Wednesday, July 8, 2009

False Alarm, Again

I am getting sick of thinking I am pregnant.

I AM NOT. Just to clarify.

Two days ago my lower back was hurting and it made my leg hurt too. Like- it felt like my legs were swelling, only it hurt terribly. I have had this leg feeling before when I am hormonal, but not to that degree- it hurt so bad I almost sat down in the middle of Hobby Lobby! So the night before last I went to bed at 9:30 PM and I woke up at 12:30 PM. I made myself get out of bed because of the time, but I honestly could have continued sleeping all day long. I knew something was wrong. Everyone I talked to thought I was pregnant, I did too.

I am obviously not, but now I am looking into what caused my back pain. Oh, I have had this pain (back and legs) for years, and it just got really bad the other day. I have a dr appointment on Friday so please pray that something can be concluded about the pain. :)

If you remember from this post, I am getting sick of these false alarms. I am so ok with not being pregnant, but when I get symptoms, you bet I'm gonna get excited! When I t
ook the test this morning and told Paul the results we were both a little disappointed. :/

Something cute about my hubs- he said that if I was pregnant he wanted to make the facebook and other announcements! See the problem we have with false alarms- we get too excited, so then we get let down.


In FUN baby news, with these false alarms, we have decided officially on baby n
ames! :)

Trista Marie Keierleber
Bradford Paul Keierleber

I wasn't 100% sold on Trista. I love the name, but I worried it was too close to mine. First of all, people do Jr. all the time, so who cares if this is close. Secondly, this is the name Paul "has to have." I asked him how bad he wanted it. I through out all other possibilities that I knew he liked. I asked him if he would fight me for it if I wanted a different name. He said yes.
That was all I needed to hear! :) So if it is a girl, her name will be Trista. Oh my middle name is Marie also, so it will be:

Tricia Marie Keierleber and Trista Marie Keierleber

I also went through all the boys names we liked. Tops were: Carter, Cooper, and Bradford. He liked Bradford the best. I went through the whole list of names we liked again, and he still wanted Bradford. Works for me. :)

Last year, I wrote a list of possible kids' names and showed it to PK- it had about 15 names per gender. Trista and Bradford were both high on the list for me. So I picked
the names first, and gave him the final say. Works for me! :)

Also just for fun, what Trista and Bradford might look like. ;)


  1. so sorry about your health!! I will say a prayer for you. Hopefully the doctor can figure that out. Maybe it is a ruptured disc or something putting pressure on that leg!

    and I love the Gosselin kids lol you guys will have adorable kids!

  2. I hope the docs can fix your back pain. I know how living with that can be; it's not fun. You know, there's no cause for "worry" about getting pregnant - you're married, want babies, etc. Besides most of the time you don't even know you are pregnant until a missed period. Other symptoms come later. We will be thrilled the day ya'll announce you guys are with child. We can't wait. Love you.

  3. Those are some adorable "potential" kiddos! I say you keep "not trying" and see what God has in store! I am convinced there is no greater blessing in this world than your own child. Oh my goodness, it's overwhelming! You'll be a precious mama!

  4. i thought you were adopting??