Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flower Girl Preview

My brother got married Saturday night and I have a new sister! Here are a few phone pics to hold you over...

Not that I'll have much to post because I didn't have my camera.

Yep, you read that right-no camera. Absolutely heart breaking!

Whoever took pics of Annie, please share with me!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pom Pom Pride

So as I posted yesterday, I spent hours straightening Annie's hair, but then I made the rookie mistake of using a creme moisturizer afterwards-curls starting coming back immediately!

Then I put a night cap on Annie for protection and that did not help-Annie is a sweat machine... you do the math! (check the pic from this am! Lol)

I'm new at caring for her hair so I'm taking it slowly. I decided to keep it looking nice since Saturday Annie is going to be a flower girl.

So today I Co-washed her hair, (conditioner only...and I used the deep treatment conditioner since yesterday was the first time with heat on her hair). Then for protection I gave her multiple pom poms.  She'll go back to her normal gorgeous fro this weekend. :)

I have a friend in Houston that is much more experienced with straightening and I will be borrowing her expertise in the future! Lol  No more rookie mistakes! Lol (btw, her expertise was why I was so successful in the first place, so thanks Stephanie! In spite of my rookie mistake, I still see yesterday as a success.) :)

Btw, she's thrilled about her pom poms! And she keeps touching her "curlzies." (she made up that word just now. :) Oh and she loves her hair-straight, curly or in pom poms- she's gorgeous and she knows it.) ;) (seriously though, she knows it...I was going to post 1 pic of her pom poms, but then she kept wanting to take more pics! I'm telling you, she's proud!)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chemical Free Straight Hair

Hours ago I put Annie in the tub and began torture...I mean brushing out her knots. Then I spent more hours of torture...I mean straightening her hair. It takes a lot of products, time, patience and tears-from both Mommy and Annie! Lol

Then I made the rookie straightening move and added a moisturizing creme on her hair afterwards and it caused her hair to slightly curl again. Ugh...hours and tears *almost* down the drain. I say almost because it's still straight, just not as straight as I had made it!

But after it all, she loves her hair so it was worth it. My nerves are shot from the stress, but she's happy so, yeah. Lol

Monday, June 24, 2013

Man of Steel

We took Annie to see (her second movie in the theater) Monster's U but it was sold out! Boo! :(

So we decided to see Man of Steel instead. Thankfully Annie is a superman fan, and is a good kid! There were so many kids crying and talking throughout the movie-thankfully Annie was her usual angelic self. :)

One of my favorite adoption quotes is, "Superman was adopted!" I love how Man of Steel beautifully brought that point home. Even without the adoption references, this was the best Superman film ever! We have quite the superhero collection, (live action and animated films based on the comics), so I'm speaking out of a decent amount of superhero knowledge.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mommy Confessions

Remember months ago when we got Annie her toddler bed? She's slept in it maybe twice since then.
Last year she slept with us for 6 months because of our living situation. I could not wait for her to be able to sleep by herself again, (never been ok with co-sleeping).

Then she successfully/easily transitioned into her room in this house...for 6 months.

She was a rock star being alone...Mommy was not...

For the last 6 months, she has slept in bed with us.

I tried to keep her in her room. She had no issues. I on the other hand had near panic attacks when she was in her room.

Sometimes being a special needs parent takes a toll on your sanity and keeping your child as close as possible is the best thing for your sanity. I don't feel comfortable with her sleeping all the way on the other side of the house from us...what if there were a fire? See where my brain goes?

Anyway, I've accepted the fact that I will not be able to have her on the other side of the house, but we also need her out of our bed! Our marriage must come first!

So, I moved her toddler bed into our room, (at the foot of our bed-the foot board acts as a nice separator. We plan to move her into our closet...eventually). Best of both worlds right? She and I are happy to be near each other, and Paul and I are happy to have our bed back.

Here she is watching her beloved Chipmunks in her bed-Mommy's attempt to make her bed fun again. She had no trouble transitioning before, but I've spoiled her recently, (obviously), so hopefully this won't be too difficult!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Color Wheel

While we were at my in laws I was able to do a little catch up on this blog...very little. We need the internet back so badly. Anyway, here is a post that should have been posted back in April.
Everywhere I go I see places that would make great photoshoot locations! One such place is this park in the Dallas area. Finally I got to take that photoshoot, the day before Annie got her wheelchair.

 Sorry for the redundancy, but my program automatically made this collage and I had to post it as well! :)

The next day we went to get Annie's wheelchair...
 so excited to see this in the waiting area :)

 Daddy wanted a picture with the hospital for after my heart I tell ya.
We went to the little park outside of the hospital for these next shots: 

 Wish the princess wasn't out of focus, but look at that frog prince! Will be returning to get more shots of him! :)
LOVE these next two:

 Some of her first moments of mobility freedom! (she never really could have mobility freedom outside before because that would involve her crawling on the ground)
We went back to the colorful park for pictures with her chair :)
Yes, I was in desperate need of some reflectors, etc. in this shoot. They came days after this shoot- after ordering them 6 months earlier! ugh

The week after that we went to my future sister in laws bridal shower. I had recently purchased the neon pink skirt, which I realized after the fact that it would go perfectly with her I got her a neon dress too. :)