Saturday, December 3, 2011

This can't wait till Monday!

I know I save my weight progress for Made to Crave Mondays, but this milestone deserves its own post. After weeks of no change, I am proud to announce that today I have officially lost 20lbs since I began almost 10 weeks ago! TWENTY POUNDS! I am pretty much half way there!

It feels so good knowing I'm being obedient to God, knowing I'm getting healthy, and knowing I have stuck with it! Praise Jesus!

I couldn't do it without my little walking buddy... (I love waking with Mr. Incredible, but seeing as I walk in the mornings as well, its nice to have her along for the ride at that time). We go on walks everyday- now that its colder (at least at night), we've had to hook her up so she could stick with it. ;)