Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend we are moving into our new Church home. Sunday is our last Sunday at AMC! Next Sunday we will be in our new home!!! We are ecstatic!!! Those are our plans for Father's Day. I celebrated my "Father to be" already, (even though technically he is a daddy already- anytime after this MONDAY!!!) I'll get to that later... first a few pics:
Behind our house- see all the birds in flight?
Yes, there are 2 drains in this pic, and a half filled lake, but I had to keep this pic cause ever time I say it on my camera it was like, wow. I think it is those amazing clouds with the blue blue sky and the green green grass. Too pretty not to post. :)
The last few weeks, we have had 2 blue dragonflies in our backyard. Maybe there are more of them, but there always seem to be 2 hanging around. I have seen other colors in the front yard, but our 2 blues stick to the back. Is it their territory maybe? :) Anyway, not only are they a nice shade of blue, but they are enormous!!! BTW, this is with 20x zoom, and it is still crystal clear- I love my camera!!

Now onto Father's day. Mr. Incredible is so bad at surprises. He never can wait to give me my gift. So, I return the favor, and give him his gifts early. :) He also happens to be terribly cheap. I am frugal. He is cheap. Yes, there is a difference! lol Anyway, he asked me not to do anything for Father's day and I told him that was too bad. I had a plan for months that was cheap but useful and meaningful.
DD in Boston was on every corner. LITERALLY. We had two within 2 minutes walking distance from our hotel. Go up a little further,and you will find another one. They are EVERYWHERE! And you thought Starbucks was bad. We get home and Walmart has an end cap full of all DD coffees. Mr. Incredible stops to have a sniff and reminisce. {BTW he doesn't drink coffee- just likes the smell of DD, brings him back to Boston} Genius struck.
I was going to buy the beans, but when I went to buy them they were no longer there. BUMMER. So, I had to settle for the ground coffee. What did I make, you wonder? An air freshener for our bathroom. When I gave it to him, he just held it up to his nose, sniffed and smiled. Great gift indeed. :) {Our bathroom smells AMAZING BTW}

He also received pics of our boys for his office, and 3 nail polishes. I know, that seems weird. They are for me!! He really likes my nails painted, so I am stocking up in many different colors, and plan to change it up weekly for him. :)

In marriage it is the little things sometimes. What is something small that you can do for your hubs that will make him happy- and I mean truly small like painting your nails. {not like cleaning out the garage, that is big lol} (now this is not in a sexual context at all, just something small he likes, that can add a smile. Maybe wear more perfume, wear less makeup, etc).


  1. what a sweet sweet creative gift! And I so know what you mean- I don't drink DD coffee, but there is nothing life the smell and it has always reminded me of Boston (and New England) since I was a child and my parents would have cups in the car as we traveled. An air freshener is brilliant! I keep a small jar of coffee in the car for the same reason, but never thought of expanding on the idea. I will now thanks to you!

  2. I get the feeling we won't really be out of the theater next week...but what do I know. :)