Saturday, August 23, 2008

#4 Completed!

Both of our households are pinching pennies since we are both building homes! I had buy one get one free coupons that expired 9-8-08, and Spaghetti Warehouse is my FAV restaurant, so we had to make this a priority. :)

Me and my hubby... I LOVED this pic on the camera, but seeing it this large might hurt my opinion! He sure looks handsome though! :)

Me and B! Such a great friend, and future Aunt to our future kids! :) I love this picture of us... minus my double chin... even when I was a skinny little 5 year old I had a double chin... I think I need more of a chin bone or something... lol


  1. Stop being so hard on yourself; you look gorgeous!

  2. I was just about to say stop criticizing yourself but I see others beat me to it... you are beautiful (inside & out!)!!!