Saturday, January 21, 2012

She's Back!

Hey Bloggy friends! Can you believe I am actually on a computer composing a real blog spot?! I know, it's crazy!
My computer crashed and I still haven't recovered my pictures- still praying I can recover them. We got a new computer for Christmas. :) I have some pictures on my camera that I have downloaded from Christmas which I will be posting soon. :)
Here is a fun CRAFT post. MAN, it feels good to post about crafts again! :)
Here are some Christmas gifts I made using my Cricut.


When we were packing to move I took a break to do this below project. I had put it on hold for sooo long, and I knew if I didn't do it before we packed my sewing machine that it could be a long long time until I was able to tackle it.
For my 21st birthday, Mr. Incredible bought me this princess jacket. I was ecstatic! Princess clothes for adults! I love Belle, but I am not really a fan of Snow White and I DO NOT like Aladdin. This jacket is very comfortable and I wear it all the time. I also started to feel uncomfortable wearing a half naked Jasmine to church. Then I had a tshirt that I was in love with but it didn't fit that well. So, I pulled out my sewing machine...
Goodbye sweet princesses- well sweet Belle. Peace out, Jasmine.
Fabric pinned in place...
All done :)
I had to make it big to cover all the princesses- normally I would not have made the layout so large
Proof that I am not perfect, (did you really need proof lol). I was so nervous sewing this project. I had no instruction or anything I just ran with it, (pretty much how I do everything lol). Everything went perfectly. Until the Africa part. It was the most important part of this and that is the part that messed up! BUMMER! Of well! Still cute! :)

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