Friday, January 16, 2009

H♥me Sweet H♥me!

I was outside and was taking shots of Jersey for fun, and got this one on accident... I LOVE IT!!!

Twin update: the foster mom has decided to adopt them. Kinda a bummer, but I know it is God's Will, and it would have been hard on them and her when they had to leave, so it is a good thing! I am SOOOOO excited to see what little one(s) God has created for us! :)

We are all moved in trying to get all unpacked. Bad news blogger world... we will not have internet till the end of FEBRUARY!!! I don't know what I will do... I will have to go to my parents to bum internet off them to make some posts, (thanks in advance Mom)! ;) Let's see, our house... I LOVE our bathtub, A.MAZING!, our new washer/dryer are amazing too... amazingly quiet!, and Jersey loves his new backyard. He got out under the fence today, so we will be fixing that ASAP!!!

Please come by anytime!! We would love to see you! :)

Here are a few pics from the last 2 days...

I had a migraine today, so I took a break from moving and watched Cinderella. Jersey joined me... I think he likes it... shh don't tell his daddy! ;)
Jersey likes his backyard, but he would rather be with me than outside... silly boy!
Daphne, our Great Dane next door neighbor was outside today so here is Jersey "meeting" her. :)
Jersey enjoying his backpirch... honestly, have you ever seen a cuter dog? NO WAY! ;)

Some of the stuff I put in our kitchen... turned out pretty cute... you'll have to come by and see it! :)
Do you remember this post when I said that Jersey one a picture contest, well here is PART of his prize... yep, our guest bathroom/future children's bathroom looks like a Petco! Jersey is set for at least the next 3 years! :) His hair care regimen is better than mine! lol
Part of my shoe "display" in my closet, and yes, these are ALL Crocs... 15 pairs to be exact. What can I say, I ♥ Crocs! I got Paul 2 pairs for Christmas nad he sold too! :) I think Crocs should pay me for advertising cause if you see me, most likely I will be wearing Crocs! :) AND I never hesitiate to tell people how awesome they are! :)
When I saw theses Crocs I jsut HAD to have them, so my mom got them for me for Christmas...

THEN, I was shopping and I saw these and I HAD to buy them... these for warm months, and others for the cold! I ♥ them!!! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caaaafffffffeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeee, please!

I have been moving all day today, 13 hours and counting. We closed yesterday and got straight to work. Today PK went to work and to his first class at CBS this semester, so I moved all day. We will be working through the night, and will be pulling an all-nighter, (probably, if we can take it, lol). I hardly ever get Starbucks... like I can count the number of times I go per year on my right hand... BUT today I got a tall white chocolate mocha at 6 PM, and I think I will get another! I could use the caffeine! I am ready to sleep, but I am much more ready to be out of this apartment completely!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BIG Announcement......

Well, after much praying and decisions made back and forth, we have finally started the adoption process! Please be in prayer over our process. There are twin boys which we would like to get, but there is no guarantee either way yet, so we shall see. We would love these twins, but if we don't get them, we know God has other babies in store for us! Whether we get the twins or not, one thing is certain... we are going to be parents soon!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!

P.S. Do you see my updated ticker above? :)

2♥♥8 Recap

I wrote this weeks before new years, then I had to wait to post it, and now I am posting it 8 days too late... go figure! Oh well! Better late than never! :)


♥ February 1-3
Winter Camp with the Youth! It was such a blast, and we cannot wait for this year's! The speaker is our former youth pastor from CCBC! We are so excited to get to visit with him and be fed God's Word by him... he is awesome!!! (I just wish his wife could come too!) :)

February 24
Paul left for his week long mission trip to Honduras

♥ April 7
We celebrated 1 year of marriage

♥ May 21
Maria Sue Chapman died. She is one of the adopted daughters of Christian recording artist, Steven Curtis Chapman. You may not think this should make my recap, but it is significant because it is when I first truly understood what being brothers/sisters in Christ meant. I mourned with them, and at first felt weird, but then I realized that this is what it means to be siblings in Christ. They are my family and I can mourn with them and pray for them, as well as all my other siblings in Christ. It was a very cool lesson from God, in a very tragic moment.

June 29
We left for summer camp with the youth. Summer camp all around was amazing! There God had very special plans for me. He led me to sell my ring and He called us to only adopt our children and not to have birth children. Follow the above link to read more! :)

♥ August 1
We bought our first house!!! (We had to wait until it was built, but we signed here).

♥ August
Paul and I were asked to take over the middle school ministry at CCBC, (Tbone).

This picture is cool because Kristin, (middle), and her husband used to be the Tbone leaders until they took over the high school ministry. Then Kristi and her husband were the Tbone leaders but moved so we were asked to take their spot. Before we took over Tbone, we helped out the youth pastor in the high school. So this picture at the time was Tbone leader's wives of the past, present and future! ;) (photo taken May 08)
When we took over Tbone, Brooke and her husband took over our spot in the high school. I guess it is some unwritten rule that the youth team has to dress alike, (notice both pics... above we are in red, white and blue, and here we are all in a similar shade of pink). By the way, this happens all the time. Unplanned. :) (photo taken October 08)

♥ August 8
Got a nasty anonymous comment and the blog had to go private. I HATE that this is private, but I have no choice. Besides, when we finally get to adopt, and if we adopt in this area, I do not want the birth mother to be able to track her kids, ya know?

♥ August 17
I wrote my first ever poem, and my writings continued through the week… in all I wrote 6 poems, 2 songs, and 2 children’s books, (which are being published!!!)

♥ September 2
Started classes at CBS, College of Biblical Studies. We took the free Bible Study Methods class, and it was AMAZING!!! Paul is continuing classes this semester, and I SOOOO wish I could too.

♥ September
Ike hit. We evacuated to San Antonio and stayed with my dad.

Here Jersey is making his own hurricane in a pond in my dad's backyard. :)

♥ September 26
I had a Health scare and it was a wake up call! I started eating better and exercising. I have lost 15 lbs, (at least... haven't weighed in about 2 weeks so it could be even more), and I am off all medications. I feel amazing!!! Follow the link to read the scary details...

♥ October 20ish
Found out my books were picked to get published!!! I was SOOOOOOO excited!!! Once they are ready to be sold you know it will be blogged about!!! :)

♥ November 14
Jersey won the Perfect Coat photo contest. I entered this picture for a contest where the winners would have their pictures on the bottles of the brand's shampoo. Jersey did not get top 3, but out of thousands of entires, Jersey made honorable mention! He won about a 3 year supply of shampoo products, among other prizes.

Picture taken June 08

♥ November 19
My picture of Jersey was picked by Photo Laureates for the "Best of 2008 Photography Anthology." My mom bought me the anthology for Christmas... still hasn't come in yet. When it does I will blog about it. :)

Picture taken May 08. When I took this, I knew immediately I loved it! It was a complete accident I hate to admit!

♥ December
Our house was completed, had to wait weeks to move in though. (only 5 days now)!!!

Here's to 2009! We are so excited to see what God has in store for us this year! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm still here...

Well yesterday was our first walk trough on our house and we close in 6 days, Jan 13th! We have been very busy packing, so I have not had time to blog. Blogger is not letting me upload pics, so I am sorry you still have not seen my blonde hair. It is not as blonde as it used to be, but next time I will make it blonder.

In other news, I really need prayer. Please pray for God's will to be done over a certain subject which I must leave out at the moment. Sorry but I have to. Some of you know what it is, and some of you may have suspicions... just pray for God's will to be done, and for us to know soon. I am okay with a "soon, it will take a little bit" or even a "no" from God, but it is the not knowing any answer that is killing us!

Wow, 2009 already! Man time really does fly!