Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Blue

We have taken Annie's pictures in bluebonnets 3 times now. I love bluebonnets, (only second to snow). :) Bluebonnets are usually done by mid April, but these are baby bluebonnets, (you will see pics from last year from almost the exact same day where the bluebonnets are much fuller). I assumed we'd miss them if we waited a few more weeks, but we will be trying to get more shots since they are still babies, (maybe this area had a colder winter than last?). :)
Baby Bluebonnets, but most definitely still worth it!
I brought her dress that she wore in her bluebonnet pics in 2011- almost 16 months. Like the rest of her wardrobe, she is finally out growing it! She is in the middle of a growth spurt! She may surpass 25 lbs soon! lol
Also, this is the same location as last year- almost 28 months.
This year she is almost 40 months.

 Notice the butterfly I caught flying above her head? :)

 2011 and 2013

 Is this not one of the most amazing pics of all time?!

 2012- note the similar look/feel as the above pic. Also note how much fuller/taller these bluebonnets were.



 We had her do Kissy Lips above to match this pic from 2012
 In 2011, she had just discovered her tongue and chose to pose with it, (making for some really cute pics!). Paul had her recreate it here :)
 Same dress, different flowers. Same tongue, different years. :)
 and another because she is so cute. :) and I won't pretend that seeing these baby pics don't make me want to curl up in a ball and sob- TIME GOES TO FAST!
 I loved the yellow wild flowers that were there too!


 Driving home, she held her flower the whole time, (and smelled it too!). She loves her flowers!
And for memories sake, here are two more shots of her from 2011 in this same dress:

This will forever be one of my all time favorite pics! The petals were already there :) Everything about this pic is just perfect.:)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Playing in a box...

Annie made Jersey and Mommy get in too! ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Controversial Marriage Stance

I've been wanting to share this for so long, but I know I'm going to tick of both sides of the argument.

I ask you now to not let your emotions get in your way. Read this all the way through-all of it- then read it again before you comment on this post. Regardless of what you think of what I've said, please respond kindly. I'll delete nasty comments, (from either side).

Also I'd like to say, that anyone that has a differing view point is immediately seen as hateful. You labeling me, (or others like me as hateful) is judgmental. Yes, there are plenty of people who claim to be Christian, and claim that is why they are against gay marriage. If they're being hateful-truly hateful-most likely they are not truly Christan. As I've said, read what they're saying. Really read it before you call someone hateful. You may not like what they have to say, but that doesn't mean they are being hateful.

Before I get to the marriage debate, I'm going to start out with something my homosexual friends won't like, but read the whole post please! It is all important!

Homosexuality is a sin. There is truly no way around this. But do you know what else is a sin? Sex before marriage, watching pornography, lust, cussing, need I go on? The Bible says that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," (paraphrased Romans 3:23) and, "the wages of sin is death." (paraphrased Romans 6:23).

Still aren't convinced? Did you know lying is a sin? Every.single.person. that has ever lived has told a lie. SO, that means every.single.person. that has ever lived, has sinned and is worthy of hell and is unworthy of heaven. Yikes, right?! That's what's so amazing about Jesus! When He died on the cross, He took on our sins! He that knew no sin suffered Hell, so that we wouldn't have to! When He rose from the dead, He proved that He is God and was successful in paying our debt-allowing us sinners a ticket into heaven. No matter how "good" of a person you think you are, you will never be good enough for heaven. That one lie, (not including the countless other sins you've committed), has you on a one way street to hell. When you trust that Jesus is the only way to heaven, you trust Him alone for salvation, then you can go to heaven! I'd love to talk to you more about this! Ask away!

Now that that's said, let's get to the marriage debate!

Most of the republicans are against gay marriage. Even more conservatives are against it. I do not consider myself a republican, but I will say I'm conservative. Most republicans/conservatives don't really understand conservatism. It is about how you interpret the constitution-(conservatively), and it's about small government.

As a conservative, I do not think the government should be involved in marriage at all. What's to stop a politician from saying a marriage between two Christians is illegal? So, politically I think gay marriage should be legalized.

But as a Christian, I believe in the sanctity of marriage. So fellow Christians, let me ask you this: when two true believers marry they are making a covenant with God-marriage as God intended it. What about two unbelievers? Two atheists? What about common law marriage? They are not making a covenant with God! Why are they allowed to marry?!

You see, gay marriage is not what's hurting the sanctity of marriage. Legal marriage as we know it is not biblical marriage.

Also, do you know what is RUINING the sanctity of marriage? DIVORCE

What I propose, is allow everyone to legally marry (through the state, as it is now). But the church needs to step up and create, if you will, a marriage of its own. If two Christians want to make a covenant with God, they go through the church, and apply for "Biblical Marriage." (so they'd have their state marriage license and a church marriage license) Because of separation of church and state, pastors are allowed to turn anyone away without being labeled as discriminatory. Those Christians who are "Biblically Married" must go through the church for divorce as well. The Bible is very clear on divorce, and the church should be fighting against it. "Biblical Marriage" would be very hard to terminate.

So, we'd have everyone marrying legally, and able to legally divorce, but the church would have special marriage- where the church holds it's people to higher, Goldy, biblical standards.

I mean really, what's the difference between two straight atheists married and two men married? Nothing. Both marriages are not what God intended marriage to be, but one is legal.

The state should allow anyone to marry, and the church should be able to say yes/no and have a say in divorce as well. If you've agreed to a "Biblical Marriage" you've agreed to a biblical divorce proceeding as well (which would be extremely counseled and difficult).

Thus truly protecting the sanctity of marriage.

Let me say one more thing before I end my post. I understand the feelings of the homosexual community not being able to marry. I know being homosexual opens you up to hatreds etc. I'm sympathetic to that and will be the first to stand up for you if I hear that trash.

But, I do not appreciate the fight for same sex marriage being compared to the civil rights movement. Those poor people were discriminated against and hated in ways the homosexual community couldn't even dream of. (none of us really can). Please don't think I'm putting down your suffering, some people are undeniably awful! But it is not even close to the civil rights plight. Please don't compare the two!

All that I've said has been in love and respectfully written. Please reply likewise.

Monday, March 25, 2013

SOYO School Saga

SOYO... She's Only Young Once

First of all, I had zero desire to put Annie in school- I plan to homeschool.

We only have Annie another 16 years until she leaves for college.  Time files so quickly. 16 years will pass in a blink.

And sorry to get morbid- (but after losing my sister 6.5 years ago I've been forever changed and I learned how quickly life can change)- but we're not promised tomorrow. Anything could happen that could take Annie at a young age. This reality is never far from my mind and I cherish every second I have with her!

So when Annie's therapist recommended MDO/pre school I agreed but dreaded it. I don't want to spend anytime away from her, but I was willing to do what was best for Annie.

Then I found myself fighting schools to accept Annie even though I had no desire to enroll her! I've already mentioned how she was discriminated against because she couldn't potty train. I even looked into the public special needs program- besides the fact that Annie does not need to be in a special needs program, it's all day. As I said, I'm having a hard enough time letting her go half day, there's no way I'm letting her go full day.

Then she was accepted by a school, but it didn't just feel right. We then decided to send Annie to her amazing PT's children's school. It was quite pricey, but it was the best school we found.

Like I said, we were about to fork over a good chunk of change, to send her to school-something we had no desire to do! But we needed to do what was best for Annie.

Then last week Annie did a hand stand. Yes, you read that right, a hand stand! My little special needs angel can do hand stands! NOTHING holds her back!

So I thought about gymnastics! I googled gymnastics and the nearest city, and the third suggestion was a special needs gymnastics program!

Total God thing!

Today Annie and I visited the gymnastics place as well as a dance studio. The dance studio was not for special needs, but she happily allowed Annie into her class.


Annie still gets the direction she needs without having to attend school. And Annie loves music/dance and will have a blast in gymnastics! I am beyond giddy!!

Praise God for providing exactly what we needed! SOYO

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tonight we're watching Iron Man as a family (notice the picture of Paul and Annie)-Daddy's Little Girl (yes it's late- 11!  SOYO

Here are some recent pics of our Annie girl. Today Annie crawled around church and loved her independence, (wheel chair coming in 3 weeks!!). SOYO

SOYO, "she's only young once." Like YOLO (you only live once), but for our babies. Slow down moms! Enjoy your babies! Times goes way too fast! Let them get dirty, stay up late, watch movies, (as long as it's not hurting know how much sleep they require etc). :)

See also other cute pics. :)