Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Christmas

In mid December we had a family Christmas with my mom's side of the family.
Princess Sweetpea! (I think this is a crown for my mom's dogs. lol) Perfect fit for our princess!
Sweetpea and Leah, (my first cousin, Sweetpea's second cousin).
They are a month apart in age :)
Pretty girl about to open presents
She got a baby Cabbage Patch Kid from my aunt, (her great aunt).
The baby was a hit among the 2 year olds :)
Sweetpea loves her new baby :)
My sister, Sweetpea's Auntay bought her this Tiana. Obviously we love her!
In awe of her newest Tiana :)
Taking a break from opening to play with her baby

In mid sentence- so cute! lol
Pretty girl. :)
The next day Sweetpea showing off her new Tiana
Going in for the kiss :)
Kisses of gratitude for Auntay :)
"Where are Tiana's eyes?" HA!
in awe again of her awesome Tiana :)

Thanks again, Auntay!
Playing with her baby from her great aunt.
She kept asking to "stand up"... she knows she has to stand to push her stroller. :)
Her legs may not work properly, but her brain sure does. She'll be walking before we know it folks. :) (ps notice her funky smile) lol
Bye for now!

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