Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book and Adoption Update

Latest from my illustrator:

"I've done all the pencil sketching, line work, and started adding color last week. The illustrations are currently in a mid-month review with my director..."

Latest on the adoption front:

Recently, we have felt called to adopt from Africa. I have a friend who has adopted from Ethiopia, and we are planning to go the same route. Please pray as we pray and prepare for this process. It may be quite awhile before we begin it, but prayers would be greatly appreciated! :)

Here is something to chew over: growing up I used to wonder why anyone would adopt overseas when we have so many orphans here in America.* Here is what I realized:
Orphans here have
1. Running Water
2. Roofs over their heads
3. Access to education
4. Shoes
5. Opportunities to hear about Jesus
6. IT'S AMERICA- besides not having a family, they have access to pretty much everything!

Now, don't get me wrong, American children still deserve to be adopted- ALL ORPHANS SHOULD BE ADOPTED! I am just showing you why my above train of thought (*) was incorrect.

Below, some precious Ethiopian angels.

My heart aches.

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  1. How exciting. Can't wait to buy one of your books. :)