Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birth Photography

I do not even know where to begin. I honestly have not even been able to think of anything else but this birth since I shot it last week!

It was a natural, at home birth. Like most people, I thought she was crazy.

If I ever give birth, this will be what I choose too! I think every woman should see a birth like this- it will change your thinking immediately, (and apparently this was a really tough labor for mom and it still didn't scare me away).

Her midwife was AMAZING! Totally changed my thinking about midwives as well! She is a Christian midwife in the Katy area, click here. I have many pictures of her praying over mom! So amazing!

I will let the pics speak for themselves- when you see husband and wife together you will see why I first fell in love with this idea of home birth.

I edited these to cut out some body parts and such, so this slideshow is safe for all to see, (I let Mr. Incredible view it). Warning: it does show the head coming out, but nothing gory or anything. :) BUT I must warn you- you may have a huge urge to diet and exercise after you see this video. Even though she is 40+ weeks pregnant and giving birth- mom has a rocking bod! You are going to be jealous, that's ok, you're not alone! lol

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  1. What sweet memories were captured! Makes me remember Elle's birth! I loved the photos, but glad I watched it before showing Jeremy...he would have fainted seeing a head come out of her whowho. :)

  2. oh gooooooooodness. I was wanting to go into labor BLIND - but now i have seen. and OHHH goodness!!!!!

    beautiful... but oh i am scared of the pain!!

  3. Mmmmm- such great captures of an intensely wonderful moments!