Monday, February 25, 2008

Military Wives

My hat is off to all of our military wives. I have the utmost respect and love for our troops, they are in my prayers every night, and I am so grateful for their sacrifice! With my wonderful husband out of the country, it makes me get a small glimpse into the military wives' sacrifice! Paul and I have been apart only a night at a time, and when were apart we always had the phone so it was okay. He is in Honduras, and he has emailed me once and he cannot call. Not hearing from him ruins my whole day. We talk pretty much every hour of everyday, (whether by phone, email or text, depending on his work load). Not hearing from him makes the distance so hard. This is only for a week for me, and I am going crazy! Our poor military wives have to endure this for years on end, and they only get to see their husbands for only a few weeks, and then back to battle! I really appreciate your sacrifice, military wives, and I will continue to pray for your husbands and now I will be praying for y'all too! ♥

Paul, I am so in love with you Honey, and I am lost here without you! I cannot wait for you to come home where you belong! I am so blessed to call you my husband! It is midnight, and I am wide awake because your side of the bed is empty! :( I miss you so terribly, and I love you even more! ♥


  1. Tricia, I totally agree! I miss Kempton so much when he's gone; I can hardly sleep! Praise God for bringing Paul home safely! -Caryn

  2. HI! I found your blog through Marina(pennylanedesigns)and a comment you had made on her site. When I was looking at your(way too cute blog)I noticed this post. Well, it had me in tears because my dh Chad is in the Navy Reserves and is serving on a second deployment. He has been gone for almost 2 yrs with maybe a month and a half leave time in that period. We have two girls. I know I've only been able to do it by the grace of god. Thanks so much for this..most of the time I think nobody cares! You did amazing on your blog design!~Alison Sage