Monday, November 30, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like...

Here are our indoor decorations- outdoor to come soon! :)

Jesus is the reason for the season. ♥

Daddy, Mommy....
Our future kids and Jersey... :)

ignore the bags and boxes in kitchen... :)

Picture to be in frame soon! ;)

This is our 3rd Christmas married. ♥
Our motto for adoption- look up the legend of the starfish :)

We will be adopting from all over the world

I caught Jersey sleeping like this... he opened his eyes when I turned on the light... He sleeps with a pillow- he is so not a dog! lol
Another day, cuddling with Daddy- Daddy gave his, "I'm a 3 year old smile." CHEESE indeed. :) Yes, we love him too much. No, we do not care. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Before I get to the explanation of my title, I have some more pictures of the playroom. :)
Here is a view when you first walk in through the doors- I added more pom poms. :)
Here is the same view as the last post, but with more pom poms. :)
This is the wall that "needed something." I decided to put up the best of the best shots of Jersey... here are a few, and I need to print a few more... definitely some of Traci's pictures will be up here! :)
This picture was painted by our pastor's daughter, who is an unbelievably talented artist! She did this when she was about 11 years old. I wanted it to be like an Andy Warhol- hence the strange colors. :)
She also drew this picture of Jersey when he was a pup. She gave me a copy of it, and then on his first birthday- she gave me an updated version of him with a party hat. :)
Who doesn't love puppies? :)
Another shot of the room- the desk with junk on it will be moved tomorrow. lol

Later Paul will build tables, storage, etc, and I'll post those pics then of the completed playroom. :)

Now to my title. Do you remember that book... If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll ask for a glass of milk... the requests go on and on and it ends with the mouse asking for a cookie. Well, these situations arise every once in awhile in everyday life, and I always point it out by saying, "If you give a mouse a cookie."

Ok, you see I am not a brand girl. There are only two brand name items I buy: Crocs and James Avery. Everything else, I go for just what I like and least expensive.

Well, since I have been nannying, I have been exposed to Vera Bradley. Cute stuff, but as I said before I am not a brand girl, nor did I really need a new purse. When I was in high school, I had at least 40 purses that I would change out to match my outfit. Now I have one everyday bag and two dressier bags, (one black, one brown).

So C was browsing the VB stuff for quite awhile and I grew quite bored, so I began looking it all over. I found a mini laptop case and it reeled me in. Uh oh... If I buy the laptop case, I will need a bigger purse, and I also need a camera case. If I get a new purse, I also want a new wallet... See how the title applies now? ;)

With the adoption process looming, spending money is not on my priority list. However, I got an early Christmas present today of cash, and I couldn't think of a better way of spending it...

This blog is usually not about what I want to purchase or what I have purchased, but I think women enjoy that so here is a little fun for y'all....
See the size difference...
I am in love. This is my favorite print VB has, and this bag is SO big- but not obnoxiously, ya know? :)
This angle makes the inside look HUGE... it is large, but not THAT large! lol Have you seen a prettier interior? :)
My new laptop case. I loved this print too... I LOVE the birdies and the pink... pink, brown, and red are the colors in the bird room- so C said this print was a must buy and I had to agree. :)
The inside with my little author's laptop ;) ... how pretty??? :)
My new wallet. They had a bigger one that I wanted but it was twice the cost of this one... too expensive in my book...
My camera case. Now, I wasn't the mouse about the camera and laptop cases... I actually NEEDED them... I just became the mouse about the purse and wallet. :)
For black Friday, if you spent over $100, you got a free bag! I bought them with no expectations of Black Friday deals or freebees- but this was a pretty good surprise! $48 bag for free-sounds good to me!

We had no desire to go out shopping on black Friday, but when I received my early Christmas money- I had to drag out the hubs to get these. It was quick and painless, and totally worth it!

There, are you happy that this post was all about fun, fun, fun? :) These posts don't happen often, so enjoy.

Uhhh, not that my blog is boring, but it is usually void of fun shopping posts! lol

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

God has blessed us abundantly and we are so thankful! Listen to this song from my favorite band, 33 Miles. They sound like Rascal Flatts, so I know you will like them. This is one of my favorite songs. It is very upbeat, and appropriate for today.

I know it sounds crazy, but being stuck at home has actually turned out wonderfully! We are all alone, I am getting so much stuff done, and I am not a fan of Thanksgiving food- so I get to eat WHAT I LIKE today! lol I am hoping Paul gets better soon, so he can enjoy this time too!

Do you remember the debut of the playroom? Well, last night I was able to decorate it more! So much fun, and I can't wait till we have kiddos to play in it. All that is left to do in it is one more thing for the wall and Paul needs to make kids' sized tables, storage etc. :)

Last night we needed two things for the wall, but I made this cross and now we only need one thing! :) These flowers were left over from my wedding, just sitting in my craft room. I wanted to do something Christ centered in there, and when I saw the flowers I had a stroke of genius. I think it turned out cute, and I love the special meaning behind it! Oh, and since they had been sitting around for over three years, (purchased before the wedding obviously), this project was pretty much free also!
When you first walk in, this is what you see, facing the other way of course. I ♥ them! Obviously the theme in this room is colorful and playful! The best part about them- easy, cheap and cute!!! (A little time consuming, but not too bad)!
Just a revisit from the last post... just cause I love it! :)
Another angle of the cross, and you get a sneak peek of the other wall... see the Andy Warhol like Statue of Liberty? :)
Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!
My inspiration for the corner's name. ;) We have SO MANY Beanie Babies! I found these and genius hit again. ;) We weren't going to keep the lamp in there since it was pretty boring, but I think I took care of that rather nicely, if I do say so myself! :)
Since last post I showed y'all this incomplete, I figured it was only fair to show it completed. See how nice the colors look on our wall? :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember in all your family time to thank The One who gave it to you! Remember to thank Him for all your blessings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Paul is sick so we will be at home, quarantined, for the holidays. I am not really complaining though- alone time with my hubby-AWESOME- even if he is sick.

Not only will I get alone time with my wonderful husband, but I will also get time to decorate for Christmas and do other crafts for the house. Yeah, I am really suffering over here! lol ;)

A couple of posts ago, I debuted this piece...
I wanted the names of Jesus displayed in my house, and this was good enough. For then. Obvioulsy, it wasn't good enough, but I couldn't think of a better way to do it until...
...I was on Etsy and found this great artist, Pitter Patter. She makes shirts with cutouts of Africa in really cute fabric. She also does other cutouts too... cute wiener dogs, monkeys, you name it. I am SO getting one of her Africa shirts. You see, she is a Christian and fellow adopter(?) lol- so I have no problem sending my money to her! :) Well, above she made that really cute display of Jesus's names, but it was a little pricey. Not that it is not worth the money, it is just not on my needs list, ya know? So, I copied her idea, but please don't get mad, cause you are SO getting my business in other areas- like a lot! :)
Ok, so it is not officially done. I have other things to do today, but later I will glue them down. I just wanted to be able to show y'all it now. :) While I LOVE hers, and her hand writing is better than mine, the color scheme on this one will better fit in our house. And since I used the canvas that I made the other name display on, and I had these papers already, this project was pretty much free! ;)

I wish we could go to Africa TODAY, but alas, we have to wait. We should begin the process in the spring, so please pray for that. I cannot wait to be called Enat, (mother in Ahmaric- the language of Ethiopia). ♥

In other baby news my friends are having a baby! You have to watch THIS VIDEO to see them break the news- to die for. So jealous that I didn't think of that! lol So happy for y'all! God will bless y'all for being God-honoring parents!!!