Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meet Nemo

When Mr. Incredible and I went to San Antonio 3 weeks ago, we left Sweetpea with her former foster mom. We love her, Sweetpea loves her, and of course, the feeling is mutual. :)

She sent me some pics and they just tickled me, so I HAVE to share them with you. First I will show you some other pics of Sweetpea and Nemo together...

Here is a pic when the babies were in the foster house together, (about a year ago). Nemo LOVES kissing his "sister." I fell in love with him when I first saw him, but when I saw them together a few days later- well he became irresistible. :) They love each other!

Here are the babies last Halloween. They were both "monsters."

Kissing monsters
Going in for the kiss last November, (notice a trend?). ;)

Adorableness last November :) Honestly, how beautiful is he? :)

Passing on Nemo was so difficult, until we heard he was going to a home that truly loves him. I am so happy that he will be going home, (possibly before Ocotber), but I must be honest. Seeing these next few pics the first time did make me a little bummed thinking about what could have been, but at the same time, I know God is sovereign and Nemo is going to a great home. :)
Playing together
Nemo used to be the one who went in for the kiss- now Sweetpea does :)
Givin' Nemo "pat pats."
This gives me baby fever, (so Sweetpea can have a playmate)...more news on that front later. ;)
This one tickles me so! LOVE this pic!

How stinkin' sweet?!

They missed the mark a bit- so cute!

Kissing Flip Book:

These are Sweetpea's foster brothers. God works in mysterious ways- HA! You have NO idea! January 2009, we decided to pursue an adoption of twin boys. Their foster mom decided to adopt them. We were disappointed for a total of 5 seconds, but we were fine knowing they were her sons, not ours. In August 2010 I found out about Sweetpea... from their mother!

Sweetpea loves her foster brothers!

How gorgeous is he?! Please join me in praying for his future! You'll be missed sweet boy, but I know you will be loved! :)


  1. Oh how sweet are these that you have helped Sweetpea continue the friendship :)