Monday, September 24, 2012

Returned Concern

In June Annie was sleeping all day long, so we took her to the Dr assuming it was her head.

Dr said the sleeping had nothing to do with her head, but wanted to operate anyway because the cyst was large.

After surgery, she returned to a normal sleep schedule. Def makes you think it had to be her head, right?!

Last week, (or maybe the week before, I can't remember), she started sleeping all day again. (so she had a good 3 months of a normal, consistent 10-12 hour sleep schedule up to this point).

I have been waking her up, but today I let her sleep as a test.

She went to sleep at 8pm and its almost 1pm and she's still out. That's 17 hours y'all!

Thankfully we have a pre scheduled Dr appointment on Wednesday. Prayers appreciated!

Here's a sweet pic of her just waking up on Saturday. :)

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