Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby sister's 19th birthday! Happy birthday Taylor!

My birthday was a month ago, and Mr. Incredible never got me a gift, (he didn't forget my birthday or anything like that, it was an understood ungifting lol). Today we went to a Crocs store and I saw these boots. I've needed boots for years. I just have never brought myself to buying them because they seem uncomfortable. Well Crocs are the most comfortable things in the entire world so I knew these were the boots I had been waiting on, and they will last me for years to come!

We weren't exactly budgeting for these, but then I remembered I never got a birthday present so voila! :)

These are a fashion staple, (right next to owning a little black dress, etc). It's September 10th- bring on the cold so I can wear them please! :)
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