Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funny

I can assure you she loved this! :)  She was not tortured at all, I promise!

Video from February :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the Love of Bob

Today was day 3 of working on the letter B.  How long will it take to master each letter?  How long do I give it till I move on? Etc.
Tuesday was day 1 with B, and as I blogged about it 2 days ago, you will remember that she was getting it pretty quickly.
Yesterday I felt like we were back at square one.
Enter mommy discouragement.
Today we pushed on, and I noticed her Bob the Tomato was sitting with us on the table.  I grabbed him and told her "B is for Bob." I then drew, (be nice!), a picture of Bob and wrote "B is for Bob," on the bottom. 
Then I handed her a crayon and let her have at it:
 Coloring Bob with Bob watching- this was very important. ;)
 Imagine my excitement when out of nowhere, she pointed to the B and said, "B!" Then she pointed to the B in Bob and said, "B!" YES!!!!!!!
 Raising her hands in excitement after we high fived in celebration. :)
 She asked me to take her picture of her hands up :)
 Then  she asked me to take her picture like this...silly girl!
 Kisses for Bob!  And yes, I wanted to kiss him too for helping us master the letter B!
A new lesson I thought of today:
I wrote A, B and C on a piece of paper.  Then I grabbed a few pieces of the Princess Memory game that started with A, B or C. I had her put the pieces with the coordinating letter.
Since she has mastered A and B, they were a little easier.  C was a little harder, understandably, but we'll be moving on to that letter officially tomorrow. :) 
This game is not super easy, nor super hard- so it is perfect for her stage of development!

and yes, I helped line them up for her after she placed them :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Less is More

Here I am to celebrate less important events, but still meaningful none the less!
Sunday I posted my 1,000th post on this blog!  No one entered my giveaway- oh well! 1,000th post exciting none the less. :)
Today marks two years since these pics were taken.  Original post here!

Not a significant day necessarily, but Annie made it very special! :)
2 months from today will be her 2nd Gotchaversary! :)  Praise God for our little angel!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

B is for Blue Balloon

I promise not to blog about everyday/lesson!

Day 2 was not much better than yesterday.

We moved on to the letter B since she has mastered A, and B wasn't seeming to take.
After working for awhile on "B is for ball," I moved on to, "B is for balloon," to which she responded better.

Still a little disappointed, I grabbed the playdough and formed a B. Seeing the B, she held her ball of playdough and exclaimed, "B is for ball!"


At lunch I wrote an A and a B in her ketchup, (be kind, they look bad-its been 2 years since I've written in ketchup for Woody and Buzz). I had her identify the letters, and she only identified A. *sigh of discouragement* Then I told her to dip her chicken in the B and she went to dip it in the A, thought for a minute, and then dipped it in the B!

She's getting it!

Don't lose hope homeschooling newbies like myself- they are learning, even if it doesn't seem that way!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

When I decided to dive in and start homeschooling this year, I didn't realize I was starting the same day as everyone else. :)   I loved seeing all the first day of school pics, and the majority of my friends had kiddos going into Kindergarten!
Our day did not go as well as I had hoped, but I will not get discouraged!
Annie was in a rare fussy mood so we only worked for a little over an hour.
Her skills going into today were reciting the alphabet, counting to 10, spelling her name and identifying the letter A, "A is for Annie!" My immediate goal is to get her to identify the letters, numbers, and colors on paper. Then we'll go from there.  I have not started using curriculum yet- I will once she masters those skills.

In the other house we bought we had a whole room for homeschooling.  We do not have that in this house. :/ So I had to suck it up and decorate our breakfast nook as a classroom.  I used colors that went with the rest of the house, and it doesn't stick out/look as ghetto as I had feared.  Besides, Annie is worth giving up a little decor pride. :)  (to make your own alphabet of scriptures like above click here!)
Now without further adieu:

 Best smile I could get- she cried in every other one!  She wore the first dress I ever made for her.  It has fruit on it- apples for day one! ;) And an A- the first letter we worked on today and the only letter she can identify so far. :)  I was going to work on a letter a week, but I think that will be overkill.  We will be moving on to B tomorrow. :)

I was going to have her dot the outline of the letter A, and she did that a few times.  But she really wanted to just dot away, so I let her. :)

Watercoloring her name...
 This is her new crooked smile :) She only smiles on the right side of her face lol
 Much better, full smile :)
 Notice when she holds any object, she holds it with a tripod grasp like an adult.  Her OT says that is advanced and impressive. :)  She is left handed, but as I snapped away today, she showed off her ambidextrous skills. :)

 There is her crooked smile again :)

Matching Princess Memory Cards

I love how she is really looking to find her match here. :)
Day two, and the letter B tomorrow! I think I can, I think I can...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chillin' out, Maxin'

Relaxin' all cool,
Just eatin' some chicken after Sunday School....

(ten points if you get my reference) ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I love living out west, the weather is very different from Houston. We've already experienced fall like weather and according to the locals, fall is about here. Not fall like in Houston, but actual fall! I'm so excited!

I've put out my fall decor a little early, (I keep it out Sept-Nov). I couldn't help myself!

I have the same pumpkin patch from last year, with a few new additions... which include: leopard print pumpkin, my "Cinderella" carriage pumpkin- I about died when I saw it!, 3 pumpkin frames from hobby lobby, and I spray painted 5 picture frames and put pics of Annie at a pumpkin patch- just waiting on this year's photo! :)

I'm a little early, but...

Happy Fall Y'all!

Friday, August 24, 2012

1,000 Post Giveaway!

Since the inception of this blog on December 10, 2007, I will post my 1,000th post on Sunday August 26th ! 

I don't really have any plans for a fun post per say, so I decided to do a giveaway!

I will be giving away a custom stamped necklace from my Precious Jewels buisness. Click on the Precious Jewels link above or on the right to see ideas of what I can make for you.

Just share this giveaway on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc- each share gets an entry!  Just be sure to tell me where you shared in the comments below, (Facebook will be sufficent too). :)

This is a quick giveaway- I will be announcing the winner on Sunday, so enter now and as much as you can! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tasha's Girls

I was watching Annie's adoption video and this pic made me happy and sad at the same time...

While we were singing "Happy Birthday" to Annie on her first brithday, Emma sat on my lap.  Then Abigail came up behind me, put her hand on my back and talked to me about why Annie was crying, (she didn't enjoy any of it! lol). I LOVE this pic!  I love these little girls!  Abigail is still in my home town and I miss seeing her and her family often!  Emma was from my home town but at the same time we moved out west, they moved to Hungary- so no matter how I look at it, I would have missed this girl, (and her 2 sisters and paretnst of course), even if we didn't move.

I have been in Emma's life since she was about to turn 3, and while I knew Abigial since she was a baby, we really started bonding around her 2nd birhtdya. At her second birthday she started calling me Tasha. It stuck and I love it!  She and her brother don't call me Tasha as much now that htey are older- I think it is because they hear their friends calling me Tricia.  But Abigial's mom still calls me Tasha and I absolutely love it! 

Tasha misses y'all and your siblings and your parents!!  Mr. Paul, Annie and Jersey do too! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Close Calls

These close calls make me not want to get out of bed.  *shudder*

Yesterday while taking a drive, Paul hesitated as the light turned green.  If he had not, I would not be typing right now, and he and Annie may not be here at all.  Some jerk blew through the red light going at least 60.  If Paul had started to go, the driver would have slammed into him and Annie.   At first it was just a surreal, "Thank God that didn't happen moment," but as we drove on it dawned on me what we just avoided and it made me sick to my stomach.  I don't think they would be here, and I would at least be in pretty bad shape. I mean we would have been going only a few miles an hour, maybe 5, while he was going at least 60.  Yeah, we wouldn't stand a chance.  Praise Jesus! Close Call #1.

Annie was hanging on my bed- which she does everyday and is never in danger- and got way too close to the edge and almost fell.  Onto our tile floor. Close Call #2

Earlier Annie was acting totally normal, and then she just vomited. If she vomits again or spikes a fever, she'll win a first class ticket to the ER! Prayers appreciated! Joy.

While she was in the bath to clean off her vomit she was having a blast.  I always watch her in the tub, but usually I haven't had to watch her like a hawk because she just sits there.  Well today was the first day she had a blast and didn't sit still. I of course started watching her more, and sure enough she fell backward. I was proud at how she fought to keep her head above water and only swallowed a tiny bit of water. If I had gotten a text, or anything that took my mind off of her- well it could have been bad.  Probably not bad enough for her to drown since I was right there, but worse that it ended up being for sure. Close Call #3.

I moved the shower curtain while she was bathing and the rod fell.  It came so close to smacking Annie on the head or face.  So so close.  Can you imagine the damage that could have caused?!  Close Call #4.

4 close calls in less than 24 hours is 4 close calls too many.   Praise Jesus for His protection, and a littel prayer on our behalf would be greatly appreciated. :) 

I Am Mommy, Hear Me Roar!

Annie has Spina Bifida and various complications that have been caused by this diagnosis. 

All of her surgeries she has received while we have had her, however, have had nothing to do with her SB.  She has a very complicated cyst in her brain, which on top of her Hydrocephalus, complicates things much further. Every surgery we have endured has been for this cyst.

Besides weekly therapies, the only thing that reminds me that she has SB is that she gets Urinary Tract Infections. Like a lot. About 6 in the last year maybe.

We have taken her to the ER a few times for a UTI because of our ignorance.  You see, when she gets a UTI, you know it!  She's way out of it, and super high fever that spikes through meds. Before we knew this, we would take her to the ER thinking it was her head.

After wising up, we began taking her to her pediatrician at first sign of lethargy to rule out UTI or other sickness before heading to the ER.

That was in Houston.  She saw a Texas Children's Pediatrician who is the best DR ever. I just LOVED her.  She was awesome! And she happened to truly understand SB from having multiple patients with SB.  Not that she was an expert on it, but it was nice having a DR who had a clue.

Then in March, Annie became super lethargic.  We were on our way to Dallas and she slept all day.  Fearing for her head we rushed her to the ER and the fear fogged my memory- that morning she had a super, super stinky pee diaper.  Diaper smells do not phase me- ever.  I also happen to have a super strong stomach. This diaper was just pee and it was so rank I almost threw up.  It was bad y'all.  But like I said, I forgot that it could be a UTI, (which it was), and allowed fear to cloud my judgement.

I would not allow that to happen again.

In June when she slept 15+ hours a day,  I took the conservative route and found a local pediatrician.  He checked her out and found her to be healthy, (didn't check for UTI, but she was showing no symptoms).  I appreciated that he admitted that it would be best to take her to Dallas for a CT because the local hospital was just not up to par.  I greatly appreciated his honesty, and we left for Dallas. We were given the run around in Dallas, but eventually she was operated on.

Oddly enough, when we first took her to the ER, she had a UTI. With zero symptoms. Hmmm.  After being on the 10 day antibiotic for almost a week when we returned to the hospital later that week, it was found that she had a second bacteria present- so a second uti- while on antibiotic!  INSANE!

That brings me to the present. Last Tuesday Annie's pee stunk somewhat, and being a proactive mommy, I took her to her pediatrician. Normally I'd wait for a fever, but since she had no symptoms in June I did not want to wait. (She had no other symptoms but slightly smelly pee, but I can't let a UTI go because it could lead to Urinary Sepsis which is deadly).

Here is where the nightmare begins.

I was brought back and the nurse asked if she could stand to be weighed. Um no, SB. She asked if she could stand to be measured. Um no, SB. (And BTW, if she can't stand for one, what makes you think she'll be miraculously capable to stand for the other?) 

Besides that fact that she should know from Annie's chart of her SB, it is actually clear that something is wrong with Annie's legs, even to the untrained eye.  A 7 year old in the waiting room noticed and asked me what was wrong with them.  BUT a trained nurse couldn't tell.  Hmmm.

Then she leads us back to the room and asks why we were there. I told her I thought it may be a UTI because of the smell, but no other symptoms so I wanted them to check.  She asked me to get a sample. Annie does not have control in that area, a sample would be impossible. I said I could use a cath to get a sample and she looked at me like I was speaking in Chinese.  YOU ARE A NURSE!

I was floored at this point.  But it gets better. And by better, I mean worse.

The DR comes in and asks if I want to test or if I just want to begin treatment.  Are you serious?! Yeah, let's medicate my child with an antibiotic which she has already received 6 times this year, because her NON-MD mom had a hunch that it was a UTI. Come on!

Then they bring me a feeding tube to cath her with. A FEEDING TUBE. I had to ask for lubricant.  In Houston, and Dallas hospitals, they don't just bring you a cath- they bring a cath kit which includes: catheter, lube, antiseptic, wipes, and a clean diaper. I was handed a feeding tube.  Thank God I had hand sanitizer, diaper and wipes with me.  What medical institution does not have catheters?!

Mommy was losing it.

After I handed off her sample, the DR came back and once again asked if I would like to begin treatment or wait for the results.  Oh, gee, yeah I wasted my whole day here using a feeding tube to take a sample, but yeah let's start treatment now. Serously?!

I went to leave and I heard him tell his nurse that the results of the test would be ready by Friday and they were to call me. 

In Houston, we had results in 10 minutes if it was a UTI, and then they sent a culture out to determine what bacteria caused it which took a few days. 

This DR wouldn't be able to give me any answer until FRIDAY. UNBELIEVABLE. 

I asked if I could have a prescription in case she went down hill before we got the results and he obliged. 

Well, she hasn't really gotten worse, but I am pretty sure she has a UTI because her pee is still pretty stinky.  I still want to get the results before I start antibiotic though, (your body can build up immunity to antibiotics and that would be bad).

Guess when the DR called me.  Just guess.  I saw him on Tuesday and he said results by Friday.  It is Wednesday and I still haven't heard from them. I called this morning and still haven't heard back.

Annie's wonderful PT has recommended a pediatrician in another city that is her children's dr as well as pretty much all of her PT patients dr.  A DR that is  familiar with SB and other special needs. YES PLEASE!

I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do next.  Do I accept this DR's diagnosis if I ever get it, or do I go to the new DR for another test?  And do I lodge a complaint for complete incompetence of this DR and his staff? I do know one thing- I will never go back to that DR again!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


6 years ago today Paul asked me to be his wife. :) Praise Jesus for this day!

Fun tidbit- today I am the age that Paul was when he proposed. :)

The weekend after the proposal- celebrating in San Antonio with the Besties. :)

I am so happy to be married to you!  If I could change one thing- I would have married you that June when you bought the ring- the sooner the better! ;) But then we wouldn't be able to celebrate August and April... LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite bed mate, best friend, and world's greatest daddy! Thanks for loving us, providing for us and letting Annie sleep between us when she needs to. ;) Seeing y'all sleep in the same position was pretty adorable! I love you!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slumber Party

Annie has enjoyed sleeping with us for 2 nights in a row. I have too...just look at her... :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pray Please

This mama is very uneasy right now!

It was raining, (which is a rarity here in the desert), and Paul had just left to run errands.  All of a sudden, all of our smoke detectors started going off.  I got dressed, grabbed Jersey's leash, and took the babies outside while calling Paul.

Our alarms went off for almost an hour.

We found that water had come through Annie's smoke alarm and set it off. 

Needless to say I am not very comforted. I should be, but I am not.  I have a friend who suffered a fire a few years back and her story has been going nonstop through my head.

Normally I'd assume we were out of danger since we saw no evidence of smoke, etc. But remembering my friend's story- the alarms went off and on for hours before the smoke showed up. I am very uneasy.

Last night I had a migraine so I was in too much pain to put Annie to sleep, so I let her sleep with us.  Tonight I will probably do the same out of fear of fire.

Just pray that this fear passes, or if it is God trying to warn us like He did my friend that He make Himself loud and clear. 

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I am scared none the less.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated!

Last Satur-DAY

You know, to the tune of Last Friday Night.  ;)

Last Saturday we were in Lubbock and ate at Fuzzy's Tacos.

I looked over and she dove into the queso herself. I was completely tickled. She's fed herself for years, but eating chips and queso right along with the grown ups seems so, well, grown up!