Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disneyland Day 2

Getting ready for day 2!

Just waiting for the park to open :)

There was no photopass photographer, nor was there a line for this photo op spot, so we jumped in and quickly got a pic of Paul and Annie since he missed this photo op the day before. 

Riding rides!

 I didn't think Annie would be able to ride many rides since she is so tiny- 35 inches. But, she rode: Pinocchio, Dumbo, Tea Cups, Alice in Wonderland, It's a Small World, (at Disneyland), and Monster's Inc, Little Mermaid, King Triton's carousel (at California Adventure). There were more at both parks she could have ridden, but these were the ones we chose. 

 Dumbo, obviously lol
 On top of flying, Paul doesn't do rides well. So he sat out most, but was able to get in this photo op. :)
 Tea cups, obviously lol

Riding Alice in Wonderland:

 It's a Small World:

We loved this ride! :)

 We've been collecting old Disney shows: Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Talespin and Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers. We were thrilled to find Chip and Dale. :)

 We found a train and boarded it thinking it was just a ride. Well, it actually took you from place to place around the park, (or you could take a round trip). We had heard that Tiana was not scheduled to appear this day, but if she did she would be at New Orleans Square. So, we requested to be dropped off there since Tiana was high on our list, (and seeing as Annie was dressed as Tiana that day!lol). Annie's dumbo is actually a popcorn bucket, and we had to have it! ;)

New Orleans Square:

We looked/asked around New Orleans Square for Tiana to no avail. So we decided to eat there and give her a little more time to show. Annie danced to the jazz band and was given beads.  They also played while we ate...

We had committed over an hour and a half to New Orleans in hopes Tiana would show herself. While waiting, we had a painting done of Annie:

 LOVE it! I just wish they would have painted her fro larger and truer to size. :)

After we left to let her painting dry, we ran into friends and they asked if we saw Tiana, "she was here 5 minutes ago." 

Y'all, I could have screamed. Not cool. So we spent even more time waiting for Tiana! Picked up her painting, walked around stores, etc. I told one cashier about our plight to meet Tiana, and she picked up the phone and left a message, "a little girl in a wheelchair, dressed as Tiana, has been waiting over 2 hours to meet Tiana and just missed her. Please call me back to let me know if she will be returning."

I don't know if the message was ever returned. Finally defeated and quite irritated/mad/sad/etc, we got in the line to go back to Fantasyland. We had already wasted 2 hours, we had to give up. 

While in line for the train, my cell phone rang, "TIANA IS BACK!"

As you can imagine, seeing Tiana not only with a mini Tiana, but a mini Tiana in a wheelchair was a show stopper! I heard everyone around saying to each other, "oh, you have to get a picture of that! etc" So it seems that Annie will be in many other people's scrapbooks. lol

 She was so worth the wait and definitely one of the highlights!

Next we went back to Fantasyland and Toon Town:

Ok, crazy story. We were in line to meet Daisy and the cast member asked to line to move over (like maybe 10 feet over). So, I looked at the person in front of me and made sure to stay behind her. Well two grown men thought they would be clever and ran ahead of us in line (yeah, run ahead of the slow moving family- slow moving because their child is in a wheelchair!!!). If you know me, I tend to get walked all over, but not this time- are you kidding me?! So I stepped right next to them in line- into my rightful spot behind my former line leader. As the line inched forward, I officially reclaimed my spot. I could see the men making faces behind my back and I was just thinking, "say something. go on, say it, you'll be sorry." Obviously they never did because they knew they were at fault. But, come on, can you believe their behavior?!

 Daisy bowing to princess Annie...
 Notice Annie's feet? She got freaked out...
 Daisy felt bad for making her cry! lol
 One of the greatest pics of the trip, if not all time! I was moving in to save Annie, (these pics were taken by photopass photogs), and they kept shooting. Like any well trained girl, when someone lifts a camera, you say "cheese." So Annie is smiling through her terrified tears. PRICELESS


 Annie was elated to meet Mickey! She waved at him the entire time she was in line and called out, "Hi Mickey!!" No other child participated, so it was no surprise when Mickey waved and communicated back with Annie multiple times. :)

Annie was still nervous Mickey would touch her... 

 She hated leaving him and was totally in love with him- as long has he kept his hands to himself. Though, he blew her a kiss and she blew one back to him. :)

 The photog told Paul to be a strong man and told Annie to pose like a princess. :)

As we were collecting our things after this shoot, we heard Snow White was around the corner. Annie's newest love is Snow White, so we had to find her!

We found her. And, y'all, my camera died. Then my back up camera's memory card was full after only 6 shots of Snow White. When it was time to take the posed picture, I had to use my cell! Thank God for smartphones! Now you see why I was upset about the photopass photogs not being at every photo op!

Then we went to Fantasy Faire and got to meet Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora. (The only princess of our favorites that we missed was Belle). Annie has not seen The Little Mermaid yet, but she knew who Ariel was. I would have skipped her if she wasn't in Fantasy Faire, but I am so glad I didn't! The cast member who plays Ariel was AMAZING! I seriously can't look at their pics without getting choked up!
 While the pics with Ariel make me weepy, this shot has the same effect. Just look at the joy in Annie's face!

 I mean, y'all, come on!

 Blowing kisses... 
 ...she caught it!
 Come on y'all...if you're not all gooey inside yet you must not have a heart. ;)

Three more family Photopass shots, then day 3 tomorrow...


  1. Aww....this is my favorite!thats so special that Annie got to meet tianna. I love her expression with all of the princesses! I've never been to Disney land (been to dw more times than I can count and love it!) and now I really want to go one day! Btw, that's a great deal with the photographers- I never knew that was an option! All of our pics are of just Daniel or me because we feel bad asking others to take our picture...I'll keep this in mind next time we go!

  2. I am absolutely loving each and every one of these pictures! You got so many great ones!!! Annie is just a beauty and I love seeing the light in her eyes with all of the princesses. The ones with Tiana are definitely my faves. So very special :)