Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Poems...

Last week, as most of you may have noticed, I have found some inspiration for poetry. I have never been poetic, but in three days I wrote 5 poems, 2 songs, and 1 children's book in poem form. Let me tell you, I was more surprised than you are! The second "song" I wrote was for Tracie which I may share this week. We shall see. It seems my muses are my future children, and of course my relationship with Christ! Enjoy:

Worth It

Across the oceans
Or in the next room,
Living in an orphanage
Or in your mother’s womb.

We don’t know who you are,
But we know who you’ll be:
A precious addition
To our little family.

The days feel like years,
All we do is wait.
We’ll never become parents
It seems at this rate!

You are so worth the wait
And are so worth the fight,
But living without you
Just doesn’t seem right!

Wherever you are,
Just know this is true:
We’ll love you forever
Because we already do!


We Already Love You, Whoever You Are

We already love you
Whoever you are
Wherever you’re living
No matter how far!

We already love you
Whoever you’ll be!
Nothing can stop our love,
This in time you will see!

We already love you
As your Mommy and Dad,
But waiting for our baby
Does make us a bit sad!

We already love you
But God loves you more!
His love makes us rich,
Even if we are poor!

We already love you
Though we don’t know your name
We love you today
And forever will be the same!


  1. That was weird...I just posted some of my poetry, then I checked your blog, and there was yours.

    I love the poems, as always. I always feel the emotion in your poetry because I know you're speaking from the heart. Brava!