Thursday, September 29, 2011

Before and After the Patch

Living in the same neighborhood as your bff has major perks. :) Here are some cute pics of the babies from a few weeks ago:
Sweetpea wants a hug and that excited Nate...
...until she made contact! lol
She loves to touch babies with the tip of her finger. :)

Nater Tot was all smiles before the pumpkin pics so I grabbed the camera! How awesome is this?!

While I was setting up the photo backdrop, the babies were cuddling and kissing ;)
"Nathan, you need to look right at that light to get a good picture."

After the pumpkins:
Nathan: "Yum, there is some pumpkin left on my leg!" Sweetpea: "Umm, there is some on your ear too Nay!"
Real men wear pink
"Get that finger out of your mouth, Nay!" {I tell Sweetpea this on a daily basis, so she decided she needed to tell Nay the same thing} ;)

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