Sunday, May 1, 2011


Apparently Bin Laden is dead.

I am a little skeptical still, but ya know.

While I find myself rejoicing a bit with everyone else, I find this very interesting too...

Who would you say deserves to go to hell? I have mentioned hell on this blog many times and I have probably lost many readers because of the truths I have shared.

Many people say that God is too loving to send anyone to hell.

Then you mention Hitler or Osama and immediately people say they are in hell. {I have seen many statuses to prove this on FB}

Now, I too believe they are both in hell, but I know there are many decent people in hell too.

You can't say that God is too good to send people to hell, but then accept the fact so quickly that Osama is in hell. You can't believe two things- only one is true.

The TRUTH is that "all have sinned and have fallen short of hte glroy of God," Romans 3:23, and "the wages of sin is death," Romans 6:23.

Basically, we are ALL SINNERS. Every. Last. One. Of. Us.

To us, Osama deserves hell, but someone like your dear old granny would not. Well, granny, your mama, you, and even your sweet, "innocent" child deserve hell.

One lie is a sin and is deserving of punishment in hell. We ALL deserve hell.

That is why we celebrated Easter last week. Jesus stepped in to pay the price we couldn't pay and died for OUR sins, so that those of us that believe in HIM could have eternal life.

While I know Osama is in hell, I must ask if you will be joining him? Hell is real, and it is terrifying! We are all happy to be rid of him, but do you want to find yourself one day sharing eternity with him or with JESUS?

Please ask me any quesitons you may have regarging Jesus or eternal life! This is real people and life is short!

Mr. Incredible and I both have felt this way about the news: we are a bit skeptical. We are rejoicing at the thought that terrorism has lost a leader, but we are saddened that one more person is entering into hell and didn't know Jesus. As much as we do not like Osama it is still sad to know what the people in hell are experiencing.

Praise Jesus, the Author of Salvation that we KNOW there is a way to Heaven and a way to avoid hell. Trust in Jesus- the Lamb of God!

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