Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suprise Snow

It is no secret that I love snow. Not just a little, I am completely obsessed with it.
Yesterday it was supposed to get into the 70's and we wore short sleeves. In true Texas fashion, we were in for a weather surprise!
I stayed up way too late last night and around 3 am I heard rain and what I sounded like sleet. That's strange (and really, raining alone is strange out here in the desert climate we live in)...
I went and checked and sure enough, sleet! I then checked the weather on my phone and saw it was supposed to snow today! WHAT?!?!?! As you can imagine I had a hard time falling to sleep- even at 3 am! lol
My love for snow and the joy it brings me has been multiplied since getting Carousel. The joy I felt waking her up to tell her it was snowing...  She shot right up and was so excited to go outside! We spent an hour and a half outside!
Honestly, snow days like this are better than a week at Disney for me- and if you know me, you know that is quite a statement!
I am just overwhelmed with joy today. Thank You God for this unexpected, wonderful blessing. :) I really am so grateful and overcome with joy and emotion. Snow is one of my love languages.  That is undeniable.
Without further adieu, here is my picture overload. But considering these were chosen from the 1144 pictures I took today, there really aren't that many! lol 

Throwing snow- be still my heart!


 Left is the snow angel from our back yard (grass) and right is the snow angel in our front yard, (rock). I always dreamed of making snow angels and now I have 2 from my little angel. Somebody pinch me!
 My favorite hands in the world!

 While singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?" (per her request), I made Olaf for Carousel. I would have/could have made him much bigger, but I built him without gloves. Yeah, pain sets in pretty quickly! lol
 she was smitten
 I mean really- just look at her joy! Makes me emotional just looking at it!
 I know she is mine, but man she sure is gorgeous!

Helping to build Olaf:

 snow in the face...
 checking it out! one of my favs!

 I started throwing snow to make an effect for the pictures and some got stuck on her mouth. :) She didn't know quite what to do with it! lol

 And of course Carousel got her throw on too! ;)

 She keeps telling me she had a blast today! :)


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  1. Sweet pics! We have so much snow here! I think Annie would be absolutely overjoyed or overwhelmed! :-)