Monday, November 17, 2008

House Update and Picture Catch Up Day!

Drywall going up...
Drywall completed!
Our trim is painted! :) Color is hard to see...

Patiently awaiting bricking to begin. Probably today actually! See the sand they will use to mortar! Oh, and like our garage door? :)


Since Blogger wouldn't let me upload pics for so long, here are some pics that would have been posted. AND, the first couple are from this weekend, Enjoy!

For the middle school sleepover, the girls got to ride in a stretch Hummer limo. The girls were SO excited!!!
In the limo
Yesterday I went to R's 9th birthday party! She was one of my faves at Extended day. I met her when she was in Kindergarten!
Me and R

On a Wednesday night with the high schoolers, we all dressed alike! It was crazy! If only I were still blonde!
E and me at the high school sleepover back in October.

My Lobster's truck was so happy to feel like a truck again!!! Don't you love the red barn?! Our friends at Church offered us some hay bails for a Halloween outreach so we went to pick them up. They live 2 minutes up the road from our house, and they said we can ride anytime. When we move in, I WILL take them up on that!! :)
This was SO SCARY!!! Not being up there, but having to come down!!! The steepest ladder ever, and getting on to it was SO HARD!!! (You almost have to jump over a ledge to get onto it).

I fed the horses with hay that had fallen out of the bails. :)


  1. Aw, cute pics of the horses and Cole. Weird about y'all dressing alike.....

    Oh, and Tricia, (I'm a country girl so I know this...) a hay bale is spelled bale, not bail. ;)