Sunday, January 31, 2010


Adoption update: no news to report. The lady we need to talk to is out of the country. :/ Will post as soon as I can. :)

I have been redecorating and painting the play room. To give you an idea of what it will look like when I post pics in a few days, here is a preview:

Jersey helping Daddy with the playroom art...
Tada... we have other names ready to go... just don't want to add them till we get the babies. :) The blue and orange are on the walls in the play room. :) Stay tuned for a painted, and further updated playroom post! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Nothing new to report... just blinged Red Sox stuff as promised the other day! :)

My Blinged bag...
My hat for the big game... blinged ;)

I had a piece of foam board left over from another project that I was using to protect my table from the hot glue gun. PK was bored... obviously, but look what he did. ♥

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday was a whirlwind to say the least.

First of all, let me elaborate about the news from yesterday, (see below). Ok, so it is 7AM, and I am asleep. I am fighting off something, and the only way to keep my body from succumbing to it is to sleep. Anyway, I was looking to sleep in till at least 10. Well, I am the lightest sleeper in the whole world! If you call me in the morning and I don't answer, it is not cause I didn't hear it- it is because if I do answer it, then there is like a 99% chance that after said conversation I will be fully awake and unable to fall back asleep.

Anyway, I get a call from Paul at 7AM. After my sister's accident, my first thought for phone calls at weird times is tragedy. When I pick up he says, "I have great news for you!" I thought to myself, "I'm gonna kill him!"

Ok, let me explain. When PK says I have good news, I used to get excited. That was until I learned that good news usually isn't good news, (ie, a raise, babies, etc), it is usually, "I found a new recipe to try," or "I found this awesome steel frame for our future future house," etc.

So, when I hear him say he has good news, my first instinct is, great wake me up for nothing- now I'll never get back to sleep- this really couldn't have waited till 10???

Then he drops the good news, which I promise I will share with y'all asap!!! And believe me, if it all works out, IT IS UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING NEWS!!! Totally worth not going back to sleep yesterday!!!!

With hearing this wonderful news, I had an amazing day- except for one glitch. A pretty big one actually- hence whirlwind.

Meet Angelica. If you have been reading for awhile, you have probably met her before. She is my mom's Yorkie mix. Jersey amazes me everyday with his intelligence! BUT, Angelica has him beat in one area: obedience. Jersey is very obedient, but Angelica is crazy obedient! Seriously, it amazes me! She is an awesome dog aside from her obedience- she is so sweet!!! Well, yesterday morning, SHE WAS SHOT!!!

She is alive.. she was shot in the leg. A neighbor "accidentally" shot her while she was in my MOM'S yard... in Pecan Grove- UMM RESIDENTIAL AREA??? 2 different vets said that it had to be a 22!!! Are you kidding me??? This guy better get in some kind of trouble for this!!!
Can you believe this? Luckily it missed bone... still they had to dig it out of muscle, etc. Poor baby!

Just to show you how easily amused I am, and how my brain works... look at what I noticed yesterday:
No, it's not 40,707... it says our anniversary: April 7, 2007.

I'm a dork. Get over it. ;)

Please pray for Angelica and for our adoption news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wicked Awesome

In honor of our trip to New England in April, and for the RED SOX GAME- I made a bag...
I took a canvas bag and a Red Sox Tshirt... I thought a lot about how to do it, and as I always do with my projects, I threw caution to the wind and...

dove in! First I cut the sleeves, then the collar...
Then I hot glued it to the canvas bag...
Half way there... just need to do more cutting, folding, gluing, and trim...
TADA! Wicked awesome, right? :) This weekend I will be adding bling to it, and will post updated pics of it then. :)

Ok, so as I was planning this post I knew I would call it "Wicked Awesome," seeing as my bag is awesome and made on honor of Boston, but little did I know that this post would be holding some WICKED AWESOME news!!!


Ok, so I can't tell you anything about it yet, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be praying for this WICKED AWESOME opportunity! Paul called me this morning with WICKED AWESOME news, so WICKED AWESOME, that I could not go back to sleep!!! We will be getting more info on Sunday. This seems too good to be true, but I have faith and hope that this might actually work out!!! Please pray and I will keep you posted as soon as I know more! AHHH!!! ♥

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi, my name is Tricia and I am a Gleek

Ok, so Glee has already had a full season run, and I am just now on the bandwagon. If you remember this post, you will understand why.

I borrowed season 1 from my sister, and Monday I had a Glee marathon. IT WAS AWESOME! So, I will not be buying the series or anything, but to watch it once or twice is fun. I watched it by myself cause Paul is not the musical type, but lo and behold, when he caught a glimpse of it he too was hooked. HA! He and I agree that it would be awesome if life were a musical!

This video is from my favorite episode, and it is how I got Paul hooked. We have been singing this song for the past 3 days, and we don't even like it! If you haven't seen the show, this episode, or you haven't seen this since it aired, you MUST WATCH IT! NOW! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Found America's Next Top Model(s)

While we are all hurting for Haiti I thought a fun post would be in order.

When I was younger I watched TLCs Trading Spaces all the time, hence why I love to decorate so much. Well the girls I nanny for watch America's Next Top Model, hence why they look like this:

Wow, right? :) While my awesome camera and artwork in photoshop sure help to inhance the photos, but they have the model faces down! :)

Saturday I think we are doing another photoshoot, so stay tuned! ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear Haitian and American government, please allow me to go to Haiti and bring home some of the suffering orphans. What good is it doing to leave them there when I have a home for them here? Why all the red tape when they are in a situation like this?

I found these pics on Google search. These were taken before the TWO EARTH QUAKES. Imagine these children and the poverty now.

My personal favorite. Look at how beautiful they are! Ugh, simply gorgeous!

I would give anything to fly to Haiti and bring home some orphans with me. NOW!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Happy MLK day!! I so look forward to the day when I have a house full of kiddos from all different races! My DREAM is that the Keierleber house will be an IHOP: International House of People.

With the massive increase of orphans now in Haiti, all I want to do is go there and bring some home with me! NOW!!! :( Breaks my heart!

In less serious news:

Today I was shopping and I found this plaque that I HAD to buy for the playroom!!! Click to enlarge it to see why it was a HD2HV!!! (Had to Have- fun fact- this is what my personalized license plate on my VW Bug said) :)

Oh, and Vera Bradley has 4 new prints out and loads of new bags, etc. This is the print I want in the large duffel!!! ahhh!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Favorite

Do you ever suffer from buyer's remorse? Ok, we all do.

After reading Bring the Rain, I heard over and over about the Christian group Selah. I had heard them before, and to be honest, I have never been a fan, nor impressed with any of their music. Not that I had heard a lot of their stuff, but you know how that all goes. Well, after reading the blog for awhile, I knew I HAD to but their new CD. I LOVED the song Hosanna, and I wanted to hear the song that was written for sweet Audrey. I fought myself back and forth about buying it, and finally bought it...
I sure was not disappointed with this CD! All the songs are awesome, and it has to be my favorite CD I have!!! Go visit Selah's website and check them out! You too will not be disappointed!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jersey's Room

Jersey has decided that the Cow Room is his room. The door doesn't latch properly, and so he can get it. He will just walk in there and get in the bed and take a nap. Too cute!
Oh, and this is not the bedding that will stay there- it is just there until we buy the appropriate bedding. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

♥ne Year- H♥me Sweet H♥me

One year ago today we moved into our house. :)

In September, we painted our house, and I made a decision on our mantle. I decided not to decorate it because the pretty new paint looked so nice alone. Over Christmas, since the mantle was decorated, I started to entertain the idea of decorating it year round. Then on a shopping trip with my mom, I found it- the perfect decor...

A full look at our new and improved mantle... :)
This is the frame that started it all... I was ecstatic to find a frame with the exact colors of my walls- gold and purple!
After that, I went on a hunt and after a few trips back and forth to Hobby Lobby buying, returning, and buying again- we have settled on this look. Whatcha think? :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Makin' Memories

In 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days, (according to the above ticker), we will board a plane to Boston to celebrate our 3rd anniversary!!! This trip has been such a blessing to me, and we haven't even taken it yet!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to scrapbook! Lately, I have been ordering Shutterfly books instead, because they are cheaper and easier than scrapbooking. I save scrapbooking for extra special events. I have already purchased some stuff for our trip scrapbook:

All the items below, (with the exception of one group- which I will get to), were purchased at Scrap your trip. I highly recommend this company, and I will be returning for my adoption scrapbook one of these days. :) This first page is the cover page for our scrapbook. SYT has customizable pages, which this one is. :) I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do for the cover page since our trip is in 3 states. Then I was on their site, and I found this one!!! Too perfect! It may be kinda hard to see, but it says on top: Our 3rd Anniversary, and on the bottom: Boston, Philly, NY, April 6-12 2010. The colors were even customizable! Like I said, I will be returning!

My Boston group! I'm in l♥ve! The 2 baseball pages on the bottom are front and back of each other. Same with the Boston papers on top. :)
Here are the only items not purhcased at SYT. I got these little guys from Sox Stickers. You see, a couple of years ago, you could purchase any team's Jersey as a sticker at Hobby Lobby. Well, they do not sell those anymore, so I began my search online. I came up short, with my only winner being from SYT (you'll see the Fenway winners below). With more searching, I found Sox Stickers! They are made for your car, but I knew they would be perfect for my scrapbook! I LOVE the L♥ve one... notice Red Sox make up the heart. :) Since we will be celebrating our anniversary I thought I would be perfect!!!
The red Boston paper- this is it's back. When I bought it I thought it just said Boston, (which I thought was cute), but yesterday when I opened it I realized it had little baseballs too!!! HOW PERFECT!?
FENWAY paper from SYT!
Close Up! :)
We have a date with the Green Monster April 7, 2010 to see the Red Sox take on the Yankees! I couldn't BE more excited! {yes, I said it as Chandler Bing} We are celebrating 3 years of marriage, (we were married 4.7.07), at a field that is 98 years old while watching baseball's oldest and strongest rivalry!

Boston stickers from SYT.
Philadelphia paper from SYT. :) On April 8th, we will leave board a train for Philadelphia. :)
Can't wait to go to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc!!! :)
On the evening of April 9th, we will board a train and head for NYC! This is my only NY paper from SYT. 1. I have NY stickers, etc already in my scrapbook box, and most of the pages will be large pics that I take myself, so I limited myself to this page. :)

Am I the only one, or do you love to scrapbook too? All I know is, I will be paying Scrapbook Village a visit soon for sure! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


If you are like me, then you have been looking at my blog daily and you have been irked by my lack of posting. Well, that is how I feel when I look at y'all's blogs! lol So, I am sorry for my lack of posts.

Nothing really fun to write about. Paul and I have been borrowing my mom's "Little House on the Prairie," seasons. We finished season 2, and are almost done with season 1. We LOVE the show! The theology is off many times, but the fact that God is mentioned in pretty much every episode is AWESOME!!! Last night one of the episodes we watched recited all of Psalm 23! It was awesome!

Here are 2 pics from the "freeze" over the weekend. OK, so yes it was very cold for Htown, but we didn't have the freeze we were worried about- thank God!!!

The only evidence of the below freezing temps- the fountain in front of our neighborhood was frozen!

Jersey NEEDS to go to the groomer. Unfortunately, he will have to be shaved. :( He always looks ugly at first when he is shaved. We bought him this jacket for our Christmas card pics, but never used it. Now we can use it when it is cold, since he will be nearly hairless soon! lol

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Through the years ♥

Real quick- thanks to Ashley and Lindsay- Jersey will be getting to go to Petco soon! :)

Back when I posted some of our Christmas decor, I had to leave this little bit out because it was incomplete. I decided to do frames, adding a new one every year of us at Christmas time. Over Christmas I got some of the pictures from Paul's dad- so without further adieu...

{click pic to enlarge}
2006, our first Christmas together and we were engaged.
2007, our first Married Christmas- if I knew this would have been the only pic of us that year, I would have told Paul's dad to wait and I would have changed and put makeup on lol.
2008, nothing of significance to note other than we were together! :)
2009, Our first Christmas in our HOME! :) (why Jersey was only in this one I do not know. He should have been in all but the first one- seeing as we didn't have him yet).

Can't wait to get pics for 2010 etc!!! Before we know it, there will be kiddos in the pics with us!!! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo...

10 points if you know where my title comes from. 100 points if you can finish that sentence. :)

Do you remember this post about the kids' rooms? Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the linked in post to see the cow room, and there is another link to my original design in that room. I think it is fun to see it evolve.


I had been wanting a bunk bed for that room. We were looking at adopting a sibling group of three a couple of months back. A little girl, (her's would have been the bird room), and two boys who would share the cow room. So, of course I wanted to buy bunk beds. I have been told not to get those beds cause they are hard to make, etc. But, I found shorter, safer bunks at the cost of about $850. Joy.

A couple of months ago I went looking around at garage sales for some kind of treasure for the kids' rooms. What do I find but the PERFECT bunk bed for a whopping $75!!!! SOLD! I was so excited. My poor friends that were with me probably wanted to hit me because I kept going on and on about how excited I was about it. :) Well it has taken us a couple of months, but we have FINALLY put it in the cow room. TADA! Jersey is modeling the bed for us. :) I need a top mattress, (a small one that is made for the bed), and I need to get the bedding- obviously. :)
Another angle, with some of the decor. :) Oh, and I will be painting the blue paneling. :) I told Paul to come in and take a pic with it just so you could see how short it is. He did not want to cooperate at all, and he finally gave this silly smile. lol But, can't you see how nice and short the bed is? :)

Please take a look at my post below and give me some advice if you are a doggie parent. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doggie Dilemma

As you well know, we just love our Jersey. Here is our dilemma:

We used to buy Jersey rawhides. He LOVED them, and ate them all up. Eventually I stopped giving them to him cause they upset his stomach.

Jersey LOVES cloth, paper, and most beloved is cardboard. He loves to chew it up and eat it. Obviously this is not a good thing. When I saw it was coming out in his...well, in our yard, then I thought it was ok. I have never seen it cause him a problem at all.

It can't be good for him, even though it doesn't seem to be a problem.

I bought him a rawhide a few days ago with the intent on taking all his favorites away, and replacing them with proper dog treats. The problem is, they are effecting his tummy again. He needs to go out often, he is obviously not feeling well, and he is very gassy.

He has one toy that he loves and he cannot eat- a squeaky football. He loves it, but during a movie he is not allowed to have it.

We need a chew toy that he can enjoy without being able to eat it or squeak it. Any suggestions? Recently we bought him an "indestructible" toy, but it just isn't fun for him. He would love a tug-o-war toy, but he can eat most of them that are on the market... and his favorite way to play tug-o-war is with cloth so he can pull and pull until it rips... so we would want a tug-o-war toy that he can't eat, but is stretchy.

So to sum up: we need a chewtoy he can chew without eating it, and a tug-o-war toy with some give, but that he also cannot eat. Difficult- that's why I need your help. :)

Our spoiled son. Here he is in Dallas in the bed his doting grandparents bought for him. He is wrapped in a, (fresh from the warm dryer), towel. Now, he is spoiled, but not that spoiled. The only reason we gave him the warm towel was because after spending much time frolicking in the snow, he had ice frozen to his under belly. It broke my heart, but he didn't seem to mind. :)