Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Evolution of a Ring

This post is purely for fun. :) Enjoy! :)

This is my engagement and wedding ring:
I felt convicted about this ring. It was a 2.1 karat diamond, and I felt when people saw it they thought I valued the things of this world and that it could hurt my testimony. Read more about it here and here.
When I sold the ring, I bought this one as a replacement.
For our 2nd anniversary I got this ring. It is a stackable James Avery ring. It is our anniversary stone, and then we were going to stack the kids' stones.
Well, we want more than 2 kids, and that is all the room I would have with the stackable rings. So, we decided to go with this ring to symbolize all the kids. You see, we decided to adopt all our kids in June 08, so we chose June birthstone to symbolize all our kiddos.

Then a dilemma hit. You see, I wanted to replace my wedding band with the gold version. I felt like people saw my ring and thought I didn't value my marriage or was trying to hide it or something. So, I thought getting the ring in gold would help it be more obvious that it indeed was a wedding ring. That ring at James Avery is over $200. Not too bad but still. So I started playing with my rings and this is what I came up with:
I will wear the stackable ring as my wedding ring, and the band will be worn on my other hand. Looks more legit huh, (sorry it is so out of focus).

This saves us the $200+ for the gold ring and it saves us the money from the other ring since I am nixing the stackable ring idea.

They have the same remembrance things, but for charms instead of just rings! I am going to start a necklace of our anniversary and each kids' birthstone. This way I can include all the kids! :) When we go shopping for our anniversary, I will post my new necklace! ;)

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  1. I love your new ring idea...and I love the remembrance rings from James Avery!! I told my husband just a while ago that I wanted to get one for my future children...but I never thought about getting one for the month we got married to represent us, I love that idea. I am going to have to do that. :)

    Also, wow, your first ring was awesome. My engagement ring is very modest and sometimes I think my husband spent too much on it. Sometimes I get a little jealous when I see massive rocks on my friend's hands, but then I think about how many house payments I could make ;)