Tuesday, November 8, 2011

twenty kids

The Duggars announced today that they are expecting their 20th child.

Now, when she experienced trauma with her 19th child I felt kinda bad- you can't stop at 19! You have to make it to 20, ya know? :)

Now that number 20 is on its way, I am a little annoyed.

There are over 147 million orphans in the world!

Kids that cry for and dream of mom and dad.

Kids that pray and fast for THEIR FRIENDS to get adopted. How much more selfless can you get?

Mr. Incredible and I are not pursuing birth children because that would be one less orphan we could give a home to.

Now, don't misunderstand, we, like the Duggars, are relying on God in that department. If He decides for me to get pregnant, then we will be THRILLED. We are just not pursing it.

I understand that the Duggars are being blessed by God, but they could be blessed by God through adoption as well if they so chose.

I am not saying it is wrong to have birth children- never! They are a gift from God for sure. BUT so are the kids waiting around the world crying for a mommy. Why not have both?

Many look up to Michelle, and I understand why. Let me introduce you to someone I look up to even more- Linny at A Place Called Simplicity. Go read her story, now!

The Bible proves God's love for the orphan. How are you obeying? Adoption, fostering, donating to someones adoption, donating to an orphanage... how are you caring for orphans? James 1:27

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  1. Oh my, 20! I really hope that the baby doesn't have the issues Josie had.