Thursday, May 26, 2011


We do not have tv- we have a television, but it is only to watch movies. I miss out on a lot of news this way. I obviously have heard of the tornadoes ripping across our nation lately, but only through Facebook. It has not been all over the websites like other storms.

I have to say I am thankful I have not seen all the videos/images. I heard one story today, and it is more than I can bare. I will share it here because we must pray for this family, but that is all I can do.

The Hamil family was hit in Oklahoma. Their Facebook page reads:
Catherine Hamil hid in a bathtub with her 3 young children to wait out the storm. Unfortunately nowhere in this family's home was safe as the tornado tore it apart. 3 year old Ryan Hamil was ripped form his mothers arms and is still missing almost 24 hours later. As we all know now the mother who is expecting their 4th child is in critical condition and 15 month old Cole did not survive. There is also another child, Kathleen (5) who is in serious condition.
They found Ryan's body this morning in a lake.

I think if you look up devastation in the dictionary, this family's picture would appear. I can't even write this post without tearing up and having to shake off the impending sobs for this family. I cannot even imagine.

Please pray for healing- physically and emotionally. Pray that Catherine and her unborn baby survive, as well as her 5 year old daughter. Pray for massive strength for the father, Hank. Besides mourning his 2 sons, he must pray over and hope that his wife, daughter and unborn child survive. If there were an award for strongest man alive, it would have to go to him!

We must pray!


  1. There hasn't been a day go by since this happened that I didn't cry over this. It made me so grateful we made it unharmed. I hadn't heard that they found him... I had to stop turning the news on I was scaring Juliya. It is very sad. I'm praying for the family too.

  2. Thank you for making it REAL.

  3. So sad. May the Lord shower his grace & mercy on this family.