Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today I got to photograph a wedding with Steven Leonard Photography. My job was to get candids of everyone, and I spent most of the time with the bride.

I was scrolling through my settings to see how much memory I had left, (I never had checked it before, but since this was official I wanted to be sure), and somehow I DELETED ALL THE IMAGES. Yep, you read correctly. All 100+ priceless WEDDING day photographs GONE.

I felt faint. It is hours later and I still feel HORRIBLE. Luckily they were not the main photographs, but still. Mr. Incredible and I are about to go out because I HAVE to get my mind off of this, otherwise I will not be able to sleep tonight!

Driving home, right after I messed up royally, I was in tears asking God why this happened. It is odd, when terrible things, (death etc), happen I don't question God cause I know they are for His glory. But why did I have to lose the pictures that to the bride were priceless, and to me helped give me experience and somewhat of a portfolio? Well, the only thing I can think of is that this is to teach me humility.

I had to humble myself enough to tell Steve of my mishap. I had to humble myself to admit it on here. This experience was a huge reminder how truly imperfect I am. We all mess up. I just happened to mess up big time.

I usually don't post without pictures, but obviously there will be no pics this time. :/


  1. I read somewhere that they still might be retrievable.

  2. Oh man I am so sorry. I know that you feel horrible, I am so sorry , you are such a kind heart that it will eat at you. But know it was a true accident.

  3. Try this link:

    It could help you get those images back. Mike said to give it a try.

  4. I agree with Cathy and Brandi.. I've heard you can retrieve them, maybe go to a camera store and talk to them or google it, but don't adjust too many things before talking to a professional... I've seen Steven Leonard's work, I'm sure he got great photos, just a bummer you took the time and effort and lost yours :(

  5. Humility is so hard to take isn't it!?!? My flesh hates it, but my spirit longs for it because it's what keep me like Jesus. My favorite humility verse is, "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble"(James 4:6). Praise the Lord, you have been given much grace!