Thursday, August 1, 2013

On the Death of Finn Hudson

First of all, I'm so sad about Cory Monteith's death. I just finished watching my 3 seasons of Glee on DVD in memory of him. Lea has my heart at this time; I'm just heart broken for her!

Fox has announced that drugs will be what kills Finn on Glee.

I read some of the comments in regards their decision, and I'm more than annoyed.

First of all, I think it honors his memory to have Finn die of drugs. As Ryan Murphy mentioned, if it can save a life, it will be worth it. Also, they've consulted Lea and the Monteith's on this decision, so your opinion doesn't matter. (harsh but true)

I also read how people are shocked that Finn would die of drugs and that it doesn't fit his character.  It didn't fit Cory's character either. That's the thing with addiction...addicts are not all terrible people that do terrible things. Some are quite lovely, just like Cory. Why else do you think Cory's death was such a shock to us? It's because he didn't seem like an addict. Addiction is a disease, and many, like Cory, never show symptoms.

As a fan of Glee, (and besides the fact that I think the drug storyline is a great idea in general),  I can see how perfectly the drug storyline fits in the show.

Do you remember how Finn's dad died? He always was told it was fighting in Desert Storm. In his senior year, Finn finds out his dad starting doing drugs and died of an overdose. This news devastates him as we see in the show. He never truly finds his way after this. Does anyone else see this as a perfect way to have Finn fall into the same path as his father? It makes perfect sense (in an eery, foreshadowing way of course).

I just had to put it out there to show my support for this storyline. I look forward to the episode, but I also dread it. I'm truly heartbroken over Cory's death and am still shocked by it.

I trust glee will do a great job honoring Cory/Finn and will do an equally good job educating everyone on the effects of drug addiction. You have my support. :)

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