Monday, April 12, 2010

Boston Day One: April 6

Ok, the Boston post could be really long so I am breaking it down into days!

Before I get there, I must do a Bolt update:

Saturday night before we left, Bolt had pain in his back leg. Bad pain. We just assumed it was a twisted ankle or something, and left him with the sitter on Monday as planned, (thanks again Brooke)! When we returned home on Friday, he was shaking profusely and when I picked him up he yelped. The rest of night on Friday and on Saturday too, he wouldn't jump onto the bed or couch and he yelped if you picked him up or if he jumped off the furniture. Remember how I said we thought it was his back leg, well now it seemed to be his front leg, rib cage and back. By Saturday night, we were greatly concerned, (we would be been concerned sooner, but we got home at 1:30AM on Friday- well Saturday technically- and that morning at 7 we had to leave for adoption training which we didn't get home from till 7PM). So, we took him to the ER with fears it could be a broken back, (not likely since he could still walk), or a tumor of sorts which was causing the all over, inconsistent pain and the shaking. Turns out he has a bulged disc, which ironically I have as well. Mr. Incredible says it must be genetic. ;) The shaking was caused by his pain. :/ Thank you if you joined us in praying for him, as you see we thought it was REALLY bad! We are so thankful to God that it was not!

Back to Boston Day One:

The whole plane ride there was cloudy, but made for really cool pics.
Do you see the red bricks? All over Boston, there are red brick/red paint lines. These mark the Freedom Trail. You can follow this 2mile+ line to see major historical landmarks. AWESOME!
This is the state house.
This pic may not be the greatest, but it will go down in history as one of our priceless memories. You see, we were about to take separate pics when someone offered to take our pic together. Awesome! After this pic we told her it was our anniversary and she asked if she could pray for us. SO COOL! Then she began to share the Gospel with us. We told her that we too were believers. She went on to tell us that she, (and the group she was with), was there to pray for revival in New England. During the conversation the adoption came up so she again prayed for the adoption, as well as our walk with the Lord. PRICELESS.
The trees were amazing there. This pic is pretty cool too. You see, being from Texas, we know that we are very friendly and the North is not, (with the exception of a few- Traci). ;) Anyway, we were about to take another lone pic when a man offered to take our pic. He was a Bostonian, and after the pic he stopped and talked to us for a good while about places we should go etc. We learned very quickly that Boston was actually a more friendly town than anywhere we had been in Texas. Are you as shocked as we were?
One of the reasons why I first became a Red Sox fan was the love the town had for it. Here is a random office building showing its spirit! :)
Our hotel- over 150 years old!

Mr. Incredible being himself. :)

Day one was full of the Freedom trail, and hanging out at Faniuel Hall/Quincy Market. I didn't post many pics from this day at the Freedom Trail. Day two, two words: RED SOX!

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