Monday, February 24, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date

I am waaaaay behind in posting, and will try to catch up as quickly as possible.
By the way, have you checked out our little celebrity?
Carousel and her BFF had a Daddy Daughter Date at Chick Fil A the week of Valentine's Day. They had a blast!
Mommies weren't allowed, so I sat in the corner, taking pictures and creapin' on their date. ;)

 To commemorate their date, Daddy bought Carousel an elephant named, "Valentine." When she sees him now, she says, "look! It is my daddy daughter date elephant!" :)

 Carousel and her BFF, the guests of honor. :)

 Chick fil A had waiters and "fancy" food displays to make the dates extra special. :)
 Eating her pink ice cream :)
 all the girls were given roses as the entered CFA.

 Can you tell they are doing the "cha cha slide?"
 the last time Carousel saw the cow at CFA, she got so scared/upset that she threw up all over the place. I was nervous to how she'd react...
 Carousel's BFF jammin' out!

 They gave the girls mini cows. "Look at my cow, Daddy!"
 Uh oh, he's baaack...
 She turned her wheels to face him...
 success! (too bad it is out of focus!). :/ All she talked about after that point is that she got to meet and dance with the cow at CFA! :)
 Carousel's BFF showing the cow her mini cow. :)
 She would not look at the camera...
 and this is what I get for telling her to LOOK at the camera! lol
 Beautiful BFF :)
They had a blast and look forward to many future date nights! :)


  1. Such a great idea for CFA to host a daddy daughter dinner. Too cute. Here's my blog...please add!

  2. Oh my, my, my those pics are gorgeous! What a sweet moment to capture! Red certainly looks good on your little sweetie!