Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My New Love Language

If you want to show me love, show Annie love. It's pretty simple. :)

When we went to Fenway Park, everyone was super sweet to Annie. There is a little section for kids to go to if it's their first time to the park. They get a pin that reads, "my first time at Fenway," a baggie of Fenway park dirt, etc.

In that room, we met a police officer who asked where our seats were and he told us he'd be at first base. (our seats were in the back of the grandstand-where the wheelchair seats are-along the first base line. Basically we could search and find him, but he'd probably never find us.)

Right before the game started, (after the teams got to practice), I looked up and the police officer was walking towards us! How in the world did he a. remember where we would be and b. actually find us?!

He said hi to us and then handed Annie a practice ball!

Would it have been cool if it had been a home run ball? Of course. Would it have been cool if it had been signed? Totally.

But, the fact that the police officer took the time to get the ball, remember where we would be, and took the time to find us...It is absolutely priceless to me!

I was so very touched. I'm still mad at myself that I wasn't bold enough to ask him to take a picture with Annie.

So, displayed in our room is a practice ball that the Red Sox or the Blue Jays used. It has Fenway Park dirt stained on it.  It's worthless to most people. To me, it's a priceless reminder of a stranger's love shown towards our precious Annie! (and as a Red Sox fan, it's pretty cool too. lol)

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  1. Such a sweet memory! I like you display case too!