Monday, May 23, 2011

We're Back... and with BIG NEWS!

Ok, so just like in real life, one day we Keierlebers are moving, and the next we are staying. I have weighed the pros and cons of each blog sites and I think I am sticking with Blogger, (for now at least).

Today I got the call we have been waiting for! On Tuesday we have adoptive placement, then in 30 days we can FINALIZE!! Soon, I will know her official adoption date and you will all be invited to a HUGE party!! Praise God this day is finally here! As I was getting off the phone, the lady told me, "congratulations." I got all choked up and teary eyed! I will be a basket case in that courtroom! :)

Lately I have been very busy redoing our house... pics to come! For now, here are some pics that I got behind in posting while working on the house. :)

no flash so a little out of focus, but how cute?!
She's a genius I tell you, genius! I put puffs in her bib so she can self feed and I look over and she is eating like this! ha! Lazy little genius that one! ;)
These teeth are giving her a run for her money. One molar has broken through and one is about to, (not including two other teeth that just came in and two other molars that have started to swell). She is experiencing quite a few symptoms. :/
Playing in the hospital the night Nay Nay was born!
I am loving that she has mastered the social smile! I am working on getting her to smile on cue, (I found out yesterday she can laugh on cue- video soon!).
Sibling bonding.
How much do you love this outfit?! Thanks Cathy and Hannah for all of her beautiful hand me downs!
Photoshoot in her strawberry outfit...

"You can call me Strawberry SHORTcake!" ;)
Is this not hysterical? (notice the glasses have strawberries on them)?
love this hat! and the whole ensemble!

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  1. my hear skipped a beat when I read this post...commenting then heading back to read for more details.
    Oh--the heart-stop-beat-of-a-placement.
    A match.
    Praising God with you!