Monday, April 26, 2010

I dare ya not to smile...

Try to look past the fact that we REALLY need to be parents- is this not one of the cutest pics you have ever seen?!
C'mon and try not to LOL. It looks like he is on like a roller coaster or something! This cracks me up!
I saw a dog enjoying a swing online and I made Bolt try it out. Well, that was a year ago and he was not a fan! A month ago we tried it again, and he didn't seem to mind. Today- he loved it! :)
Bolt and Daddy

All these were on my phone. Not too bad, but I SO wished I had my camera!


Sorry I have been absent. We had our women's retreat this past weekend.

I have been beyond exhausted for the past week now. SO exhausted in fact that Saturday night I almost fell asleep at the wheel which in turn made me stay home instead of attending my sister's spring show. I was SO bummed, but it was just not safe for me to drive. After sleeping a good amount yesterday, I am STILL EXHAUSTED!

Ok, before you start commenting that I am pregnant, let me assure you I am not. I took a test earlier in the week when I started feeling uncharacteristically tired, and then again yesterday after almost falling asleep at the wheel, (first time ever). I have no idea why I am so so tired.

More posts this week- hopefully I will have a lil more energy!
Here is a pic of Mr. Incredible and me at Space Center Houston back in Octoberish.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer 2010. I feel like a kid again! Summer 2010 is looking to be full of fun!

Trips in the works:
1. College road trip with some of the high school girls
2. San Antonio with Good friends and hubs
3. Dallas trip or 2

Oh and did I mention I will most likely be a mommy this summer? So yeah, add trips to the zoo, museum, beach etc to my summer!

All Lord willing of course! :)

I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for Summer 2010!!! ♥

Oh, and here is a pic that makes me smile! It may be a repeat from last week, but I LOVE it! I have never be a fan of tulips per say, but after these pics- I really like tulips! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayer Request!

This morning Laura's mom was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver! Please pray for Laura and her family!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Worth Every Penny

We had the pleasure of getting our pictures taken by Jaymes Leavitt in Boston.
My Fav!

The 2 pics below were one of the reasons I hired Jaymes in the first place. Acorn Street in Boston has beautiful cobble stone streets. I HAD to get pics done here! (Not to mention also the beautiful buildings, the flag, and the 100+ year old gas lamps).

The second reason I wanted professional pics was because I wanted shots at Fenway!

I HAD to get a pic in front of the 2007 banner, sicne we were married in 2007! Also, what is cool- if you notice the years of all three pics here: I was married in 2007, I graduated College in 2007, I graduated high school in 2004 and I was born in 1986. Cool, huh?

There were so many wonderful pics and he was worth every penny!!! I highly recommend Jaymes if you are ever in the Boston area! I also highly recommend getting a photog when you go on vacay! {hint hint Ivy for Spain}

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boston Day Four- April 9

Our last day. :( The whole trip Mr. Incredible lamented that he wished we had more time. Me too.

Thursday night I did not go to sleep. We got in late and watched a little tv, then I realized I would be getting up in a couple hours and decided to stay awake. I am so glad that my blood shot eye does not show up in these pics- it was my first one ever and it looks like a popped a blood vessel or something.

We took the T to Fenway for the tour of the park, but we arrived super early. So we walked around:
Look at the Canadian geese, the pretty tree, and the little squirrel in mid run/hop. :)
I couldn't get enough of the trees!
This building was so much prettier in person. This also happens to be a university campus. I would have loved to have gone to school here! A whole block from Fenway, and it was adorable to boot!
The view from the press box.

Us on the Monster.
View from the Monster seats.
The grandstand. Original seats from the 30s! So cool!

We then went to the Prudential building to go on the skywalk and it was so cloudy you couldn't see a thing. Bummer. Next time- and believe me- there will be a next time! We LOVED Boston!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Day Three- April 8

On day three, we took a trolley tour of the city. It allowed you to jump off at whichever site you wanted to. We jumped off to take our free Harbor cruise first.
The building which marks the spot of the Boston Tea Party! :)
The skyline- notice the guy sleeping? We got a free cruise, but most people had to pay for it. Why in the world would you pay for a cruise, (lasting like 45 min), and sleep the whole time? lol
The USS Constitution with Bunker Hill in the background. (I have pics below of us in them).
Pretty tree, cobble stone street, and pretty houses, all near Paul Revere's house.
Paul Revere's house. If there were a theme of this trip, it would be OLDEST. EVERYTHING in Boston is the OLDEST. Our hotel was the oldest, they have the oldest subway system, Fenway is the oldest, USS Constitution is the oldest, Paul Revere's house is the oldest, in a few pics you will see the oldest firehouse, etc etc etc. Oh, and when it says oldest, it is the oldest in the country- not just like the city or state. Pretty cool!
More pretty trees!
A statue of Paul Revere with the Old North Church in the back ground.

In the steeple, 2 lanterns were hung to tell the colonists across the harbor that the British were coming by sea. And, Paul Revere had his, "midnight ride."
Mr. Incredible inside the USS Constitution. I was not a fan of these steps. Very steep.
In the lower decks, the ceiling was only 5'5"! Everyone had to duck!!!

Day 2 was a warm 80 degrees, and day 3 was not as warm, but still nice and beautiful. That was until we came out of the USS Constitution. It became overcast and very cold, very quickly!
Bunker Hill Monument, the site of a HUGE blonde moment....
See these stairs? There were almost 300 of them. In my blonde brain, I guess I thought it wasn't that bad, so instead of pacing my breathing and stride, I started this at a run. Yeah, half way through this I was dying! My calves were still sore yesterday! 2 days after this, I could barely walk!! Very humbling! lol
The view from the top.
The oldest firehouse :)
Trinity Church reflected in Hancock Tower. They is about a 100 year age difference between the two. As our tour guide said, "the old is reflected in the new." It is a theme in Boston. :)
This was a "just to say we did it," detour in the walk. :)
In the Public Garden. There is a book called, "Make way for ducklings." The city of Boston loved it so much that they made this statue.
Statue of George Washington. Notice my sweater? I was FREEZING! I had perfectly good warm clothes back at the hotel, but we were burning daylight, so I bought this sweatshirt. I loved the colors of it. :)
A pretty bridge in the Boston Common. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston DayTwo- April 7

Day 2 was also our actual anniversary! When most people heard we went to a game on our anniversary, they looked at Mr. Incredible like, "really?" And then they would look at me to see if I would have an irritated look on my face. I would retort with, "This was all MY IDEA. I had to talk him into it!" :) True story!

We started off our morning with a professional photo shoot. This too I had to talk Mr. Incredible into! After we were done, he ranted and raved about what a blast he had! His life would be so much easier if he would just take my word for everything. ;) Once I am done with my daily recaps of the trip, I will do a post just on the professional pics! They are AWESOME!!!!!

Yawkey Way!!! Oh Yeah!!!
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, oh, and it was 80 that day!
Nuff said! :)

Don't you just love that they had the date on it? I did!!!

The Fenway Frank. EVERYONE we have told about Boston, (for instance our nurse at the ER was from Boston), asked if we had a Fenway Frank. Her exact words were, "if you didn't it is like sacrilegious!" Don't worry people, we both had a Fenway Frank, and I took a pic to prove it! :)
3 years of wedded bliss!

Wally the mascot, because of the Green Monster of Fenway. On my last post I will show you a pic of the Monster. Oh, and I got a Wally bobble head for our monster bathroom! :)
The Bullpen

Jason Varitek didn't play this game- he spent the game with the Bullpen.