Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rip my heart out...

Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy was snatched before her eyes by a COYOTE! Isn't that heartbreaking?! Now she has search and rescue out looking for her, and a reward. Sorry, Jess, but I think it is a lost cause. Now, don't get me wrong- if this happened to Jersey, I would throw logic out the window and probably do the same thing. So sad. Isn't that a precious puppy though?


  1. This breaks my heart!!!
    I KNOW I would do the same thing for our lady "allie" though. :)

    We should get together sometime! It's been WAY too long! Catching up would be FUN!

  2. Agreed - it is very much a lost cause. How crazy/random though?!

  3. ok, people in Calif always think either a hawk or coyote carry their small animals away..