Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing Pains Part 8


Click on Kempton Turner's sermon titled, "May we joyfully obey." It is short, but mighty powerful, and you will see why I endure the growing pains, and why you should too! :)

Tomorrow... the final installment of Growing Pains.

Growing Pains Part 7

Last Wednesday, God called me to something that is really hard! Really hard. Ok, really hard for me!

You see, He gave me a vision for a painting, (maybe two). What is so hard about that, you ask? I COULDN'T DRAW/PAINT TO SAVE MY LIFE!!! Honestly, I'm pathetic!

I talked to Paul, and he said I should enroll in an art class. As soon as I started looking into it, I felt satan start attacking me. He does NOT want this painting done.

Why would satan attack me over a painting? Why would God care so much about/waste His time on something so menial as a painting?

1. This will be one of the most humbling experiences for me. School was pretty easy for me. I didn't mind going to class because when you are good at something, well you are good at it. Even math class that wasn't my best... I could still answer a few questions here and there and manage to still make myself look good. Not in art! It is kinda hard to fake that. Why would I intentionally put myself through something that is so humbling for me? To glorify God... yeah, satan doesn't like that too much.

2. When the painting is completed...
a. God will be glorified because I am so paint/drawing challenged, it will be obvious that God had His hand in it!
b. The vision that God gave me to paint is glory to Him in it of itself!

What is something that God has called you to give up, (or to pick up), in order to follow Him, (and ultimately for His glory)?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing Pains Part 6

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, "Basically, in order to fully follow Christ, we may have to leave behind possessions, earthly treasures, family, occupation, or the group (clique). Of course this is not always easy." I have shown you how God has grown me and had me change in these areas:

1. I gave up my love of dating, and dressing, among other things (Part 2)
2. I gave up how the world deals with death, and dealt with it as God intended (Part 2)
3. I gave up people pleasing for God pleasing (Part 3)
4. I gave up my hatred for forgiveness (Part 4)
5. I gave up my engagement ring and my womb (Part 5)

There are many other ways that God changed me, and many other things He led me to give up, (work for example), but I am only highlighting these, and a few more...

At the same time God called me to give up my ring and womb, He also had me give up something else... T.V. I spent way too much time watching T.V., and not to mention, all the trash that is on it these days. So if you come to our house, we have a television for watching movies, but if you try to change the channel, the screen will go to the ants.

Then about bout 2 weeks ago, God was loud and clear again. And, once again, He got loud because I had been ignoring Him. He called us to something radical, but it was a very painful thing to do. What was this radical/painful thing to do? Give up my movies. Huh? Really, that's it? Ok, let me explain...

After becoming a Christian I knew certain movies were unacceptable to God, so I got them out of my life. Easy. Then I heard God again prompting me, but I (once again), didn't like what I was hearing. If you study the word, "ungodly," you will find that it is not a synonym for wicked; no it is an antonym for godly... meaning simply, void of God. So in other words, a rated R movie with sex and cussing is wicked, while a Disney movie is only ungodly. Starting to make sense? Every time I would hear a sermon on ungodliness, (yes, the nudges from God go as far back as Kempton, Caryn), or read it in God's Word, I would see Disney, but I would shake it off. There is nothing evil about Disney, and I didn't own any rated R movies, so what is the big deal God?

The big deal? When I sat in front a t.v. show or movie for like 2 hours... well, that was 2 hours I could have spent with God. God created us to glorify Him, to love Him, to fellowship with Him. How is watching Beauty and the Beast fellowshipping with God? It is not. I may have a little free time now, but when kids come it will dwindle to nothing, I am aware. How should I spend my free time... with Cinderella? Or with God? Um, yeah, GOD!!!

God called us to give up all our secular movies, and only keep the movies that are godly. This way, if we watch a movie in our free time, we are still spending time with God!

What was so hard about that? Well:

1. I spent a good chunk of change on all of this
2. Since I was getting rid of the secular movies, I also got rid of secular books, meaning...
3. The "library" I had been collecting for my kids for years has shrunk dramatically
4. Since I don't have tv, and now I barely have any movies, what am I going to watch, (you can
only watch the same thing so many times).
5. I LOVE DISNEY! It is not wicked, so why do I have to get rid of it???

God loving said, "Because I said so." Now when your mom says that it is irritating, but when the Creator of the Universe says it, it is comforting and empowering.

All my movies and books, (I gave a good amount of the books to my sister, (future school teacher) ;)
The top 4 were particularly hard to get rid of... I LOVE princess stories, and these were four of my all time favorite!!! Serioulsy, getting rid of all of these made me feel like I did when I broke up with a boyfriend in middle school... I knew I needed/ wanted to, but it was still losing a companion... these companions are better than m.s. boyfriends... they are always there!!! Ok, drama queen! GOD IS ALWAYS THERE!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Growing Pains Part 5

I always knew I wanted to adopt. Always. But I was disobedient to God's leading on that in my life. He wanted total surrender, but that was too hard for me. So, I would surrender a little, "Ok, I'll have all the birth children I want, then I will adopt however many you want to give me... No? Ok, I will have 2 or 3 birth children and adopt the rest.... No? Ok, I will have only one child, then adopt the rest."

See, I never totally submitted to Christ's Call. I did what I felt comfortable with. You see, when it got down to "I'll have only one and adopt the rest," I was really praying, "God, please please please let me have one! I have to have one! How terrible would that be to never have a birth child!" I knew what God really wanted, but it wasn't easy to swallow. Then in July 2008, I went to Church camp with the youth, and God spoke to me loud and clear.... so much so that I couldn't pretend to be obedient any longer, total surrender was expected! David Nasser was the speaker, and he said, "there are 200,000,000 orphans in the world, and if only 7% of THE CHURCH would adopt, there would be no need for orphanages!" At that moment I realized my disobedience, and understood why God had called us to this life of adoption. 7% of a people is not much, and it isn't even 7% of the world! No, it is 7% of the believers in the world! Wow! That means it won't take that many to wipe out the orphanages! Recently I found a new blog friend, and she is someone I greatly look up to as a woman, wife, mother, and home schooler. ;) She had a quote awhile back that was heartbreaking. "
1.1% of the population has adopted." WOW! Isn't that terrible, especially in light of the statistic from David Nasser? If you feel God tugging on your heart to adopt- don't ignore it!

Now, I have had many objections in my obedience from many people. That's ok. It is a radical thing God called us to, and I wasn't to keen on it at first either. Will we ever have birth children? Sure, if that is God's will. It will never be our will, so it will never be on our terms. We will never try to get pregnant, and if God decides to bless us then we will rejoice. But do you know what? I am 100billion% ok with not having a birth child. NEVER in my life did I would think I could come to that. But, I find my joy In Christ, not in getting pregnant. I am happy to be a mommy, period. Who says being a mommy= pregnancy? There are many women out there that had birth children, but they are terrible mothers. Think of all the children that are beaten across the world. No, blood doesn't mean anything! It is a heart matter! Let me leave you with this, (on this subject): as Christians, we are Brothers and Sisters in Christ. That means that if you have an unbelieving family member, then you are more family to me than you are to them. It is the truth, people. So, in reality, when I said blood doesn't matter, I wasn't entirely correct. Our family blood does not matter... the blood of Christ does!

I know the children God created for me will only be mine for awhile, then they will grow up and have families of their own. I only have about 18 years to raise them to know Jesus and to teach them to live their lives in glory of Him. We are ready Lord; ready when you are!

Click here for my whole recount of summer camp, and read about the other thing God have me leave behind that week, my engagement ring.

Check back for part 6 of this installment soon! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Growing Pains Part 4

I am coming down with something, and I feel all achy... so I will continue with my series... meanwhile, Prince Charming has mowed the lawn, cleaned our cars, and is now doing something else in the garage... Sweet Hubby!

My Daddy. Oh, what a story. Poor guy, I hated him for a good part of 8 years, (age 12 to 20). Now when I say hated, I am not over exaggerating- I hated him with every ounce of my being. I won't go into detail here of why he didn't meet my standards of what I thought a dad should be. He had his faults, (who doesn't), but mostly I was to blame.

After I got saved when I was 16, I knew I needed to forgive my dad. If Jesus could forgive me, (not just once, but daily), why couldn't I forgive him? My hatred continued, but so did my desire to forgive. When I graduated high school, he took me to D.C. for my gift. Dream trip! Anyway, while driving back from the Pentagon, we were listening to the radio. "Live like you were dying," came on. "I gave forgiveness I'd been denying." Um, Yeah. Thank You Holy Spirit for that prompting. Even still, forgiveness was very difficult. The slightest mess up, (well a mess up in my eyes), and he returned to hated status. I received so much grace from God, and yet I could not bestow it on him.

Finally when I was 20, (September 2006), I started seeing a Christian counselor because I had many health problems... and the root cause... my dad. So I went to counseling to try to resolve the daddy conflict. I won't go into detail about what really got me to begin truly forgiving him, (that's between him and me), but I will tell you that it was working. Well, until October. After my sister died, I let go of all the good progress I made, and I was spitting angry at my dad. I gave him an ultimatum, (in my head), and if he didn't meet it then I would banish him from my life. Well, by the Grace of God, I was in counseling, so the banishment never happened. She wouldn't allow it! ;) 6 months later, I got married, and my dad started to become my dad to me, not just a man that I had to tolerate. After April, I continued to soften towards my dad, and then that next February, God broke me down, and I called my dad and apologized! Yes, me apologize to him. I always told myself that I would never forgive him until he apologized to me, but I was the one who needed his forgiveness.

You see, something I learned in counseling, (and I have eluded to it here already), was that I had a picture of what I thought a dad was supposed to be. When he didn't fit that mold, I held it against him. He is not perfect, nor am I nor is anyone else for that matter! Only Jesus Christ was perfect, so why would I think my dad could fit that mold?

Second only to my salvation, my relationship with my dad is the biggest picture of grace in my life. I have a love for my dad that I never thought possible. It is truly amazing to me to look back in my life and see where God has brought me. He forgave me, and allowed me to forgive otehrs. Mind you, I was terribly disobedient to God for a good 4 years or so by denying my dad forgiveness- see what a gracious God we have!

Once again I apologize for hating you so. I want you to know that I am blessed to be your daughter. I wish I could put into words how I feel about you, but I can't! All I can say is that I used to say I had no dad... you were just the man who fathered me. But now, I can say, with pride, that you are my daddy! I love you!

You can see I wasn't thrilled he was kissing me. I had gotten over hating him, but he wasn't out of the woods yet. This kiss irritated me... yes, I was a brat.

I LOVE this picture!!! One of my favorites from the day! When I first got my pictures in, I hated loving this picture so much! But now that Grace has covered us, I love it!!! :)

Growing Pains part 5... why adoption? :)

Growing Pains Part 3

On August 21, 2006, Paul asked me to be his wife! The road to our wedding, (April 7, 2007), was laden with many "growth bumps." To spare all the details, we set a date for July 2007. We were not entirely happy with the way everything was panning out. It was all too much a people pleasing event, and not God centered like we wanted. After much prayer, and a new growing pain, we decided to move up the date. So in March, right after we sent out the July "save the dates," we told everyone that we would be getting married in April. We upset many family and friends in doing this, but it was the best decision for us. If we, (well, I), had be straight up from the front, and not tried to be people pleasers, then this never would have happened. But, since we did try to please everyone, we had to make many mad in the end. What goes along with people pleasing? People's approval. Well, in moving up the date, that was in jeopardy too. We were warned that people would think I was pregnant, and many people did. Well, I wasn't and I had to know that we were doing what God wanted, and people would talk. Period. Nothing we could do about it.

Breaking away from my people pleasing ways was such a blessing and it was so freeing! Also, what else came out of this growing pain? I got to get married sooner- duh! lol I love being Mrs. Paul Keierleber! It is such a blessing to be one with that man! In 11 days, we get to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! 2 years of wedded bliss, and 2 years since we gave up people pleasing, and turned to FULL God pleasing! :)
August 21, 2006... maybe one day I will do a series over our story, and go into detail over certain events like this one... hmmmm, we'll see... :)
Same day, just got into comfy clothes... Tracie took this pic... left for school not too long after, (she left before Paul headed back for LBK).
Taylor and Elise helping me get ready for pictures... one of my all time fav pics... can I please wear this dress again? I LOVE IT!!! I would probably have to get it altered because I am smaller now! teeheehee
Everybody LOVES the ring picture... not only is it cute, but I have it here because it will show up again later in Growing Pains, Part 5! ;)
Something about the dinner table... every wedding album I see, one of the best pictures of the couple is at the dinner table! Don't believe me... go see your/someone's wedding album! :)

Growing Pain Part 4: an AMAZING story about grace...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Growing Pains Part 2

***Disclaimer: I never anticipated to write about my sister in this series, but it was a growing experience, which God had me write to you here. It is the first time that I have gone into complete detail, and as I wrote it all I was shaking.***

After becoming a believer in Christ when I was sixteen, my life changed for the better. I became single, (for the first time in my life), because I knew now that God created dating to find a spouse... so I waited till I found "husband material." Right before I found my hubs (Jan 2006), I got restless and dated a few guys who did not meet my husband standards, therefore, I should have gone no where near them. Alas, God saw I had grown impatient, and instead of being irritated with my impatience, He graciously blessed me with Paul (4.6.06). Thank you, Lord! Your Grace never ceases to amaze me! ♥

Now that was something in particular that I had to die to myself over, and I'm sure there are more... I just didn't notice the changes He was making in my life... He was making them, I was not, so it is harder to pinpoint them. (For example, I started dressing more conservatively). He was growing me! When Paul came, I grew so much more! My faith continued to grow until October 2006.

On October 6, 2006, my 18 year old sister Tracie began her journey home from SFA University for the first time since she started that fall. I was very excited this weekend because two of my besties from high school were, (finally), coming down to stay with me, (I stayed home during college). I spent all morning cleaning my room and getting ready to have company! I had been seeing a Christian counselor at the time, (later post), and while I was in counseling I got a phone call from my Mom, two actually. It was very common for her to call during the day like that, (join me for shopping, question about ____, did you hear about so and so, etc). When I left counseling, I called her and she informed me that Tracie had been in a car accident, but she was conscience (sp?). She was a little panicky, and was back and forth about going to Nac to get her. I told her to stay where she was, (at my aunt and uncle's), and I would go with her to get Tracie. On my 15 minute drive to my aunt's house I called my boss and told him I would late to work that day, (I worked at an elementary school and we only worked 3.5 hours a day in the afternoon, and that day happened to be my last, so I wanted to at least go to say goodbye). I had to leave him a message, and in that message I started to cry as I said, "she could have a broken leg or be dead for all we know." As I said that, I knew I was being dramatic, and that couldn't be true. I also called Paul to fill him in on everything. When I got to my uncle's house, I saw him on the phone outside. He must have not heard/seen me because right as I got in ear shot of him I heard him say, "Linda, she didn't make it!"


I walked up to him crying and he hugged me, unknowing what he had just told me. I opened the door and met my mom's embrace and began to wail...

Now let me back up a bit. I was always "strong" in my family. I was the oldest of 4 kids, so I had to be an example. I was strong for them, (and my mom), when my parents got divorced and my grandma died, etc.

So when I met my mom in the entry way, I completely lost it! I never thought I would cry like that. ever. Just like in the movies. Then we let go of each other, and it stopped. I never cried that hard again. For a while I was a little worried how my emotion at that minute affected my mom, but do you know what? To this day she does not remember that. She only remembers me taking it, "rather well." Thank you God, again!

For the next 30 minutes or so, I was still in shock and denial. I wasn't sure if I heard my uncle right or not. Did she die, or did I misunderstand. I called Paul, and he asked him to come to me, (he was in Lubbock finishing school). I felt bad asking him to co
me to me, (I don't know why because losing your sister is a very big deal). I called one of my friends that was going to stay with me, and I said, "Kristina, I think my sister died." She told me not to say that, thought I was just worrying too much, but I told her, "No, I really think she did, I heard my uncle say so." Finally my uncle asked if I knew what was going on. I told him that I had overheard, but I needed to hear from him to make sure because it isn't something you easily digest. So he told me, and to this day it is unreal to me.

The next couple days I neither slept nor ate. Until about the third day, God calmed my spirit. You see, I wasn't sure if Tracie was in Heaven. Contrary to popular belief, being a good person will not get you into Heaven. You must give your life to Christ to enter into Heaven. Period. I wasn't sure if she had done that. So three days later, God revealed to me that she had in fact given her life to Him, and she was with Him in Heaven. God does not lie, so I knew she was in Heaven. After that I was able to eat, sleep, and function much better.

Something beautiful I experienced through all this was on the Sunday after her accident, (she died on Friday). I went to Church as usual, and got loved on by my Brothers and Sisters there. During the service, and during the second song in worship, I started to cry. Not because of her death, but because I was WORSHIPING GOD! I was able to worship God in spite of losing my sister! It was a wonderful gift that God gave me that day. Once I knew Tracie was in Heaven, that and my moment of worship helped my get through the loss to this day! I will leave you with the chorus of that song, which will forever have a special place in my heart. Stay tuned for my 3rd installment of Growing Pains!

"He is Lord of Lords! He is King of Kings! He is Mighty God, Lord of Everything! He is Emmanuel! He is the Great I Am! He is the Prince of Peace, who is the Lamb! He is the Living God! He is my Saving Grace! He will reign forever, He is the Ancient of Days! He is Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End! He's my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and Friend! He's my Prince of Peace and I will live my life for Him!!!"

No wonder why that song was played, huh? ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Growing Pains Part 1

I am beginning a series on here called "Growing Pains." I will add a new part daily, (Lord willing), so be sure to check back often. Today I am stealing a post from my friend Caryn. She just said it so nicely, I decided to let you see for yourself!

The gospels contain several accounts of people leaving something behind for the sake of wholeheartedly following Jesus.

* Simon & Andrew "left their nets" (Matt. 4:18-20)
* James & John "left their boat and their father" (Matt. 4:21-22)
* The woman at the well "left her water jar" (John 4:28-30, 39-42)
* Matthew left his career (Matt 9:9)
* The grateful leper left the 9 others (Luke 17:11-19)

Basically, in order to fully follow Christ, we may have to leave behind possessions, earthly treasures, family, occupation, or the group (clique). Of course this is not always easy. For example, Matt. 19:16-22 gives account of a law-abiding rich young man who came to Jesus to inquire about following Him. When Jesus told the man to first sell what he possessed and give to the poor and then follow Him, the young man went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.

However, God promises that "everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life" (Matt 19:29).

So, what is God calling you to leave behind? Praise the Lord for what you have already left behind for the glorious gain of Christ.

The following parts to "Growing Pains," will be experiences from my own life of things God has called me to give up or to do for Him. (Some of this stuff you will know, some of it will be brand new information about me, so be sure to stay tuned)!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New ♥

You will see on the left that I added a new pic which is a link to our newest site! Seems fun... Also, be sure to check out Jersey's website! Click on the picture of him running in the back yard, (top right hand side)! :) Why have a site for him? Show it to your child and you'll see why I set it up!!! ;)

Also below are our new Bluebonnet shots, courtesy of Steven Leonard Photography! Like the new layout? :)

This was the first shot of the shoot, and my fav... except Jersey's ear was flipped...

So, this one is the favorite of all of us! :)

I liked this one, just not as much as the above one. This is the small one see on the top of my blog. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free to be Me! ♥

I have been meaning to post this since New Years, but since I was without internet for over a month, this will have to do! :)

My entire life I struggled with my self image, especially my weight.
Here I am at 15, (I know, if I have self image issues, why would I dress like that? I don't know). I was a size 3, and I thought I as so fat! People said I was "fishing for compliments," but truly I hated my body. I truly thought I was fat, and Bulimia was never far from my mind. I never ever went without makeup because I was "so ugly."
Here I am at my high school graduation party, (17). I put on a little weight over the past 2 years, and I knew it! Bulimia was more and more tempting, but God helped me not succumb to that temptation. Over the next 3 years I would put on even more weight, and go up many dress sizes, until...
Here I am weeks before turning 22. I was at my heaviest, I stopped wearing makeup (a year prior), since my hair was brown I didn't pluck my eyebrows- but I looked fine, (now back blonde I have to because if not you can really tell), and do you know what? I was ok! God finally delivered me from my obsession with my body and self image. To this day, I rarely wear makeup, and it is so freeing! I only wear makeup when I want to, not to impress others, but just for fun! Because I loved myself inspite of my imperfections, God blessed me 2 months later...I started working out and eating healthier... not to lose weight this time, but to be healthy! Since I didn't have an idol about my self image, and since I was doing it for the right reasons, the weight just started falling off! This picture was taken about a week after I started working out and everyone could notice the results already, (very encouraging at the time)! :) I am now even thinner than in the picture when I was 17! I am soooo happy! My body is NO WHERE near perfect, but I am content with it, and that is all that matters!!! I suffered with terrible body image for over 20 years, and now I am free! Free to be me! :)

I felt convicted about coloring my hair, and that is why I kept it brown, (my natural color). God taught me yet another lesson in January. I decided to color my hair myself, and it wasn't perfect or anything, but $8 is better than $100! Since God had delivered me from my self image obsession, I was able to be content with what I thought was less than perfect hair. The above picture has my less than perfect hair color and my new less than perfect hair cut. The old me would be devastated if it wasn't perfect, but I learned it doesn't really matter! Also, when I was younger I felt defined by my hair color. I was born blonde, and when it started darkening, I started highlighting it. So after I went natural almost 2 years ago, I refused to frame pictures of me with my blonde hair, (except for wedding pics). :) I felt that the blonde me was one person,a and the brunette me was another. So when I colored it in January I realized that my hair color does not define me! I could change my hair color everyday if I wanted and I would still be me!

I hope all this encourages you if you have similar struggles! Let me leave you with this song by Francesca Batistelli, "Free to be Me"
‘Cause I got a couple dents in my fender,
Got a couple rips in my jeans,
Try to fit the pieces together,
But perfection is my enemy!
On my own I'm so clumsy,
But on Your shoulders I can see:
I'm free to be me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Jerz

Today we took family pictures in Bluebonnets, and I will post them on Tuesday! I am soooo excited!

I am a little concerned about my little boy. He is 2 1/2 and has a very good amount of energy. Since Friday he has either matured or became ill. He still has his really playful moments, but he is spending way more time lounging around at my feet than usual. I don't know. I just pray that he matured, (cause that would be nice), and I would totally prefer that over him being sick. :)

The way he usually is... running at top speed towards Mommy... I always said if you had a steak and I left the room, he would ignore the steak and follow me... well, last week we tried it and sure enough he followed me... ahh, love! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Little Ladies' Man

My little man is a Ladies' Man for sure!!! Just call him, Hef- he has so many girlfriends! However, he is still heart broken over his recent loss of his girlfriend, Moo.

Here are two of his other girlfriends...
Our next door neighbor is a 2 year old Great Dane named Daphne... see her looking over at Jersey... L♥VE! ;)

Jersey's newest girlfriend... Bella! They spent the day frolicking in the park, gazing into each others' eyes, and sniffing each others' butts! (ha, what else would they do, whisper sweet nothings? lol)!!!

He misses Moo so much, and he can't wait for the day Moo's Mommy is ready to bring home his newest girlfriend! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect, Right? ;)

Ok, I have been ready to be a mom since, well, forever! I just love kids, and while I am waiting for my kids, I spend a lot of my free time with them. When I was growing up I babysat all the time, I still baby sit, my degree is in child development, and I used to work at an elementary school. So, yeah, I have spent a lot of time with kids. If I am with you, I will probably ask advice on a parenting subject, cause I am always taking notes in that area! :) Ju Ju had a stomach bug, so yesterday, her sister Gloria, (Glo Glo), got to come to my house for a special day! We ahd a blast! However, today Ju Ju is still sick, Glo is now sick too as well as their daddy, Bryan. Please pray for the Glass family to get better, and especially pray for Kristin, (mommy), to not get sick, and to have the strength and patience to be able to take care of all of them. I can only imagine how hard it must be right now... :(

UMMM, yeah... cutest thing in the world, right? This picture is soooo cute!! Glo looks so beautiful, and little Jerz cracks me up! (We were hanging out in the drive way in the back of the car.. she wanted to ride her bike and I was gonna sit there and watch, but she thought sitting in the back looked more fun! lol)
Our first attempt at a pic of them. We both thought his tongue out was pretty cute! The first picture puts this one to shame though! BIG TIME! :)

Did I ever mention that I have about 200 or so Beanie Babies for sale? Well, I do. Every time Paul sees this pile he says how he wants to just jump in it, so since Glo is little I said she could...

No Beanie Babies were harmed while taking this picture! ;)

Gloria wanted to take a pic of me and Jerz... not the best I have ever looked, but it is not everyday that we get a pic together, so it will have to do... he sure looks cute though! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Things

Little things can brighten our whole day, right? Well, imagine my excitement when I found out that our bank allows us to customize our debit cards! I was sooo jealous of the capital one commercials that allowed this, and little did I know that my bank did too! It is almost scary posting them, but I photo shopped the important info out. If for any reason you think this is still dangerous then let me know and I will delete this post. There is no way that I know of for someone to read through the photo shop... right?

Mine is on top, Paul's below...

Close up of mine... I love it... had to have The Jerz in there too, (our fav pic of him)!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad Day

Yesterday, Jersey's girlfriend was hit by a car and didn't survive the accident. Moo Shondelmyer was only a few months old, and we will miss her very much. She may not have been a part of Corey and Brooke's family long, but she will be forever in their hearts. And ours too. We love y'all Shondelmyers, and we are so heartbroken for y'all!

Brooke and Moo (7 weeks old)

Jersey and Moo at the Dog Park. Their first meeting... the only pic I could get of the 2 love birds.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The "Nursery!"

Paul and I had adoption orientation today, and we have decided to go ahead with the agency. Not too long from now we will be licensed and eligible to bring home our little one(s)! Then the timing will be up to God! :)

Yesterday and today, I spent time decorating the "nursery." I put quotes around it because it may be a nursery for a baby, or it may be a room for a toddler/older. We shall see. OR, we could get 2 KIDS and this will be ONE of the rooms!!! :) The theme is unisex as expected, (more girlie I think, but oh well), and the theme is "Cow Parade." Not sure what that is... keep reading...

This will be where the crib will be, or the bed... ;)

Close up of the picture above the crib, (not set in stone here because it won't be good if the baby knocks it off the wall)! When the Cow Parade came to Houston in 02, my dad took all of us kids to see it, (because I begged and begged)! So, I framed the pictures of the cows and put them throughout the room as you will see... also with the cows are random pictures of my siblings and me. Isn't that cute? :)

More pics over where the changing table will go, (or another piece of furniture depending on age of child)! :)
More pics, cows, toy chest and book shelf... (pink bins won't be there for long... these were the ones I had, and will change after I paint... not 100% on that one yet)!

I had a gazillion Beanie Babies, so I kept a few for my kids. Ok, more than a few, they fill all 5 of the bins, and overflow into the other cubes, and on the top... (not for long)! ;)

All of my Cow Parade collection! Did I mention I love cows? ;)Close up of some cows so you get the idea of what they are/look like. Here are the Wizard of Oz ones. The will not stay here... they will get a shelf soon! :) Oh, and I don't know why it is linking this so ignore it... I don't even know what it is linking it to... LOL!

More pics and the book case I put together last night... today I decoupaged it! :)
Close up of my decoupage job, (still wet so ignore the shine and wet look).

Close up of one of the decoupaged cows! :) Remember, it was still wet...

I can't wait to decorate some more, and especially I can't wait to have a little one to enjoy it! ;) We can't wait to be Mommy and Daddy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last night was unbelievable, and I wish I was adequate enough to find the words to describe it. Sorry, but this will have to do:

Paul and I shared the Gospel with our neighbor. You see when we shared the Gospel, the Holy Spirit spoke through both of us, simultaneously! It was like tennis or something. Paul would say something, which would lead me to say something, then Paul would compliment what I had just said. Back and forth like that. Our neighbor seemed very receptive, and I have a lot of hope for his future salvation! :)

After that great experience, I realized something. I have always, and will always, love my husband. PERIOD. BUT, last night I like fell in love all over again! I married him first and foremost for his love of God. Jesus said in Mark 10:8 "AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but one flesh." I definitely experienced that last night. It was such a blessing to have the Holy Spirit work between us like that. We were one, (because we are one). I found a new love for Paul last night, and I am so grateful!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Updates...

Update on the Keierlebers:
  • I had 5 lymph nodes swollen and they were quite painful! I went to the Dr. and I have a Staph infection, GROSS! OK, its not that gross I guess. Everybody has Staph... it just sometimes gets infected, which is the gross part! lol
  • Paul's uncle died today, so we will be heading to Dallas soon.
  • Next Tuesday we FINALLY are going to the adoption orientation. FINALLY!
The cutest face in the universe!
This face cracks me up... it is like a human smile!
This one is funny too... where are his eyes? :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I misread the info... the meeting is NEXT TUESDAY!!! UGH!! I was VERY upset last night. Paul is at work, and I am bummed. I was so looking forward to FINALLY getting going on the adoption stuff and then spending the day with my husband! I know I only have to wait a week, but it is still disappointing!

BUT, since it is illegal to post without pics, (Mer) ;), and to lift my spirits and yours...

This is the Turner's little girl! Tell me she is not adorable! I am in love with this picture. If this doesn't melt your heart, then maybe you don't have one! lol

Monday, March 2, 2009

What do you think...

Maybe I should have majored in marketing! lol

There are two because Steve wanted it a little different... He bought both to send out... :)

P.S. Tomorrow I am so excited that Paul is taking off work, but I am even more excited for the reason why: adoption orientation! FINALLY! News tomorrow... :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My first 5K

Me,my aunt Jody and Erica before the race. It was soooo cold!
Paul decided a picture of me putting on my knee brace was important... I only put it here to show y'all my hair color... after a month, I am FINALLY showing it to the blog world! LOL

You could see this from quite a distance, which did help in the end! :)

All of us after the race! :) Our goal was to run it completely without stopping and we were all successful!!! :)

Give me a break here... no make up and I just ran 3.2 miles.... I love my supportive husband!!! He missed the sign ups this year, but since he froze at the finish line, he has vowed to not miss the sign up again! lol
Me and my aunt Jody.
Paul and Erica's husband Colin. They wanted to get in on the pictures too! Silly boys!

AND, for your viewing pleasure...

Sorry for the lighting... the camera kept picking up the sunlight that I had trouble avoiding. I just wanted to show you something cute. Jersey always sits on out window seat like we made it for him or something. SO, I stared opening the window a bit for him, and needless to say, he loves it!


♥ TK