Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Lovin'

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


We do not have tv- we have a television, but it is only to watch movies. I miss out on a lot of news this way. I obviously have heard of the tornadoes ripping across our nation lately, but only through Facebook. It has not been all over the websites like other storms.

I have to say I am thankful I have not seen all the videos/images. I heard one story today, and it is more than I can bare. I will share it here because we must pray for this family, but that is all I can do.

The Hamil family was hit in Oklahoma. Their Facebook page reads:
Catherine Hamil hid in a bathtub with her 3 young children to wait out the storm. Unfortunately nowhere in this family's home was safe as the tornado tore it apart. 3 year old Ryan Hamil was ripped form his mothers arms and is still missing almost 24 hours later. As we all know now the mother who is expecting their 4th child is in critical condition and 15 month old Cole did not survive. There is also another child, Kathleen (5) who is in serious condition.
They found Ryan's body this morning in a lake.

I think if you look up devastation in the dictionary, this family's picture would appear. I can't even write this post without tearing up and having to shake off the impending sobs for this family. I cannot even imagine.

Please pray for healing- physically and emotionally. Pray that Catherine and her unborn baby survive, as well as her 5 year old daughter. Pray for massive strength for the father, Hank. Besides mourning his 2 sons, he must pray over and hope that his wife, daughter and unborn child survive. If there were an award for strongest man alive, it would have to go to him!

We must pray!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We're Back... and with BIG NEWS!

Ok, so just like in real life, one day we Keierlebers are moving, and the next we are staying. I have weighed the pros and cons of each blog sites and I think I am sticking with Blogger, (for now at least).

Today I got the call we have been waiting for! On Tuesday we have adoptive placement, then in 30 days we can FINALIZE!! Soon, I will know her official adoption date and you will all be invited to a HUGE party!! Praise God this day is finally here! As I was getting off the phone, the lady told me, "congratulations." I got all choked up and teary eyed! I will be a basket case in that courtroom! :)

Lately I have been very busy redoing our house... pics to come! For now, here are some pics that I got behind in posting while working on the house. :)

no flash so a little out of focus, but how cute?!
She's a genius I tell you, genius! I put puffs in her bib so she can self feed and I look over and she is eating like this! ha! Lazy little genius that one! ;)
These teeth are giving her a run for her money. One molar has broken through and one is about to, (not including two other teeth that just came in and two other molars that have started to swell). She is experiencing quite a few symptoms. :/
Playing in the hospital the night Nay Nay was born!
I am loving that she has mastered the social smile! I am working on getting her to smile on cue, (I found out yesterday she can laugh on cue- video soon!).
Sibling bonding.
How much do you love this outfit?! Thanks Cathy and Hannah for all of her beautiful hand me downs!
Photoshoot in her strawberry outfit...

"You can call me Strawberry SHORTcake!" ;)
Is this not hysterical? (notice the glasses have strawberries on them)?
love this hat! and the whole ensemble!

Friday, May 13, 2011

We've moved!

I'm still working out the kinks, but we have moved to

Eventually, when you go to this site address it will automatically send you to the other site, but for now you will have to do it manually. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


After a perfect, easy labor and delivery, Nathan James graced us with his presence. Better pics to follow of course, but will you settle for this one? (this one is from his daddy's camera- is that not the most beautiful newborn you've every seen?). Praise God for this extra special miracle!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No, I'm not referring to someone who is nieve. Tonight is the eve of my nephew, Nathan's, birth. We call him Nay Nay. :) I am so excited and already am an emotional basket case! Please pray for my bff who will be induced tomorrow morning at 7 am. Pray for a easy, healthy delivery, and a healthy baby boy! Stay tuned for pics! Eek!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mamas and Babies

Before I get to Mother's Day, here is a pic of Sweetpea and me at our church's mother/daughter event a few weeks ago. :)

This Mother's Day was extra special for me... not only because I had my sweetpea with me, but also because we got to dedicate her to the Lord! This was a very important day for us. This day ranks right up there with her Gotcha Day and her Adoption Day. :)
Thanks Jackie for taking pics for us- this is one of my favs!! :)
Pastor Brent explaining the adoption and how far Sweetpea has come! :) My BFF said there were plenty of tears here :)
Asking us if it is our desire to raise her in a home where she will hear/see the Gospel and that she come to know Him at an early age. Oh yes Lord!!!
Terrible of me, but look at Sweetpea- she cries if other cameras take her pic, but she spotted mine out in the crowd. TUR-KEY!

No matter how fat or skinny I am, I have and will always have a double chin issue... obviously since I am praying over her it looks even bigger. Please focus on the sweetness of the pic, the importance of the prayer, and ignore my many chins. :)

I had to get a pic with my BFF- this is the one and only pic of us with Nathan in her tummy- I had to get a shot before he came! {well, now that I think of it, he was in her tummy at my shower, but he was itty bitty and we didn't know he was Nathan} :)

Please pray for her- he should have already been here! Hopefully soon we will get to swoon over pics of him on this blog. Prayers appreciated for a safe, easy delivery and healthy baby!

Ok, bad friend news. Another dear friend of mine is pregnant and I have not announced it here on this blog. At first it was good I waited because she was able to share the news herself as opposed to them hearing about it on this blog. But time has passed and she still has not been celebrated on here! I'm such a bad friend! She is having a boy and is due in August! I cannot wait!! Her hubs was out of town for mother's day, so we took her out to celebrate her first mother's day! :)
Did you know you could feed the giraffes at the zoo? :)
I had to crop the above pic to show this... I look goofy, but look at Sweetpea and the giraffe. :)
Mama Brooke and us. :)
Crazy Mr. Incredible. :)
Mama Brooke and the stork. :) Couldn't resist, (even though it is an ugly bird lol). She didn't know her face was in the pic, but I think she looks beautiful as always. :)
Later that evening we stopped by Nathan's house to visit his mama. :) Next Mother's day all three of us will be holding our babies! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sweetpea's sweet tooth may be satisfied, but your desire for a new post will not be. Sorry! I'm still working on my house- pics soon. :)
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Under Construction

I am in the process of major redecorating in my house so excuse my absence for awhile.

Bolt loves when we move furniture, he loves to go for a ride! :)

Also my bff goes to the dr today to pick a day for induction, (this week!), so that may keep me away too. BUT at least you know between those two events, they will make for quite a few great posts! :) I also need to post about God's faithfulness...won't forget

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Apparently Bin Laden is dead.

I am a little skeptical still, but ya know.

While I find myself rejoicing a bit with everyone else, I find this very interesting too...

Who would you say deserves to go to hell? I have mentioned hell on this blog many times and I have probably lost many readers because of the truths I have shared.

Many people say that God is too loving to send anyone to hell.

Then you mention Hitler or Osama and immediately people say they are in hell. {I have seen many statuses to prove this on FB}

Now, I too believe they are both in hell, but I know there are many decent people in hell too.

You can't say that God is too good to send people to hell, but then accept the fact so quickly that Osama is in hell. You can't believe two things- only one is true.

The TRUTH is that "all have sinned and have fallen short of hte glroy of God," Romans 3:23, and "the wages of sin is death," Romans 6:23.

Basically, we are ALL SINNERS. Every. Last. One. Of. Us.

To us, Osama deserves hell, but someone like your dear old granny would not. Well, granny, your mama, you, and even your sweet, "innocent" child deserve hell.

One lie is a sin and is deserving of punishment in hell. We ALL deserve hell.

That is why we celebrated Easter last week. Jesus stepped in to pay the price we couldn't pay and died for OUR sins, so that those of us that believe in HIM could have eternal life.

While I know Osama is in hell, I must ask if you will be joining him? Hell is real, and it is terrifying! We are all happy to be rid of him, but do you want to find yourself one day sharing eternity with him or with JESUS?

Please ask me any quesitons you may have regarging Jesus or eternal life! This is real people and life is short!

Mr. Incredible and I both have felt this way about the news: we are a bit skeptical. We are rejoicing at the thought that terrorism has lost a leader, but we are saddened that one more person is entering into hell and didn't know Jesus. As much as we do not like Osama it is still sad to know what the people in hell are experiencing.

Praise Jesus, the Author of Salvation that we KNOW there is a way to Heaven and a way to avoid hell. Trust in Jesus- the Lamb of God!