Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jersey's got a girlfriend!

There was a country song by the Wilkinsons called, "Jimmy's got a girlfriend," hence the title.

Jersey has a girlfriend! Introducing Moose, or Moo for short! Isn't this a great picutre of my friend B? Seriously, B, you look awesome! :) Moo is 7 weeks old and already about the size of Jersey. Jersey weighs 18 lbs, and Moo will weigh over 100! WOW! She sure is precious though! :) Look at the size of her feet!
Yep it "snowed" yesterday here in Houston. All you northerners need to understand that to us Houstonians, what occurred yesterday was rare, and it DOES count as snow! ;) Here is a shot of my window from inside my car, (I was at HEB, and too embarrassed to let people see me taking a picture of the "snow" so I did it inside my car)! lol
I went by The Kingdom today, and so I FINALLY got a shot in the light! We are waiting on carpet, our door, and appliances, and THAT IS IT! Why do we have to wait till January 13th to close? :(


  1. Brooke showed us pictures on Wednesday. Moo is such a pretty dog. And I agree, Brooke looks awesome in that picture.

  2. What kind of dog is that?? It looks like it has a little hound in it!

  3. Sorry Haley, its a Mastiff... I forget which kind though...