Sunday, September 29, 2013

Disneyland Day 3

Getting ready for day 3/day 1 of California Adventure. 

 *I had heard you want a park hopper for DCA, especially if you have small children. I can now say from experience that the park hopper is a must! We were so tired though, it didn't hurt us going home before closing, but our time would have been well spent at Disneyland had we had park hoppers!*

California Adventure

We saw Disney Junior Live and it was precious.

We road the Monster's Inc ride. It was definitely more for Annie's age group and she loved it. 



Annie's Marilyn Moment

 Only 3 more months left of her being 3!

 Showing off her tattoo :)

 Waiting for the Aladdin show to start. (I refuse to own the movie since it says "Praise @llah!" in it, but I am ok with the play since it makes no mention of the false god.) 

Anyway, the highlight of the play was one of the chorus members. She had Cerebral Palsy, and moved around stage, dancing and singing, in her motorized wheelchair. It was amazing! I wish we could have had a meet and greet with her after the show!  Did my special needs mommy heart some good, let me tell ya!

Paul's favorite was Cars Land, (like this surprises anyone! lol). I was actually really cool! 

 Ok y'all, if you need shade, PLEASE find a spot that is not a prime photo op! I mean seriously... be aware of your surroundings. There are plenty of non photo op shaded areas! geeze!

 We saw Lighting McQueen driving up the road, so I was again positioned Annie a ways back so we could share the area. Well, the girl in the white shirt...
 Y'all, she stopped directly in front of Annie! smh
 In a huff I quickly wheeled Annie closer so she could actually see. I need to stop thinking of others so much and start just being selfish sometimes. Too many times in this trip my kindness was taken advantage of. Regardless of all of that, Annie was ecstatic to see Lighting McQueen driving and said hi to him like mad. :)

 Waiting in line, she called out and waved at Lighting McQueen the whole time. :)

 We ate the Chili Cone Queso, and I had her pose here since she is 3! :)
 When Mater and Lighting switch off for photo ops, they drive down the road. :)

 "DJ" had a little dance party and Annie had to get her groove on, (since day one she has had music in her bones!). :)

 Y'all look at her go- and look at her mouth. She is totally grooving! This just kills me! :)

 Posing like a princess became a habit...

 The photog told us to make a surprised face and point...apparently, that is Annie's surprised face! lol

She was less and less nervous with each long as they didn't touch her! lol

On The Little Mermaid Ride- which was AWESOME!

 Waving at Ariel, and Daddy photobombed ;)

King Triton's Carousel- had to get the seahorse! ;)

 Look at the back of the costume! :)

Jesse and Buzz (we had just missed Woody)

 Saying hi to Mr. Potato Head
 What did I tell you about that "posing like a princess" habit? :)

 "used Popsicle stick" bench in Bugsland. I'm totally tempted to recreate it!

Remember how I mentioned I had to buy 3 images that did not show up on our disc? Well, they were with another Mickey and taken after this shoot with Pluto. As you can see, Annie is much less nervous. She is all smiles in the pics with Mickey and actually touches him and gives him a high five. I'm just annoyed that I have to pay for them- it is not my fault they were left off the disc. :/

 Walt's car :) and that darn girl saw us taking pics and just stood there. I have pics of her looking directly into my camera, so I know she was aware. Rude.
 Oswald. :) If you do not know who he is/his significance, I am not sure we can be friends. ;)

The last 2 days, we spent some time at Downtown Disney. If we were locals, we would go there all the time! :)
 With the Beauty and the Beast "cast" outside the lego store. :)