Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boston 2013, Day 2

Just file this under "better late than never!" I have once again come to the library to steal borrow their internet. :) (many pics were taken by Brooke- giving credit where credit is due.) :) I tried to get these pics in order, but you'll see down the line that they get a little out of order. Oh well! lol
It rained day one, and days 3 and 4 were looking pretty bad too, so we crammed so much into day 2 (the only sunny day)! It was crazy but worth it!
Since we were right by Fenway, we ran over to get a few shots with the park before changing and starting our day!

 As you can see, this was less than a month since the marathon bombing. B Strong/Boston Strong was everywhere. :)

 We sat to take this pic, and thankfully Brooke caught Annie's impromptu hug. :)
 The years we became Keierlebers :)

We changed and headed to Prudential so we could do the Skywalk, (I was very excited to do this since it was too foggy last time). As you may have guessed, I had become quite discouraged about Annie's wheelchair at this time. It was a lot of work wheeling on the cobblestone streets, carrying her on the steps, in and out of the T, etc. I started to think future trips to Boston would not happen, (now that we have used her wheelchair for longer than 2 weeks, I have a little more confidence lol).
On our way to the Pru, we met a guy our age. With no legs. In a wheelchair. He was sent by God, I have no doubt. I really was near tears the day before many times, (navigating a wheelchair is not the easiest, and how would Annie ever do it alone!?). He was there by himself, and apparently took trips all over the country often by himself- nothing held him back! He didn't just stop to talk to us, but joined us on our trip to the Pru, and was with us on the skywalk. A total hug from God, let me tell you!
The Pru:

On the skywalk. It was about $25/person, but oh so worth it!


 so thankful Brooke caught this!

As I said before, this was right after the bombing, and this is the finish line (well right next to it)...

A church had allowed pray ribbons placed, and it was pretty awesome:

I didn't write this, but truer words never written ;)
Then we made our way to the Boston Common and the Public Gardens.

A lady passed by on her cell, so of course Annie had to mimic her! 

Tired yet? I was exhausted! We set out after 9 and it was nearing 5 at this point!
 We ventured to the North End to FINALLY try Lobster Tails. I was disappointed- not in Mike's, but because it was not exactly like what I had in Greece! 7 years later, my search continues for those illusive, tasty treats I had in Greece.
 Another out of order, but we saw this at QM, and Annie was so excited to see Fenway Park! :)
 On the T, headed back to change for the game!
 Paul took this pic last time, so now it was Annie's turn. :)
 She got this "my first game at Fenway" button among other things (see later), for her first game. :)
 Dancing to music and having a blast! She would call out waving, "Hi Fenway Park! Hi Wally!"


 Annie's view- poor kid! lol

 Before the game, we got to meet Sam Horn at the Yawkey Way Store. :)
 and here are more of the goodies she got for her first time at Fenway! :)
 Annie's special ball- read about it here.

Unfortunately, Annie started crying and becoming uncharacteristically fussy around the 3rd inning. We left way too early, but that was just the beginning of our bummers...

 Our hotel at night :)
Citgo :)
With the lights and tv on, and while mommy and Brooke talked and got ready for bed, Annie crashed. Once again atypical Annie. I should have seen all this as a sign for what was to come the next day...

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