Lol

Mr. Incredible has a handful of grays, (he's 31), and in an annoyed voice said, "its just your blonde hair!" He was annoyed that I was young and had no grays. Well, I searched my hair for a light light strand of blonde and yanked it for comparison. There was no mistaking it now, I had found a gray hair.

Mr. Incredible is an information junkie and began researching about gray hair, (he researches everything that peeks his interest- I said information junkie!). He found an article about how much if spent over a lifetime coloring hair and he was shocked. I asked, "aren't you glad I stopped coloring mine?" Yeah, I think the great blonde hair debate is officially over at our house! Like I said there are people starving to death in Africa! Just take the money you would spend at the salon and send it there- it would make a huge difference! Like huge huge!

So, I made it to 25 and a half without one single gray. I searched for more last night, and so far that is the only one. I know many gorgeous women that don't cover their grays and look beautiful. I will be following in their footsteps. The only question is is when? Will I go significantly gray by the time I'm 30 like on my mother's side, or will I continue to sprout random grays here and there for years to come? We'll see!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tulip Tuesday

We have a lone tulip among our weed garden. Here Sweetpea is enjoying it yesterday. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Funday

After being stuck in a hotel for 2 months, and the hospital for a week, Sweetpea and I are sick of doing nothing! Today we went for a 3 mile walk, blew bubbles and dandelions, colored with chalk, and had a picnic lunch. We're about to turn in for nap time, then work a little on the house and walk again with daddy, (mtcm is back, returning to posts next Monday). So we didn't necessarily solve world hunger or anything, but we worked out and enjoyed a lovely during day together-pretty amazing day!

Sweetpea is all girl- she loves flowers so I picked one for her on our walk! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bristol, Texas

Briar Rose's real name will be Bristol. She will be named after a few people, 2 of which, the Muellers, are from Bristol, England. I would love to go to England and take pics of signs etc with that name, but that may never happen. I have been googling Bristol, and have found other towns with that name, as well as a motor speedway and a university. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that an hour outside of Dallas laid the small town of Bristol. :) Here are a few pics I took and edited for her room. I couldn't choose my favs, so I posted them all on here so that will help me pick! :)




Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seas of Blue...bonnets!

Second to snow, I LOVE Bluebonnets! Here are pics of Sweetpea in them last year. :) On that post you will also find pics of Sweetpea in other flowers and a link to other Bluebonnet posts from past years. :) We almost missed the Bluebonnets this year, but since God kept us in the area for the hospital we were able to see them! Romans 8:28! (and once again you may see a few duplicate edits- I can't choose! Seeing them on the blog will help me pick the best when I go to print them. Thanks for putting up with me!) :)

very convienient! :) in the small town of Bristol

This pic does not do them justice- there were SO many! I wish we had scratch and sniff for the www, because they smelled amazing! I've never really noticed they had a scent when taking pics, but I guess since there were so many I was able to smell them. :)

Here is a glimpse of our Keierleber cheesiness! ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Wish Come True

The day we moved into our house, (which happened to be the day before we headed to the hospital), Sweetpea, Bolt and I spent the afternoon hanging out in our front yard. After being cooped up in a hotel for 2 months, we missed the outdoors! I never thought I could be content just sitting on concrete for over 4 hours, but I loved every minute of it. We had a picnic, listened to some music, took some pics and just hung out. It was awesome! Sweetpea was introduced to the wonder that is Dandelions, (and once again this mama could not decide which edit she liked better, so there are few duplicates lol)...

Bolt and baby Tiana kept us company :)

Action shot
She blew it herself- notice the dandelions cascading down her arm...

Action shot, I promise this face was in the action of smiling at the action of dandelions flying at her ;)
Another action shot, see the dandelions? :)
In our front yard, we have THE BEST photo-op tree ever! You will be seeing much of it in the years to come! :)