Friday, May 29, 2009

Jersey seems to be just fine! Praise the Lord!
Today is exactly 5 years- to the day- since I graduated high school. Weird! It totally feels like yesterday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's Up

I just love this picture of The Jerz from the weeks that I was babysitting the Cokenour girls! I love the colors, and of course I love his precious face! :)

Jersey has not been feeling well lately, so tomorrow he has a vet appointment. It might be something small he is fighting off, or something bigger like a thyroid issue. Please pray that it is nothing! :)

Jersey's health is about the only exciting thing going on at our house as of late, well except for these two details:

1. I got my first edits for my book and sent in my response yesterday! It should be done near August! Wahoo!

2. I have begun training for the half marathon this January. Sign up is not until July, so I have been leary about making a huge announcement, (what if for some crazy reason I can't sign up then I would look stupid)! lol But, I am pretty sure I will have no trouble, so I am letting you all know about it now! I am pretty excited! I will have my hubs by my side, as well as some great friends and their hubbies too! Over 13 miles does still seem a little crazy, but I know I can do it! :) (think positive, think positive) lol

Please do pray for Jersey! Thanks! ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I Want for Christmas...

Besides wanting to adopt, this is what I want this Christmas:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cinderella ♥

Today is the one year anniversary of the accident that sent Maria Sue Chapman to be with Jesus, and a day that changed thousands of lives- including my own.

I remember the day so vividly, and I remember feeling silly for mourning for this family. I don't know them! Why am I crying so hard? God gave me a gift that day. He showed me that the reason I was mourning so for them was because they are my siblings in Christ. I had always heard about being brothers and sisters in Christ, but it really didn't hit me until this day. It was such a wonderful lesson for me that this day made my recap of 2008.

To Steven and Mary Beth: I have been praying for y'all ever since the accident. I will continue to. It is such a blessing to know that we are siblings in Christ, and one day we will all meet and dance for Jesus together. Your Cinderella is already dancing there, and I am so proud of your family and the testimony that y'all are spreading to the world!

To Will Franklin: Brother, when I heard about the accident I didn't know many details. I just remember sitting at my computer, tears streaming down my face praying that the driver was a family friend, not a family member. Later when I heard what you endured, my heart broke for you. I am so sorry that you had to go through that, but just know that you had so many brothers and sisters praying for you that day and until today even. Here is a giant cyber hug from your sister in Christ, and a little encouragement. God knew what was going to happen that day. He knew how you would handle it and so that is why He allowed it. He knew you would glorify Him! I am excited to see what God will do through you through this.

To all the Chapmans: My prayers and love go to y'all today, as they have many times over the last year. I have experienced a loss of a sister, so I do know some of the pain y'all are going through. Hugs from your sister in Christ!

Below is a video I found on Youtube that is so beautiful! The song is from SCC, and it helped/helps me greatly with the mourning of my sister.

To Maria, I can't wait to meet you one day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

257 and counting...

....the number of pics I have taken thus far... :) Christina, I will burn a CD of all of these for you! :)

Paul took off the day Friday... I put him to work- he needs some practice too! :)

Joy just woke up from her nap but I dont want to get her up because she is singing to herself- its so cute I dont want it to stop! :)
Remembering my sister Tracie today on what would have been her 21st birthday. I miss her so much but I know I will see her again when I go to Heaven! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet Joy Joy has been a little fussy all day... She needs a good night sleep! In spite of the fussieness she sure is cute! :)
Joy just tried to go poo poo on the potty! Both girls want to go potty on the potty! Christina- Im gonna give it a shot since they want to try! We shall see! :)


UPDATE: He seems fine, but lets still lift him up in prayer! :)

Andrew's stroller was knocked over at Church today and he hit his head on the tile. He seems fine, but you can never be too careful with head injuries! Pleas pray for this little boy and his family, and I will keep you posted when I get news!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Husband, wife, son/dog and two little girls are on their way to the beach listening to Veggie Tales worship cd! Life is good! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Paul just changed his FIRST diaper- too bad it was only wet! Lol
Greek festival= BUST! :/
A half Korean is driving a quarter Greek and two Hungarian babies to a Greek festival. FUN :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jersey is being extra clingy today- I think he thinks he lost me to the girls! LOL He LOVES the girls and they LOVE him! We sure are having fun! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect!

I am LOVING my time with the Cokenour girls! I can't figure out the internet at their house, so I will not be able to post too often. (Sorry Christina- we are having fun though)!!!

JoyJoy loves to wear my shoes!
The girls love Jersey, and Jersey LOVES them! Jersey can't stand being away from them! He woke me up at 5 AM... GO BACK TO SLEEP JERSEY! He also lingers around their door! So cute!

Breakfast day 1! Jersey sure catches on quick! ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Glo Glo!

My little Glo Glo is 5 years old, as of yesterday! I CANNOT believe it! I told Paul as we were leaving her party yesterday that I FINALLY understand how parents feel... hear me out: I KNEW she was turning 5. I KNEW she was going off to Kindergarten in the fall. I KNEW she could ride her bike without training wheels. I KNEW she already lost her first tooth. Apparently though, yesterday when it was official, I FORGOT EVERYTHING. All I could remember was babysitting her as a baby, and particularly I remembered her first birthday. It fell on Mother's Day that year, and I found it pretty special that Kristin's first Mother's Day was Glo Glo's first birthday! So yesterday, all I could think about was baby Glo Glo. Umm hello!? I knew her more as a big girl than I ever did as a baby, but for some reason those memories came flooding back yesterday! I turned into the blubbering aunt like figure that tears up at the thought of her baby growing up! lol

Seriously though, Glo Glo: Mr. Paul and I, (and Jersey too), love you very much, more than you could imagine! We are so proud of the girl you are and are becoming! We are so blessed to be able to watch you grow! Happy Birthday Glo!

Now for some super cute pics from the party! Misc Mer, take a note... cute party idea ahead... ;)

Just to warn you: my battery was dying so some pics are fuzzy or too dark/ too light, etc. They were too cute not to post! Consider yourself warned...

My present to Glo. It was the Veggie Tales Wizard of Oz movies. (Surprised)? ;) I liked the wrapping so I put it on here... lol

Abby Ross playing with bubbles. Click here to see pics of this little cutie's 1st birthday party from a year ago... my how Ju Ju and her have changed! :)

Abigail and Ju Ju, BFF ♥
The birthday girl! It was a Luau Sleepover! Isn't she beautiful?
Misc Mer, this one is for you! To keep with the Luau theme, Kristin made these little kabobs... Tomatoes, Pineapple, and Chik fil A nuggets. Can I get a "how cute!" (She had so many other cute things too, but this was my favorite)!
Ummm yeah. I caught the most beautiful picture of Ju Ju in the history of the world! Completely by accident mind you, but still!!! :)
Abby again! She is soooo precious and hilarious! I am so thankful to have them back in Texas! I am so excited to watch her grow too! :)
Ok this is really fuzzy, but it is really funny. During the limbo, Abby could stand fully erect and walk under the limbo bar- even on the lowest rung. BUT after watching everyone bend backwards she decided she need to too. See her chin on her chest and her arched back? It was sooo cute!
Glo Glo and Ju Ju's cousin Andrew. I pulled out the camera and he started hamming it up... first a sweet, (umm freakin' adorable) smile...
... then a (freakin' adorable) hammed up smile! Oh, I just love this little guy too!

Ok, I love all the kiddos on this blog post. Get used to my gushing if you have not yet!!! ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

See Any Resemblance?

My dad was adopted and this is my birth grandmother, Ann. (My childrens' adoption book, that is being published as we speak, stars a little girl named Ann Marie... Marie is my grandma- so it is a tribute to my dad's adoption). :) My Aunt KK, who is also adopted, told me that I resembled Ann, so she sent me a pic of her from 1998 when my dad went to meet her. I totally agree! Do you see the resemblance? I will let you look and then scroll down and I will tell you what I see...

ok, look really close, then scroll... this is probably fun for you Mom, considering you and I look identical. lol Aren't genetics CRAZY!!!

My whole life I have had thin lips... thinner than anyone else... Tracie, Taylor and my mom have fuller lips. I TOTALLY have her lips! Yes, I smile bigger, but look closely...I think we have the same nose... Lastly, and I am scared to admit this- I think I have her chin! :/

Oh, I showed this pic to Paul and asked if he saw resemblance, and he agreed about the lips and nose. :)

My dad has her eyes, (always thought so)... her eyes are blue and his are brown, but I mean the shape is the same. I obviously do not have her eyes! lol

I also have the recessive gene in the family for blonde hair, (yes I color it now, but for more 13+ years it was natural)! Where did it come from? Both my grandmas, (mom's mom and dad's mom, obviously), had/have blonde hair, (I clarify had because my grandma's on my mom's side wasn't always blonde- like mine). :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Veggie Tales

If you remember this post, you will know that we LOVE Veggie Tales! We have all but two in the whole series. That is all we watch anymore. They say they are "fun for the whole family," and that couldn't be more true. They are funny for kids, and yet they have some more mature humor for parents to enjoy too. Now I am not talking Shrek mature humor... it is 100% clean, innocent, humor. We just love it! We just bought Gideon the Tuba Warrior, and I have to say that it is our favorite OF ALL TIME!
Every Veggie Tales is a lesson, and this one is a lesson in trusting God! Y'all, I cried, a couple times. Ok, I got chocked up and teary eyed a couple times. Still, it is a kids' show, and I got THAT emotional. That is how good it is!

I HIGHLY recommend Veggie Tales! Like, go NOW to your local Christian bookstore and buy some... Gideon is a good beginner for your collection- it is our favorite! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Do you remember this post about the smiley faces that keep showing up in food? Well my cousin, Mitch, found this the other day... it must run in the family! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Where I Rest

Where I rest during my time of waiting...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just Cause...

... I love them so much! ♥ (The Jerz- 4 months)