Monday, November 7, 2011

MTCM: Overcoming Discouragement

6 weeks: 15 pounds and a few ounces :)

I use an old school scale that does not tell you the ounces you lose. That makes it difficult when the line is in between two numbers. This morning it was a little below the 15 lb mark, but not close enough to call it 16 lbs... so I am still counting those ounces, because they are in fact gone! :)

When I first started I lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and the last 5 took all of these last 4 weeks! That could really quickly become discouraging! As I have said before, I am not doing this for weight lost, but still... discouraging.

DO NOT get discouraged my friends! Pounds coming off- heck ounces coming off- is still weight lost!

In spite of my little discouragement, I got huge encouragement this weekend! Totally did away with the discouragement let me tell ya!

See the pictures below... scroll down to look then scroll back up here... I'll wait...

Ok, what size do you think those shorts are?

SIZE 6!!! Now, I am not saying I am a size 6 yet, but I fit into them! Wahoo! Honestly, I thought that by the end of my journey I would get into a size 6 and that would be the smallest I could be. Now, I think I could easily be a comfortable 4 when this is all said and done! :)

Remember this post about how my jeans were too tight 6 weeks ago, and then 2 weeks ago they fit really well? Well, do you know what size they were? 10! So I went from barely fitting into a 10 6 weeks ago, (like I could snap the button, but I had lots of fat hanging over the top), to fitting comfortably into a size 6! Encouraged indeed! Praise Jesus!
Here I am ready for a party on Saturday- notice my inner thighs- once those are gone, none of my legs will touch! :) My legs are almost back to normal! Praise God! (Does anyone have attractive knee caps? I've always hated mine! lol).
Ok, so my elbow is totally awkward... moving on...

See where my hand is- that is my waist, not where the shirt ends... don't you love layered sweaters? Not! lol Oh, and the way I am standing makes my thighs look bigger and the shorts look a little is the way I am standing! :) Self timers don't allow for time to pose properly! lol

I know some of you have had great results as well! Keep up the good work and keep sharing your stories! Let me know if I can pray for any of your journeys!


  1. Please pray for my journey... I am completely discouraged and feel like the weight will NEVER come off. I also feel like I'm starving during the day which makes me feel crappy. With Nater being sick and not being able to walk with you any progress that I did make I feel is completely lost. I am so proud of you and hope that my story ends up like yours :)

    Good Job!

    P.S. You look amazing in the pics, omg!

  2. I have a friend who recently dieted and after she had lost several pounds went to Old Navy to buy some new shorts - well, she fit into a 6 (which she had not been able to in YEARS). She was SO excited that she went through a red light going home because she could not wait to tell her husband. The police officer must have been married, because he understood her excitement and gave her a verbal warning. Congrats on doing so well!