Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homemade Confetti

Ok, so its not as fancy as it sounds. Sweetpea was restless while I was Pinning yesterday and so to keep her busy l tore up a junk mail catalog and made her confetti. Needless to say she had a blast! Messes are worth making to make memories! :)
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Nemo Update

Prayers have been answered for our sweet Nemo. God IS faithful. ALWAYS.
A year ago we were beaming with the knowledge of knowing we were getting Sweetpea, and dreaming of the possibility of adopting Nemo.

March we were finally given the ok to get him, and then a few days later we got bad news that left us with the tough decision to not take him.

Since that decision I have been praying that he get adopted. 1. I want him to be loved, and 2. selfishly it takes away my guilt for not taking him.

I know I should not have guilt since it was not God's will for us to adopt him, but I still felt guilty- until now.

He is being placed in a permanent home and it looks like a great fit for him. It is obvious that this was God's will from the beginning. It took almost exactly 6 months for me to see His will, but now that I do I am thankful.

Nemo was in my life for a reason. He was never intended to be my son, but God used him in many ways.

- Last fall I was called for 5 placements- 3 being newborns. I turned them down because of Nemo. Looking back there is no way I could have had a newborn with Sweetpea considering the year we have had.

-I was reminded to trust in God's will and my husband. I really wanted Nemo despite the reasons we decided to pass on him. I needed to trust Mr. Incredible, and I did. With Nemo being moved to a permanent home now- I couldn't have dealt with losing a son again, (which would have happened had he been in our home).

Since March, (well technically since I met him a year ago), I have had a pain in my heart- part of me was missing. Now that he is going where God wants him to go, I am finally at peace.

Romans 8:28 ♥

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mommy Confessions

Last Sunday the Holy Spirit shed some light on an issue in my life.

Let me back up a bit. Sweetpea is honestly, an amazing baby. Seriously, if there was a contest for best behaved, happiest baby she would win- hands down.

Since she moved in last October, our lives stayed pretty much the same. We have enjoyed much more fun and happiness no doubt, but we have been able to keep life as normal. GREAT right? Right, for the most part.

There is a down side to having a perfect baby, albeit a small downside.

We have only left her for probably a total of 12 hours since last October. She is so well behaved we usually take her on dates with us.

Well, we are having an issue with separation anxiety. A big issue.

I kept Sweetpea with me on Sundays during church to establish a healthy attachment. In May, I left her for the first time, and she has flourished since!

I, on the other hand, have not. I cannot focus in church when she is not with me. Last Sunday, God opened my eyes to a problem in my life.

Sweetpea is not an idol in my life. YET.

THANKFULLY, (by the Grace of God), Sweetpea has not hurt our marriage. Yet.

I am experiencing major separation anxiety and it has to stop. My sanity depends on it, my walk depends on it, and our marriage depends on it.

In the near future, (not saying when), Mr. Incredible and I are taking a trip- without Sweetpea. The babysitters are booked, for both of our babies. lol

As much as I look forward to this trip, I also experience near panic attacks at the thought of leaving her for that long. I need this trip. We as a family need this trip.

Whoever thought that loving someone too much was possible. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Wednesday marked one year since I met Sweetpea, and today marks one year since Mr. Incredible met her and we were given the thumbs up to adopt her. :) We can't believe its been a year, but we are so thankful! Praise God!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sew Fun, Sew Frustrating

My dear friend Brooke taught me how to sew the other day...
I made the A dress, she made the E.
Not bad for my first sewing attempt- I did about 90% by myself- she just guided me. :)

Last night I took a pattern she helped me pick out and used one cut of the pattern and ignored all the instructions. I think I did a pretty good job. :)

It's a reversible dress...

LOVE IT! I'm addicted to sewing for sure! I have another dress all cut and ready to go... but when I tried to switch out my thread it got all messed up. After an hour of trying to fix it I gave up. It will not beat me! lol

Here are some pics of Sweetpea modeling her new dresses.

Dancing queen...
Dance baby dance

Many more sewing projects to come. I'm sew in love. ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

How-to Cake and Balloons

I had some questions and comments about my cake and balloon banner, so here is how I did them. :)
I followed the instructions and tips from this blog. They tip about using foil changed my life! Oh, but I did not follow her advice about making my own icing- store bought for me, (3 packs of it).

I had 12 balloons of each color, (but the green either came out of the bad with holes or they popped as they were blown up, so there is less of the green).

I had found a blog that instructed me to sew together 4 balloons- I did that for red, orange, yellow, then I found another way to do it.

You tie two balloons together, then another two, (tie together the knotted parts of the balloons). Take the two sets and fold them together, (like you would for balloon animals), until they are connected. After you have all of your sets, connect each color group separately with curling ribbon, leaving ribbon hanging out of one side. When I had them all connected I connected each color to its partner in the rainbow, using the hanging ribbon. :)

Super easy and so worth it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The theme for Sweetpea's adoption party was going to be Fireworks, like from the song Firework. :) Well, you can't find many firework decorations- like none. I decided to add a rainbow theme. :)

The first three pics are out of order and my computer is being such a pain- it was dificult enough to do this post! lol

I can't beleive I do not have a better lit pic- notice the crayon banks :)


Better order begins now:

Yes, she is :)

The front door :)

Our entry way :)

Our entryway from the living room :)

Balloon banner- so much easier than it looks, and so great! Will be doing for every occasion :)

Not the greatest pics, but on top of the bracelets, I also had glow wands throughout the house :)

The tablescape :)

Finally something store bought with "fireworks!"

Peanut Butter and PB&J

Fruity Pebbles Treats :)

Fruit Loop Necklaces
Rainbow drinks, (Gatorade) :)
Rainbow pinwheels :)

Rainbow fruit :) Layered jello :)

The backside was less than perfect lol :)

The cake :)

LOVE! I will be doing suprise layered cakes for every occasion from now on :)

before icing :)

missing the crayons, but with better lighting :)

In my kitchen

Balloon wreath-one of two :)

Her first time painting on display :)

She's a firework! :)

The Keierleber Family

She decided to hug me :) Us with Sweetpea's former foster mom. She is AMAZING! She has fostered over 80 foster children over the years and more to come. :)

Us and Auntay :)

My baby sister with my best friend's baby :)