Friday, July 31, 2009

I was just hit by a random guy and his pick up line was ' can I sit next to Yall- I would like to sit on your lap but ya know.' me: cordial laugh (oh goodness)!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Do you see what I see? I assure you that it is darker in person! I took a second one and it had a line- much lighter- but it had a line.

By the way, did I mention I am NOT pregnant.

I got blood work yesterday and just got the call from the Dr.

As I said before, I am 100% ok with not being pregnant, but when I get these false alarms or FALSE POSITIVES, I am going to get excited and then IRRITATED!

Do you know how rare it is to get a false positive, much less two? :/

I am making an appointment with the OBGYN when I get back from summer camp. Oh yeah, I will be at summer camp with the youth until the 29th.

Something good did come out of all of this: Paul has gotten so excited at the prospect of being a Daddy that he wants to move forward to with the adoption! So either way, we will be parents sooner than later! :) My friend Elise made a good point, she said htat maybe all this happened because God wanted to say, "Guys, its time!" :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book and Adoption Update

Latest from my illustrator:

"I've done all the pencil sketching, line work, and started adding color last week. The illustrations are currently in a mid-month review with my director..."

Latest on the adoption front:

Recently, we have felt called to adopt from Africa. I have a friend who has adopted from Ethiopia, and we are planning to go the same route. Please pray as we pray and prepare for this process. It may be quite awhile before we begin it, but prayers would be greatly appreciated! :)

Here is something to chew over: growing up I used to wonder why anyone would adopt overseas when we have so many orphans here in America.* Here is what I realized:
Orphans here have
1. Running Water
2. Roofs over their heads
3. Access to education
4. Shoes
5. Opportunities to hear about Jesus
6. IT'S AMERICA- besides not having a family, they have access to pretty much everything!

Now, don't get me wrong, American children still deserve to be adopted- ALL ORPHANS SHOULD BE ADOPTED! I am just showing you why my above train of thought (*) was incorrect.

Below, some precious Ethiopian angels.

My heart aches.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hermione, Can I borrow your Time Turner?

Yes, I could really use extra time right now- to blog at least. :)

Taylor is on her way over to hang out and watch Clarissa Explains it All. Remember that show?

Now for a little catch up:

I just painted the walls, and made the art work above my bed. What do you think? :) Oh I got the paint FOR FREE! My new friend Traci informed me of this giveaway on her blog. Thanks Trace!
Glo Glo and Ju Ju came over for a visit! We had so much fun! They noticed the HUGE kennel, and decided to play! :)
I made this for my mom's birthday this year... the colors make me smile...
The pic to go inside! Ok, I usually can pull off no makeup, but when I am behind on my tan, and my fam is wearing makeup- then yes, makeup is necessary! Oh well! :) (oh and I do not like this angle of me) lol

Check back later this week for an adoption update! ♥

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Bee

Busy Busy Busy- that's me! I can't believe it has been so long since my last post! I usually post once a day, and now it has been almost a week! :/

This will be a long picture post, but who will complain about that, right? lol

I have been busy for two reasons, 1. HARRY POTTER! The 6th installment comes out tomorrow! I have been getting Paul and my sister up to speed on the other 5 movies, so I have had the last few days consumed with Harry.

2. I have been redecorating my house... here are some of the improvements, others I am still in the process of. :)

My friend, Elise is helping me make a Cornice for my dining room.
All we used was foam board and fabric...
Ready for fabric...
Starting to come together...
Close up. I LOVE it! We got the idea on Rachel Ray's show from the girl from Design on a Dime. :)

Next, my room! My mom bought us new bedding, (not pictured yet) and so I have been busy accessorizing. :)

My new bedside table display. :) That is my Bible, covered in paper- more detail below. :)
I loved this frame at Hobby Lobby. My friend Caryn made that pic for our 2nd anniversary card, and I knew I wanted it displayed. How cute is that? :)
This book is old and was sent to me by my Greek grandfather. I knew I wanted to decorate with it, and this was just the perfect place for it! :)
Something else I got from that episode of R.R. Wrapping your books, so they don't look junky on a shelf. Pretty cool, huh?
Close up... I LOVE how it turned out!
For Elise's housewarming party I made this arrangement. I saw it at HEB for quite a bit of $$$, so I decided to do it myself! It was a hit, and even Paul loved it so much that he wants me to do it at our house regularly! :)

Harry Potter TOMORROW, and hopefully I will be less BUSY BUSY, so I can get back to blogging! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

False Alarm, Again

I am getting sick of thinking I am pregnant.

I AM NOT. Just to clarify.

Two days ago my lower back was hurting and it made my leg hurt too. Like- it felt like my legs were swelling, only it hurt terribly. I have had this leg feeling before when I am hormonal, but not to that degree- it hurt so bad I almost sat down in the middle of Hobby Lobby! So the night before last I went to bed at 9:30 PM and I woke up at 12:30 PM. I made myself get out of bed because of the time, but I honestly could have continued sleeping all day long. I knew something was wrong. Everyone I talked to thought I was pregnant, I did too.

I am obviously not, but now I am looking into what caused my back pain. Oh, I have had this pain (back and legs) for years, and it just got really bad the other day. I have a dr appointment on Friday so please pray that something can be concluded about the pain. :)

If you remember from this post, I am getting sick of these false alarms. I am so ok with not being pregnant, but when I get symptoms, you bet I'm gonna get excited! When I t
ook the test this morning and told Paul the results we were both a little disappointed. :/

Something cute about my hubs- he said that if I was pregnant he wanted to make the facebook and other announcements! See the problem we have with false alarms- we get too excited, so then we get let down.


In FUN baby news, with these false alarms, we have decided officially on baby n
ames! :)

Trista Marie Keierleber
Bradford Paul Keierleber

I wasn't 100% sold on Trista. I love the name, but I worried it was too close to mine. First of all, people do Jr. all the time, so who cares if this is close. Secondly, this is the name Paul "has to have." I asked him how bad he wanted it. I through out all other possibilities that I knew he liked. I asked him if he would fight me for it if I wanted a different name. He said yes.
That was all I needed to hear! :) So if it is a girl, her name will be Trista. Oh my middle name is Marie also, so it will be:

Tricia Marie Keierleber and Trista Marie Keierleber

I also went through all the boys names we liked. Tops were: Carter, Cooper, and Bradford. He liked Bradford the best. I went through the whole list of names we liked again, and he still wanted Bradford. Works for me. :)

Last year, I wrote a list of possible kids' names and showed it to PK- it had about 15 names per gender. Trista and Bradford were both high on the list for me. So I picked
the names first, and gave him the final say. Works for me! :)

Also just for fun, what Trista and Bradford might look like. ;)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day Late

I hope everyone had a great 4th yesterday! Go to my other blog to read my post. Here are just some pictures from the day.
"Wag if you ♥ USA!"
Had to take the pic on the red couch! (friend's house)
UGH, not the greatest, but its what I have. Why am I wearing a green shirt? Why not American? Well, it is American- it is the preamble to the constitution spelled out in license plates. You jealous? ;)
When we got home to let the dogs out for a break in the festivities, I found Jersey like this. lol Poor baby!