Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Difference a Year Makes

November 20, 2012, (so technically a year and a week ago), our lives changed forever.
Carousel got her walker and braces and took her first steps the second she put them on.
Full miraculous recap here.
To commemorate this tremendous occasion, we did an impromptu family photoshoot. See all the pictures here.
Carousel took her first steps that day, but they were very labored and slow. Now she walks with ease and can walk forever. She is about to move from her walker to her crutches, (and I have been told she will fly with them- look out world! lol).
She started gymnastics and dance thanks to her walker/braces...
At her old gym:
 Standing at the parallel bars (hard to see because of the distance of my phone)
 Walking on the balance beam :)
At her old dance studio:
 She loves telling people that she taps her feet at dance class. :)
At her new gym:
 We just started at her new gym, (and have missed the last three weeks- illness, out of town, ICE). We started taking off her braces in gymnastics because the hold her back more than help her. Her specialty is the bars. Look at that strength! She also does forward rolls all by herself! We're excited to see where she'll go with gymnastics- there are many special needs competitions and I think she could win them all! ;)
In the short time she has been there, she is learning so much more at her new gym/dance studio than she did at her other places.
We have decided to be brace free (or at least only wear AFOs instead of HKAFOs) for gymnastics, braces for tap and wheelchair for ballet.
Her life certainly changed a year ago, and I wish y'all could all be flies on the wall to see her walk, dance, etc. I try to video but y'all know how kids are...they perform until the camera comes out. lol

Monday, November 25, 2013

Children's Art Gallery

If you missed yesterday's post, be sure to check it out- full of fun pics of Carousel. :)
I put this up months ago, maybe even a year ago. :) I added a few frames today to finish it out. :)
It is very hard to not fill all the frames NOW, but I want to have this be her best pieces of art over the years- not just today. :) The blue crowns are where future pieces will go:
Seriously y'all, how sweet is this?! It makes me so happy every time I see it!

Before I get to Carousel's artwork, I have to show you the piece I made last night. Though I made it, it still goes in her art gallery because it is of her:
 I took a picture of Carousel's heartbeat at her last hospitalization. While I was taking it, she laughed- that is why is goes crazy in the middle. How awesome is that?! :) Last night I transferred onto the canvas. :) Notice the fabric in the background? It was from a dress that I loved that she wore within weeks of when I took the picture of her heartbeat. :) If I ever get a tattoo, this is what I would get! I recently had this made into a necklace and when I get it I will share it here on the blog. :)
I had to share this here. This one piece has gone viral on Pinterest. It shocks me every time I see it randomly as I am scrolling. :) As you can see, it is now framed. What was precious before is now a really pretty piece of artwork. :)
The next three are paintings Carousel did herself. Notice how the frames make them look so fancy. ;)
 I love this one because it was the first time she really painted with purpose. She took care with each stroke and color choice. (and the pink glob at the bottom? She was painting A for Annie- she painted this around age 3). My favorite part? She requested gold paint, took her brush, meticulously added the few dots of gold and she was done.  You could see she was purposefully painting, and it made/makes me so happy. :)
 This one was from last February. I love how she was intentional with her dots, circles, the flower and of course her "M for Mommy."

This one is from last January. I just like that it looks like a peacock. This one was on accident of course, but I still love it. :)
Toddler scribbles made into a flower :)

 I made this over a year ago, maybe two. I have seen this all over Pinterest, and can't link the original genius who came up with this idea because there are so many different variations. Sorry original genius!

 This was Carousel's first time finger painting. I got this flower frame from Hobby Lobby and it was the perfect way to display the otherwise boring finger painting. :)

This was Carousel's first time painting with a paintbrush :)

 Not my favorite, but it is my hubby's favorite :) See how the frame makes it so much fancier? :)

 Once again, the frame adds so much :)

Certainly not my favorite, (the mane did not turn out the way I planned).  But I love that it showcases her sweet 3 1/2 year old hands and foot. :)
Oh and for your enjoyment:
My craft room is in my breakfast nook. Not the easiest to keep clean. Then add in the fact that a few of those drawers you see are BUSTED. I am in the middle of reorganizing since I lost a few drawers. :/
womp womp womp

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Being a native Texan, I do not know all the right snow terminology...
but we had sleet/snow build up in inches that were solid ice. So I would call this more ice than snow, but regardless what it was, we had a blast!!
Snow is super special to's why. I am just filled with such joy when it's cold and white everywhere. :)
Without any further adieu:
 She is sitting on inches of ice- ON CONCRETE! We had no choice but to stay home today, and schools etc are closed tomorrow.
 and yes, that's Dumbo in the background. ;)

 They're best friends, if you couldn't tell already. ;)

 "It's snowing, I'm so excited!"

We have a rock front yard and grass in the back. The rocks helped the ice/snow stay solid, but the grass didn't. It was breaking as I stepped, but you'll soon see that Annie greatly benefitted from this. :)

Because the ice was breaking, Annie got to play with it:
 "Look Mommy! It's a Christmas Tree!"
 These two pics are why they say not to teach your kids to say "cheese!" for pics. It's ok though, it works more often than it doesn't. :)

 Kissing her "Christmas Tree." :)

 Jersey joined in and, like in the years past, had an absolute blast!

Throwing ice rocks snow balls. ;)

 love her expression here :)

 this expression is even better! lol

 She had picked this piece up and it slipped right out of her hand. You think she found this funny? ;)

After an hour of hanging in the ice snow, we came in and hung out by the fire. :)

I DID NOT pose Annie for these two. I was shooting away and Annie posed herself. Eat your heart out, Tyra Banks!
Leaning on her elbow, palm placed just so on the window, serious expression...seriously, who let her watch America's Next Top Model without my knowledge? ;)

Here are some snow pics- I saved them for last in case some of you are used to the snow and couldn't care less about it. (but there is one last image at the bottom you'll want to scroll to see) :)
 Icicles. Be still my heart!

 Just in case you forgot we were in West Texas- a tumble weed with icicles on it. :)
 Inches of ice on our driveway! I heard churches closing church Saturday night and I thought they were nuts. It's just a little snow! Then I saw the ice this morning. Yeah, we weren't going anywhere! lol

 our ice wall
 Trying to show the depth of the ice. My foot prints didn't even go all the way down to the grass.
 Here is a hunk of ice, upside down. See where the grass is? See how the ice is inches above it (if it were right side up)?
Another pic to show depth- just doesn't do it justice!
Annie in action :)